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Episode #322

Healing from Trauma, The Importance of Protein & Aminos for Fat Loss, Muscle & Optimal Health with Kion’s Angelo Keely

I’m thrilled to talk to Angelo about today’s topic—the importance of muscle, protein and amino acids for women—because not only is he deeply involved with researchers and with the science around these topics, but he’s going to make it really easy to understand.

Also, we talk about his upbringing, two very traumatic experiences that he went through as a teen, and how he founded his incredible wellness company & brand… Kion! We was stabbed at 16 while on a bad LSD trip and I was completely mindblown hearing about his journey of healing and his spiritual outlook on life ever since.

Angelo is the co-founder and CEO of Kion, an active lifestyle, supplement and functional food company dedicated to helping people fully experience a fun and active life by providing pure, energy-enhancing solutions.

We discuss everything from the importance of amino acids, what amino acids even are, why muscle is important for our body composition, how we typically get amino acids, the difference between protein & aminos, and so much more!!!

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