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June 16, 2014

Wowwee, am I happy to see Monday’s shining face today! In honor of the first round TBV Summer Cleanse beginning today, my own Gingersnap’s Organic Spirit Junkie cleanse, my first week with no visitors/events/deadlines in a loonngg time, and it being my third to last (WTF?!) weekend in NYC before I move, I thought it was about time I give myself a lil’ DIY Health Retreat.


What exactly do I mean by this?

It’s time for some me time. Some off-the-screen, look-up-from-the-phone, technology free, take-care-of-myself relax, reset and recharge-ness. Of course I will be leading the cleanse email thread and I will be blogging (because I love it and blogging is therapeutic for me!), but instead of my wake up and sit at the computer for 9 hours between running back and forth to meetings routine, I am going to be switching things up.


I usually do yoga in the late afternoon, which may or may not be the first time I allow myself to breathe on certain days. (Especially when I am super busy.) This week I am going to treat myself to some morning yoga and meditation, and I am going to head to the gym each day for Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide workout plan that I mentioned last week.

Why? Because it’s time to stop saying ‘I’ll start tomorrow.’ I haven’t been able to start the workout plan because I have been so busy… which I know is an excuse, but I also believe you have to start things when you are mentally prepared and you have your shit in check (which I have not for the past few weeks).

Why else? Because I have been on the verge of a minor nervous breakdown (to be completely honest) for several weeks now because of how busy I have been, and that’s just silly. My life, my schedule and my work is all in my control. I am giving myself the gift of taking a step back and breathing this week.


I am also going to treat myself to a massage and a whole lot of relaxing evenings and outings with friends. I am going to meditate before each meal, do daily/nightly face masks (any good homemade concoctions?!) and I think I’m even going to watch some Orange is the New Black in the middle of the day, because guess what?! I can!

Gingersnap's Cleanse

Since I did TBV Summer Cleanse last week in preparation for this week’s cleansers, I am going a bit deeper this week and going the Gingersnap’s Organic Spirit Junkie cleanse. I didn’t want to do a full juice cleanse, because last time I engaged in a long juice cleanse it kinda messed with me psychologically a bit. I need to chew my food in order to feel satiated—that’s something I have learned about myself.

The Spirit Junkie cleanse includes two cold-pressed juices, one raw green soup, one chia pudding and one kale salad per day. Absolute heaven! And it saves me from grocery shopping, meal prepping/planning, and standing for hours in the kitchen each day whipping up bloggy thangs. After photographing for TBV Summer Cleanse over the last few weeks… this is a welcome kitchen break.


Lastly, I will be going to sleep earlier than usual and trying to sleep more mindfully – a.k.a not waking up panic-stricken that I haven’t finished something. I have cleared my schedule this week, leaving very few meetings to worry about and zero deadlines to attend to. I’m gonna be sleepin’ in all week, yahoo!!

I can’t wait to share my DIY Health Retreat tips and tricks with you all!

Who else is in for the idea of a DIY Health Retreat?! Join me on my supa fun excursion! Also… DIY face mask recommendations?

P.S. If you haven’t gotten the cleanse yet, don’t fear! This is just week 1 of cleansers. You can purchase the cleanse any time throughout the summer and get started whenever your heart desires!