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June 13, 2014

We all know how this one goes. Our pesky mind thinks its being so clever, acknowledging and accepting a positive change we want to make while telling ourselves we don’t have to start putting in the work to make the change happen until tomorrow. Or the next day, or the next week.


Next thing you know, months have gone by and that awesome goal you’ve set for yourself is still sitting on the back burner. And you know what’s actually the most detrimental part of the cycle? We know the goal is attainable as long as we’re willing to put in the work, and we know it hasn’t happened yet because we have simply been avoiding it.

Then we start to feel like we’re incapable, because the goal has existed in our mind for so long and we haven’t done anything about it. So instead of putting that negative voice to rest, we let the goal slip even further away from us and then say, “whatever… I didn’t really want it that bad, anyway.”

Does that sound familiar? I know it does to me. It could be anything from working up the courage to quit your job (or grad school…) to fitness and health goals to weight loss.


In case you’re still sitting there saying, “this doesn’t sound like me at all. I have the willpower of a Spartan and I don’t need to hear this crazy can’t-get-it-done BS!” I will share with you a few things I have been struggling with lately that keep going on my “tomorrow” list.

My ‘Tomorrow’ List:

A)   I’m going to regulate my meals and eat three balanced meals per day so that I don’t fall into the restrict/overeat cycle that is so terrible on my digestion.

B)   I will cut back on sugar (even though I don’t eat refined sugar, too much sugar isn’t great nonetheless!) because I don’t like the way it’s affecting me.

C)   I will pay attention to my body and take better care of my strained ankle by not launching myself into balancing poses in yoga and/or continuing to run on my ankle when its starting to hurt.

D)   I will switch up my workout routine and do the awesome fitness plan created by Kayla Itsines 3 days a week even though it’s hard, because I am looking for a good strength and circuit training plan.

Welllll instead of following through on those four things, here’s what I’ve really been doing:

My Reality List:

A)   Oh, I don’t have enough in the fridge. I’ll start eating balanced meals tomorrow. I’ll have this green juice for breakfast and then bam… the cycle continues.

B)   I’m super stressed out, maybe this piece of raw chocolate will keep me from having a breakdown about my crazy hectic schedule this week…

C)   I’ve had a long day sitting at the computer, I’m going to run these 5 miles whether or not my ankle is throbbing!

D)   I could do the new circuit training plan today, or I could go to my yoga class because it’s nice and familiar and wonderful and I want to get my stretch on.

Hopefully now that I’ve shared some examples you can kiiinda sorta agree with me that you’ve been in this silly “I’ll start soon” phase about something in your life. And if you haven’t, please share your superhuman tips with all of us.


Now, reasons to stop waiting until tomorrow…

1. We want to feel good about ourselves by kicking butt and taking life by the horns!

2. It sucks to not feel in control of making changes and reaching goals in your life.

3. Positive changes come in groups – once you make one, the others seem to happen with greater ease.

4. To inspire one another, duh!

Hoooww are we going to do it?


Write down the changes you want to make. Put them somewhere where you can see them every day (a.k.a not stuffed in a desk drawer hidden from the world). Then write down 3 actions you can take for each goal. Then DO those actions as often as you can, and cross them off your list each day.

I’m starting a real list here. I’m starting with those four things I mentioned, and continuing with some more personal things going on in my life. I’m here for all of you. As always, hashtag your progress on Instagram by using #tbvchallenge and tagging me so I can see.

I’m done-zo with the tomorrow talk. Why don’t we all get going and start making positive changes TODAY?

If one of those goals includes weight loss, transitioning to a plant-based diet, looking for new healthy recipes to have in your kitchen, trying out a plant-based cleanse that includes solid food (lifestyle change, people!), check out TBV 5-Day Summer Cleanse Program… releasing tomorrow!! (No pun intended about the tomorrow thing.)


Email me to get on the list if you haven’t yet. I’m participating in a version of the cleanse next week and certainly cannot wait.

Soooo much love.




Check out the article Jane Jourdan of Fit For Broadway wrote about TBV. I am extremely honored and humbled to be featured among the amazing creative souls on her site! And her entire site is beautiful… you will be more than happy you checked it out. I am lucky to know this girl. She is on her way to huuuuge things with this bloggy of hers.