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Episode #91

ft. Rachel Mansfield

Jordan chats with a frequent guest and one of her very best friends, the radiant Rachel Mansfield – and be sure to wish this birthday girl a happy birthday on Instagram (@rachLmansfield) with a 💯 so she knows it’s from the Soul on Fire Tribe! The girls spend the episode sharing their intentions for the month of June because they are all sorts of inspired to implement new routines this summer. It’s been a challenging 2018 so far with health issues for both of the girls, but it’s time to grab the reins and take back the control.


They also discuss getting past their disordered eating mindsets and triggers for both of them as far as falling back into those traps. They go into detail about what has helped them both and how they find balance and freedom with food. Each intention is infused with a learning experience and inspiration that we hope you can take with you into June, this summer, and beyond.


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