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Episode #344

Soul Led Living, Channeling, Psychic Abilities & Manifesting with My Mentor Nikki Novo

In this enlightening convo with my dear friend & spiritual mentor Nikki Novo, we dive deep into the realm of soul-led living, channeling, psychic abilities, writing books, spiritual motherhood, and the art of manifesting. Join us as we explore the intersection of spirituality and daily living, discussing practical approaches to channeling intuition, enhancing psychic abilities, and leveraging manifestation techniques. Nikki’s wisdom and personal anecdotes provide a roadmap for listeners seeking a more profound connection with their inner selves, their business/family life, and the universe.

Nikki Novo is an intuitive, spiritual mentor, and author dedicated to helping individuals tap into their innate psychic abilities and live authentically. Drawing from her rich experiences and deep spiritual understanding, Nikki guides people on a transformative journey toward soul-led living. As a renowned speaker, intuitive coach, and the author of “Soul Led Living” Nikki empowers others to embrace their spiritual gifts and navigate life with intention.

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