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The Balanced Blonde App Launch Party RECAP!

November 17, 2014

Hello, beautiful people! I am still buzzing from the incredible energy of The Balanced Blonde App Launch Party, #thebalancedsoiree, last Thursday night… and today’s post is all about recapping the vibe and the dirty deets so that each and every one of you can experience a bit of the magic that was the celebration! Obviously if I could have had all of my readers there from across the globe then my life would have been complete, but since many of us are international and cross-country peeps around here, we are going to have to settle for a cyber recap.

I promise I’ll do my best. 😉


Cyrus & I getting our par-tay on! And our sorority squat 😉

Let’s start with recreating the ambiance of the night, shall we? The party was held in the Equinox West LA lounge, complete with beautiful modern art and photography, a charming fireplace and grey marble seating area, comfy tables and chairs, and of course the wide open space of the restaurant, bar and nearby café.


Bon Affair Champagne + NOLA Granola Bars from Raffle #4!

My awesome team (including my mom, my fab manager Miss Ali Grant, the incredible Equinox team, the food and drink sponsors, my app developer Cyrus, incredible photographer and videographer Andy Waldman from Focus TV, the red carpet host of the night Miss Sophie Jaffe, and my Alpha Phi power team of helpers) got to work setting up the Step & Repeat, the life size iPhone cardboard cutout, the bar, the raffle table, the smoothie bar, the App Walk Through table, the TBV Apparel table and the delicious Katsuya sushi bar and Bon Affair champagne and wine table.

Can you say whirlwind?! With the ever-abundant traffic in LA (yes, I had a full blown panic attack en route to the event, ask my poor mom who was there to witness my slow and steady demise) we arrived with barely more than an hour to set up EVERYTHING. I was having a total fit and a half, and started envisioning us setting up the party as frantic messes while the party guests were arriving.


The veer bar getting all set up and adorable before the party!

Thankfully, everyone behind the scenes hustled their booties and we got everything set up in record time. Even the awesome bartender from Veev vodka graciously forgave me after I violently ripped into his box of cocktail mixers thinking that it was the box of ViX swimwear I had brought for the raffle. #psycho

Our girls workin' the raffle table!

Our girls workin’ the raffle table!

We had the pleasure of mixing our delish organic vodka with Paleta Potables drink mixers (remember my post featuring Paleta back in May?!) and Drink Bai (featured in last week’s Loving Lately!), and I am beyond positive that I got more compliments on those drinks than I did on nearly anything else from the party! It was a blessing in disguise that I only made my way to the bar one time because I couldn’t walk two feet without saying hello to someone (the sign of a seriously awesome night), because we all know I have been in ulcer recovery mode, and the amount of drinks I planned on downing that night wouldn’t have been very ulcer-friendly…


My sweet Isabella and Katie sipping on their Bai cocktails!

On top of the cocktails, we were serving chilled Bon Affair champagne and wine spritzers – organic wine with electrolytes! Can you say awesome and delish? I know all of my hard alcohol adverse friends enjoyed sipping on the wine, and I especially know that because the many, many bottles somehow disappeared quite quickly.

My lovely Bianka (rocking her TBV Apparel tee!) and Alyson manning the Bon Affair table!

My lovelies Bianka (rocking her TBV Apparel tee!) and Alyson manning the Bon Affair table!

But something that went even quicker than the wine was the SUSHI! Katsuya was kind enough to provide three huge party platters of delicious sushi, and it was a huge hit with all of the guests. Even though I didn’t make my way to the sushi table in time (like I said, making a move all the way across the room wasn’t really in the cards for me that night) I can vouch for the amazingness of it because I eat at Katsuya at least two nights a week and nothing beats the freshness and yumminess of it. Which is why I had to have them involved – duh!

Thank you Katsuya for being amazing!

Thank you Katsuya for being amazing!


Jonathon from Orange Theory and the ladies!

Next to the alcohol and sushi bars was the RAFFLE table, which ended up being a huge hit! We had incredible prizes going down including a 3-month membership to Equinox West LA (aka my office, my gym, my life), a NutriBullet Rx blender, a month’s supply of Suja juice, three Lulu Lemon pants, TBV Apparel tees, a Graced by Grit yoga outfit, NOLA granola bars,  31 Bits necklace, ViX swimwear and cover up, two signed copies of The Skinny Confidential book, two bottles of Bon Affair Champagne, and more!


Red carpet posin’ with some of my very best girls!

Congrats to the raffle winners: Jillian Jaime, Greg Avallon, Chloe Dove, Katherine Douthit, Alexi Brzezniak and Alex Spector. You guys will all love your prizes… I hope you’re as stoked about them as I am.


TBV Apparel always gets it’s own set up at events! Heck yeah!


Sophie doin’ her thang, and me trying to steal the microphone!

Meanwhile… we had the FABULOUS Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie, a.k.a one of my darling best friends and partners in crime, hosting on the red carpet for Focus TV. She interviewed everyone from party goers and friends to health and wellness influencers to my dear six year old niece Olivia! Everyone killed it in their interviews and the photos and video content speak for themselves.

Sophie & Miss Whitney from To Live & Diet in LA

Sophie & Miss Whitney from To Live & Diet in LA

And, most importantly, THE PEOPLE! The people in the room absolutely made every ounce of the event. Friends, family, fellow bloggers and wellness influencers and advocates, people I have looked up to for years, all of my A Phi girls who made the event run so seamlessly, my sweet sidekick Isabella (my 11 year old niece!) and everyone who brought their awesome energy… THANK YOU!


Laughing away with my sweet Jenni Victor! Finally reunited!


Two of my favs 🙂


Posing in the iPhone with my girl Alix of Fit Candy Health!


Cousinly love 🙂

My bro & my main boo, Olivia!

My bro & my main boo, Olivia!

Every time I looked around the party my heart bursted with so much happiness. Cyrus and I couldn’t have been more thankful and excited to hang and party with everyone who came out to celebrate all of our hard work.

And now that I have officially painted a picture of the evening for you… Here is some footage from the night! Andy from Focus did a KILLER job of capturing the essence of the evening, I am so grateful to him and his team for being so supportive of this awesome venture and making everything so easy for me on Thursday. Check out the incredible video!

And you can check out more event footage here… thanks again to everyone who helped make this night a complete and utter blast. Best night I have had in a LONG TIME, slash probably ever!!! Love you all.

And if you haven’t yet downloaded the app that this event was all about… type in ‘The Balanced Blonde’ to the App Store or Google Play Store or go HERE and check it out!!