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Episode #326

My Life Story in a Nutshell & How I Got to Where I Am Now

Welcome to today’s solo episode! Kick back, relax, and get cozy for my whole life story in a nutshell… 😉 This is a fun one. Well, it’s also a deep one. And it gets intense at times. But would we have it any other way?

If you are new to the show, this is the perfect place to start. If you’ve been here for a while, this is the refresher you’ve been asking for! We get into everything from childhood, to my first love and the trauma that ensued from there, dealing with addiction (my first love’s), starting my blog and podcast, getting sick with Lyme, awakening spiritually, healing, and getting to where I am today.

I am so excited to hear your thoughts on this one. It’s a vulnerable one, and I hope it lands in all the right ways for you. Love you guys so much, thank you for coming along for this ride with me for the last decade!

We hope you love this episode and cannot wait to hear your feedback! As always, enter to win this week’s big wellness giveaway by rating and reviewing the show on Apple Podcasts, subscribing, and sending a screenshot to [email protected]!

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