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10 Signs That Your Best Friend is Your Soul Mate

November 25, 2014

Happy Tuesday, everybody! And for the purpose of this post… Happy November 25th! What’s so special about November 25th, you ask? Well, it’s my best friend in the world’s birthday. And you don’t have to be a seasoned TBB reader to know that, in my life, my close friends are my everything. I am a huge believer in people being the most important part of our lives… Check out my Disease of Being Busy post to read more about my thoughts on that.

I have been reeeal lucky in this life to be blessed with the greatest friends on the face of the earth. I actually believe that. To me, it’s never been about the quantity of friends but rather about the quality… and somehow along the way I have been amazingly lucky to be surrounded with a high quantity of incredibly quality human beings.

And that’s not just a coincidence! You get what you give, and I try to give a whole lot of love and energy to my people because… without them, I’d be nothin’.


And as far as people go, my sweet Katie not only tops the charts but skyrockets them. I am so lucky we met as five year old blondies in the sandbox, because she set the bar real high as far as friendships go. When we were little we were adventure buddies, putting on old boots and stomping through muddy backyards (that did not belong to us), and that sense of adventure extended all the way into our college years when we lived in Italy for the semester (two diff cities, but two amazing cities nonetheless) and then when we moved to NYC together when we graduated.

Katesy Kate, thanks for inspiring this post. It’s easy to talk about quality of friendship, but when you have someone who truly embodies that it makes life that much more wonderful.



10 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Your Soul Mate

1. You can go weeks and even months without seeing them face to face or catching each other on the phone (especially if you have an annoying time difference), but the moment you are together again it feels as if no time at all has passed. And catching up with them is wayyy more fun than simply chit chatting about work, life, relationships with pretty much anyone else.


2. They know you so well that even if you try to keep something from them, they guess it anyway. And then you end up spilling your guts to them without even realizing that there was something you were that upset about in the first place.


3. You do goofy things together in public without giving it a fleeting thought… and even goofier things when no one else is around. Plus, you’ve developed a bit of your own language together so sentences are cut down to fractions of their original meanings and you always totally get it.



4. They are part of your family, and you are part of theirs. People have been mistaking the two of your as sisters for years, and your parents find it odd when they aren’t with you on the holidays.


5. It gives you anxiety to think about living far away from her when you’re older for fear that she won’t be your neighbor and your kids won’t be BFFs, so you resign yourself to the fact that wherever she goes, you’ll probably end up too.


6. Every time there is a set of best friends in a movie, you automatically assign each of you a role. There is a Blair and a Serena, a Walt and a Jesse, a Nemo and a Dory, a Romy and a Michelle and obvi a Regina and a Gretchen (depending on the day).


7. When you start dating someone, you know it’s only a matter of time before they meet your BFF so they can get the official stamp of approval. When one of you is dating someone, it’s pretty much the both of you sooo if your BFF doesn’t like him, adios. But good thing you two are similar enough that if  one of you likes someone, the other is sure to like him as well (for her).



8. You know that no matter what, if you are excited about something your best friend will be happy for you. There is no jealousy, no competition and no weird underlying issues. They love you like family, and they always want the best for you.


9. Being reunited after being away from each other for any duration of time is probably the most glorious feeling in the world. Annndd you never have to worry about getting sick of each other, because you already know each other way too well for that to ever happen.


10. Even if you’re super upset and overwhelmed, or if you have a falling out with another friend/boyfriend/family member, or if you’re totally down in the dumps about pretty much anything… you know everything will be okay in the end because you have a bestie who totally gets you, so all the trivial things don’t really matter.



Aren’t best friends glorious?! Who feels the same about their besties? The awesome thing about this list– it doesn’t have to be limited to one person. Katie is my person, my sissy, my everything, and I also have a big handful of incredible close friends who fit this mold. Tell me your thoughts on the peeps in your own life!