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Episode #88

ft. Jonathan Albrecht

Jordan chats with the most important person in her life, the one-and-only Jonathan Albrecht!! The last time Jonathan was on the show, he and Jordan talked all about falling in love with your best friend… but today they’re doing something a little different!


Jordan just got back home from Bali and, for the very first time, she is handing over the mic and letting someone else ask her the questions!! Jonathan asks Jordan all about her trip to Bali and they get to connect about her trip in a whole new way. It’s his first time hearing the answers to these questions as well.


They touch on how it was to be apart for 3 weeks, what some of the biggest emotional takeaways from this solo journey were, where she stayed, what she learned, some of her most PSYCHIC moments, RAW FOOD (of course), and she paints the scene for us of the Bali lifestyle.


As always it’s fun to have Jonathan on to dive a little deeper into their relationship and how it is for them to be reunited (albeit briefly, before Jordan’s water fast) after this trip. We can’t wait to hear what you think!


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