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Episode #378

SOLO Life Updates & Pregnancy Updates… Baby Coming SOON!

Guys!! It’s the solo episode you have been wanting & requesting for weeks. The update on where I have been, what’s been going on, the health journey I have been on at the end of this pregnancy, and so much more.

But tbh, you will have to wait for the FULL TEA in Jonathan’s solo episode next week. That’s right, Jonathan is taking over for a very special two-part solo series and you guys are not going to want to miss it.

This solo is in-depth and full of everything you could ever want to know, and we end it with a Q&A from you guys straight from Instagram. I love our community so much. Thank you for supporting me.

Also, this ep is full of info about what to expect during my maternity leave! We have a bunch of episodes batched for you and a lot of fun, new things to come. Not leaving you hanging. Not even going to miss a week! LOVE YOU ALL!

Rate & review & tell me all of your thoughts PLEASEEE!!

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