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Episode #317

Spilling the Tea, The Ebbs and Flows of Friendship, & Relationships As Mirrors with Kenzie Burke

We are spilling the tea ALL the tea today with none other than Kenzie Burke. She is one of my dearest friends in the world, and we are talking about a subject that is often seen in the world as very taboo: friendship breaks, the ebbs & flows of friendship, & answering the question everyone has been wanting to know: are we still friends?

In this convo we share from our hearts where we have each been for the last many months, what our friendship has looked like, and where both of us are reflecting and becoming new people. There is a lot of transformation up in here. I love this soul VERY much and I am excited for you guys to hear this conversation. I want to thank Kenzie for being so open & vulnerable in this episode with me — I know it will help so many people, especially those of you who are hyper independent & full of fire like she is.

Come tell us on IG if you are more of a Kenzie or more of a Jordan, and tell us your thoughts on the ebbs & flows of friendship. Have you been in this position before? How did you deal with it? Tell us what you’d like to hear for a part two, and we will be back with everything you wanna hear.

We hope you love this episode and cannot wait to hear your feedback! As always, enter to win this week’s big wellness giveaway by rating and reviewing the show on Apple Podcasts, subscribing, and sending a screenshot to [email protected]!

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