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Episode #284

Part Two – Krista Williams Interviews Me On My Near-Death Experience, Embracing Being Different & Things My Audience Doesn’t Know About Me

Hello and welcome to part TWO of our annual birthday episode! And happy birthday to all of my fellow Libras 🙂 I turned 32 last week! Every year on my birthday, I like to have someone I love come on the show and interview me. It flips the script and just makes for a very interesting, unique and different type of conversation. I used to record these as solos but I think having a dear friend here to ask what they really want to know and to also source audience questions makes this extra fun and special.

Tune into part one here, which we are so excited to share. In that conversation we talk about my spiritual awakening, my gift of seeing faces shape shift, Pleiadians & intergalactic beings (!!), what some of the catalysts were for my spiritual awakening, and beyond.

In part two, we go into the nitty gritty of the near-death experience I had when I was 29, my perspective on eternal souls, embracing being different & the feeling of being misunderstood, matrix glitches, and lots of things my audience doesn’t yet know about me. 😉

Krista is an incredible interviewer & she is the host of hit podcast Almost 30, where many of you likely already very much know her! She is also an entrepreneur, tarot deck creator, spiritual teacher, intuitive channel, and expert on the Law of One.

This episode is so special and I am so honored to have one of my best friends in the world hosting! I think she needs to stay on as a host. Come tell us on Instagram if you agree, and tag us if you are listening!

We hope you love this episode and cannot wait to hear your feedback! As always, enter to win this week’s big wellness giveaway by rating and reviewing the show on Apple Podcasts, subscribing, and sending a screenshot to [email protected]!


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