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March 4, 2015

Hiii babes. Thank you so much for all the love on my Choosing Peace (despite the haters) blog post yesterday. I am SO glad we are all on the same page — positivity trumps all. This is a place for happiness. Real, authentic emotions, but happiness nonetheless.

Now that we have that out of the way, I want to share some exciting news with you. Now that I’m finished writing my memoir (available for pre-sales in May… Pinch. Me.), I have had some big brainstorming sessions about what I want to do to take TBB to the next level.


Yes, I’ve experienced success in the blogging world, but there is always a next level. I think & plan on a massive scale, I can’t help it; it’s my creative and entrepreneurial brain calling the shots! I want this blog to continue to be a hub for health, fitness, passion, lifestyle, bohemian style, travel, following your heart & the like– for as long as humanly possible! A.k.a for as long as you guys keep reading. 🙂

I guess you could say balance means all sorts of things to me. From health to living the wild & free lifestyle I am so into promoting. The Balanced Blonde is a handy dandy little medley.

So, what am I doing to reach that next level, you ask? Let me tell you some goals I have in place that I am hoping will do just that!

How I’m Taking My Blog to the Next Level…

1. My YouTube channel: This one is ridiculously exciting for me, because I love being in front of the camera and expressing myself to you in new & different ways– ways that are so tangible and relatable because you can actually hear my voice and see my face! I have a lot of great videos lined up to share with you guys this year, so subscribe if you like it so you can help me grow! If you are not a subscribing type, I totally get it. I wasn’t either until I had my own YouTube! Here is an example of one of my videos:

2. RewardStyle: This platform is probably the coolest thing in the world when it comes to bloggers monetizing our websites. I was thrilled to join RewardStyle a few months ago, but because I was so hard at work on the book & maintaining the blog, clothing line & everything else TBB, I haven’t had the chance to use it as much as I would like. From now on I am going to be using it a lot more, especially as a way to incorporate more lifestyle & fashion posts into TBB.


Maxi // Similar dress // Similar but shorter

3. Hiring a full-time photographer/videographer: Okay, this is a huge step for me. I have been hesitant to do this for a while because I am so hands on with the blog & its hard for me to delegate and commit to switching up the way I run things… but it’s time. I see that what’s standing in front of me and the top blogs that I admire is that I don’t have nearly as much professional photo content when it comes to outfit posts / food photography / product reviews and everything of the sort. That being said, I’m not letting just anyone in on the craziness that is my TBB brain! It’s someone I have worked closely with throughout the whooooole TBB process — and I am freakishly excited for us to get going. This means SO MANY COOL PHOTOS & VIDEOS coming your way. I can’t waaiiitt. Kinda like this but every dayyy:


4. Consistency: I feel that I have been consistent all along, and I know that consistency is key. Having a posting schedule, even though spontaneity is definitely my natural inclination, is hugely important and I plan on carrying that out even more seriously these days.

5. Events: Well, this is a given. You guys know I LOVE events. From TBB App Launch Party to my Gingersnap’s Organic events in NYC, I looove getting out there in the community and connecting like-minded individuals. I have some fun things in the works with friends like Valley Brink Road, The Chalkboard Mag, my Orange Theory peeps & more. Not to mention the epic HEALTH RETREAT I’m planning.


6. Working on Sundays: I know, I said it. I like to work on a “day of REST!” I think the reason I love working on Sundays is because I can simply work on exactly what I enjoy. I don’t have the pressure of meetings or deadlines interrupting my work, because no one sets deadlines or meetings for a Sunday. I can get ahead with my blog writing, do fun planning for future collabs & have special me-time focusing sessions. Maybe this classifies me as a workaholic, buttt if that’s true I will roll with it because I see how much it helps me get ahead during the week — and saves me time to continue doing things I love/need, like yoga & Orange Theory!

7. Collaborations: It’s ALL about the collabs, my friends. Not only is it super duper fun to work with people you enjoy and admire, it also helps expand both parties into newer audiences. I love collaborating with friends & blogging powerhouses like The Skinny Confidential, The Whole Tara, Philosophie and more. Plus, it makes this oftentimes highly introspective job more fun & social.

Sophie & I with the owner of Drenched Fitness co-owner/Flexline creator, Brian Kennington at the Women's Health Drenched event last week!

8. Keeping the Passion Alive: If something isn’t working anymore, I am not going to force it. For instance, I was hosting my Recovery Series posts every Friday, but curating the interviews & putting them together each week proved to be too much for my jam-packed schedule. I still love getting those posts up, but I saw that making them happen each week took too much of my time that could be better used elsewhere. I am constantly switching things up to remain as passionate as humanly possible– that’s where the magic happens!

9. Travel: I don’t know about you, but I love reading about travel & looking at gorgeous travel pics. There are a lot go #TBBtravels on the horizon, and many of those were planned with YOU guys in mind & what you want to see on the bloggy!


10. Keeping It Real: The hugest thing to me is keeping the core of the brand connected to who I am & what I stand for. You will never see me selling out in the name of making $ of gaining popularity. Every move I make will be related to my core goals & mission statement!

So, with that being said– thoughts?! Do any other bloggers agree with me? What do you all want to see more of on TBB in the coming months?