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March 19, 2015

Happpy Thursday, my babes!

You all know how much of a fitness lover I am, and I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the fact that I am into zenning out as much as I possibly can. And because those are two of my favorite stress-reducers in the entire world, I have to share this product/app I discovered with you. Tinkephoto1

It’s called Tinke, and basically it rocks. It is backed by research on bio-sensing and it serves to put every individual in charge of his or her own wellbeing. That is something we ALL very much deserve, but don’t always entirely know how to do.

A.k.a: let me know if this sounds familiar… “I’m tired, and I kinda want a donut, and I know I should work out tonight, except I also really feel like I need to sleep, and maybe I should be eating grilled chicken and veggies for dinner and doing yoga instead of running and then getting to bed early?”

^ If your thought process on any given day sounds anything like that, then we are pretty similar. Sometimes I am ALL over the board when it comes to balancing my health, fitness and chill time. In fact, I basically never relax and now that I’ve finished writing the book that is something I am actively trying to work on. Meditating, yoga, making fun plans with friends and reading in bed are some of my favorite ways to chill and get away from work every now and then… but that doesn’t mean I do it often enough.


When I started using this app I learned that my heart rate was pretty fast, and it advised me to take a little bit more time to relax and clear my head. In fact, it told me loud & clear to go to BED! LOL.

For those of us who have trouble slowing down, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that a break needs to be taken. Orrrr for those of us who need a push to get to the gym, it will tell you that too based on your heart rate.

The way it works is that it’s a sensing device that pairs with a mobile app on both iOS and Android. It’s a cute portable little chip that you can bring with you and pop into your iPhone whenever you feel that you’d like a little extra info about how your health & zen are doing.

And if you’re wondering: “Jordan, what the heck do you mean when you say I can check how my zen is doing?” then let me explain…

Tinke has a Vita Index and a Zen Index. The Vita Index measures your fitness level by integrating data from your respiratory rate, heart rate and blood oxygen level. The Zen Index measures your relaxation level based on heart rate variability. All you need to do is hold down your thumb on the tracking device (a.k.a the “cute little portable chip” I spoke of earlier).

tinke.zen It was created by this super cool company from Singapore called Zensorium, and they are well respected in the tech space for innovative & easy-to-use products. And I am allll about anything that helps us manage or health & fitness routine with more ease.

Remember my loves: knowledge is power, especially when it comes to our own bodies. If you are just getting into eating well and tracking your health and fitness, this app will be super helpful in your journey. Alternately, if you’ve been on a healthy path for quite some time, this is still an awesome app to stay in the know about how your bod is doing.

If you have any questions, check out their website here.

If you try it, let me know what you think! I’m pretty excited about it. I think it’s awesome. And I feel very techie telling you about a new, up & coming product and app that I am pretty sure is going to revolutionize the way we take charge of our health and fitness!


Interested in trying Tinke?! Is it not crazy that we can track our wellness through an APP these days? I think it’s pretty amazing.