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What I Ate Wednesday: Brooklyn Flea!

May 14, 2014

Hello, hello! Happy What I Ate Wednesday. It’s always hard to choose which day of the week to share with you guys for this “What I Ate” post, because each day is so frickin’ different. One day I have green juice for breakfast, kale salad for lunch, and roasted veggies for dinner, and the next day I go to the Brooklyn Flea and try a bunch of delicious food and (duh) take lots of photos of it.

I think that can also partially attributed to living in NYC. It’s not so glamorous when I am working from my apartment all day and it’s snowing outside and the only thing I have time and patience to make is oatmeal three times a day (whoops), but then the weekend comes around and we have a friend in town and we hit up all of the awesome health food spots in the city.

Can you say inconsistent? Actually, I prefer unpredictable. Or varying. That’s what makes life fun, after all.

And this coming from the girl who ate the SAME THING every day for nearly 6 months after I went vegan — chicka whaaatt?! Yeah, I did. Green smoothie + kale salad with berries + roasted veggies with quinoa. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but hey I was healthy as a clam and felt absolutely great so I had no problem with it.


(^ Flea market eats!!) But now that I have the hang of this whole plant-based lifestyle shindiggy-doo, I have fun with it. And my eating days are never two in the same. This week I am participating in TBV 5-Day Cleanse Program, but I am also cooking up new recipes for y’all for next week which I am uber-dee excited about. (Can you tell I’m in the mood to make up words this morning?)

Anyway, on to WIAW! This week I will be detailing my eats at Smorgasburg a.k.a the Brooklyn Flea a.k.a a little (or big, actually) open-air market in Williamsburg that can basically be defined as foodie heaven.

When my roomie and I first moved to NYC, we went to Smorgasburg all the time. You could kinda say we were enamored by it. Williamsburg, being the trendy, hipster, somewhat grungy older brother to Manhattan, is very savvy on vegan eats, but also does non-vegan fare pretty darn well. For Katie and I that is pretty much a match made in heaven, so we kept going back and back. Here we are eating our pickles there last summer:


And here we are trying to channel our inner Williamsburg coolness:


And then it turned winter… annndd, we stopped trekking to Williamsburg. Until we went back this weekend I had almost forgotten how much I loved the flea. Not only is the food delicious (tons of amazing vegan options!!!), but the atmosphere is so laid back and fun, and there is an indoor market with jewelry, artwork, clothing, etc. attached to it. So much fun.

The Food!

Well, luckily Katie and Danielle were with me, because try as I might… my eats are always a wee bit boring. Because I can’t eat too much at once (dang stomach probs. I wanted all the donuts / desserts / veggie burgers / slushies!) I always have to stick to about one order, and that wouldn’t be as much fun to share. Here are the yummy citrus slushies they got upon arrival – one with strawberry flavoring, and one with pineapple. All natural and organic!


I was ogling over these fresh coconuts from Summers (the juice bar where Ryan did his cleanse when he interviewed me for his juicing documentary!), but I didn’t end up getting one. (Told you I’m boring.)


I was also admiring the vegan donuts from Dunwell Donuts (100% vegan and they win all sorts of awards for “Best Donut NYC”… cool as ffff right?) but fried dough and my tummy really don’t go well together, so I settled for a bite of Danielle’s and a bite of Katie’s instead. D got “french toast” and Katie got “salted caramel”… both so good!

dunwell smorgasburg

As for what I did eat, this heavenly “Phatty Beet Slider” salad from Chickpea & Olive! I absolutely adore Chickpea & Olive, and the lovely people who run it are nice as can be. I also did an interview with them a few months back that I have yet to post because I am a little scatter-brained like that.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.43.35 AM

And because we are on the topic of Chickpea & Olive, this amazing LENTIL BURGER that they also sell. Holy yumness.


And here is the kale salad with “fried cashew cheese” (!!!!) that I almost got, buttt I didn’t because it was recently brought to my attention that I order kale salads everywhere I go and I can’t stand to be too predictable. 😉



– What looks the best to you out of our eats at the flea?!

– Is there something that you order everywhere you go?

– Do you think you’re more of a Williamsburg person or a Manhattan person? (I’m more of a Manhattan person, but I wish I was hipster-y cool enough to be a Brooklyn gal!) 

See… I’m too big of a dweeb for Brooklyn!