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Episode #356

How to Heal Your Skin 101! Non-Toxic Skincare, Motherhood, Clean Living & Friendship with Celeste Thomas

Today on the show e have my drear friend Celeste Thomas diving deep on all things skincare, and especially holistic skincare, clean living, how to heal acne/eczema, and so much more. But beyond this, we also go deep on motherhood & the importance of having a mama tribe once entering into the motherhood life. 3 Celeste is one of my dearest friends in the world, and you are going to LOVE this conversation with her!!

Check out her IG & TikTok for clean skincare dupes, motherhood content, wellness deep dives, fun girl chats, and so much more. She is truly an icon and you’re going to be in love with this one.

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Never have I ever been so thrilled about anything! Leave us all of your thoughts below!! XO

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