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Sooo, One of my BFF’s Wrote a Book! (+ Giveaway!)

April 7, 2015

Hi darlings! So, if you follow me on Instagram, Snapchat (username: jojoyounger), or just about any form of social media, you know I’ve been spending lots of quality time with my dear friend + maaajor inspiration/role model miss Annie Lawless a.k.a the Co-Founder of Suja Juice.

You also know, if you follow me, that I am a huge beyond huge Suja fan & I drink a Lemon Love (lemon, cayenne, stevia) or Glow (mint, apple, celery, cucumber, kale) juice just about every day as a midday pick-me-up and as a great way to stay hydrated and flooded with nutrients!

Say hi to Annie below! Isn’t she the most beautiful ever? (Sidenote: She also has a BLOG called Blawnde, so together we are The Balanced Blawndes — hehe.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 2.50.54 PMSo, by the title of this post & the lead in you’re probably beginning to gather — Annie wrote a book. It’s called the Suja Juice Solution. And it’s all about something I am very, very into & a huge proponent of: resetting the body in a HEALTHY, nourished way. Otherwise known as a solid food cleanse, and/or a jumpstart into a healthy lifestyle change.

The book contains an easy-to-flow plan that combines fresh, nutrient-dense juices with delicious, whole food meals. The cleanse is not about depriving yourself, making drastic changes that you won’t be able to maintain afterward or cutting back on anything healthy that already works for you. What it IS about is crowding out unhealthy foods and replacing them with foods that are good for you, will fuel you & make you feel awesome, and foods that are easy to digest.

Like this absolutely amazing all-natural Mexican Chocolate Shake (is this seriously for real???!):piQe7JdvV1klVsZFG4H3dz4M_su7pRZ95BWpTLAaD64,TJKvUfUD5f2SYP4teTENfuQfr9fJiRqyPJozCncn_20For someone with lifelong stomach & digestive issues, this book is a serious godsend. If anyone in my life knows about tummy probs firsthand as well as I do, it’s Annie. She grew up enduring years of food sensitivities and feeling sick but not understanding why. Eventually she was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and learned how to make important changes in her life and diet that helped her feel better and life a healthy life in the longterm.

Seriously, there aren’t that many people I trust when it comes to cleanses, mainly because a lot of people who promote cleanses go OVERBOARD on the cleansing wagon & juice-only diet (cough cough, me for 2 years straight) — but when Annie and I go out to eat she orders steak, salmon, chicken, salads, and healthy cocktails — and she looks & feels amazing regardless because she sticks to a healthy plan in her everyday life. If there is one huge thing I’ve learned throughout my recovery process, it’s that when you eat well and nourish your body 99.9% of the time, you will ALWAYS feel amazing, healthy and confident in your own skin. Then you have the leeway to indulge every so often and still feel good when you wake up the next morning — because you have a solid base & foundation to work off of.

Alternately, I used to think there was only one or the other: you eat CLEAN, juice all the frickin’ time, look and feel ridiculously good and live a life of mild social anxiety whenever food is involved, OR you let yourself go, have a lot of fun but kind of eat like shit and drink a lot of alcohol. (Clearly I had a very black & white mentality.)

Since I am so prone to viewing things (especially with diets) in extremes, The Suja Juice Solution has been a GREAT book for me to read. The moment I read the section title “Renew Your Commitment To a Long & Beautiful Life” I was hooked because, well, that is the anti-cleanse, the anti-short term “OMG this will change your life forever in 5 days” mentality. It’s about living a sustainable healthy lifestyle and being HAPPY and healthy by being good to our bodies.

There is an FAQ, insanely mouth-watering photos, shopping lists, kitchen tool explanations, lifestyle deets, personal accounts from people who have followed this plan + similar ones and changed their lives, and more.

And this apple pie chia pudding speaks for itself… LOUDLY.

DuHL0mmPyD_agpSr2ceHa98Zi61SWNTJRZjDYuYpzFY,sZyVzs-IQddlOaXAq-kxgH5ZNmhxm7qy8bM1neIX9KA,7_W76TohyEnkoHUqBQU2bbdHLRXxJLtggsxybkuZPqISo, also, guess what? Because I adore everything about this book AND because the Suja crew are my buds we are teaming up to offer something really, really exciting and awesome for everyone who orders the book through my bloggy.

Giveaway Deets!!!

* One of YOU awesome readers will have the chance to complete the 7-day Suja Juice Solution program alongside me — including a $500 WHOLE FOODS gift card (yeah, WF is in caps because I am so very obsessed with it) and a FREE Breville juicer. Like really? Yeah. ENTER by commenting below about why YOU want to read the book — what are your goals in feeling happy and healthy?

* EVERYONE who purchases the book using this link (or any of the links in this post), gets 7 free Suja juice coupons. 7!!! That’s more than 70 bucks worth of juice, my friends. It’s unreal that Suja is being so kind. Send me your confirmation email once purchased and I will give your info to Suja so you get your free coupons!

Anyway, this book is already basically a best-seller so they don’t need my help. I am simply promoting it because I think the book has an outstanding message, is super well-written and beautifully put together and it’s going to help so. many. people live healthier and happier lives. I am thrilled to have gotten the chance to read it early & pour over it cover to cover.

You knooowww you want this yummy green soupy soup in your life!

YxlMPRPJTqBsiRC7bMh2KKADjUDiC2Mn5PEtmag388U,m6iU4IHvlUc0iZGBfi-iqEOeir_BW9xdsXEJNOBaTYwSo, don’t forget to enter the giveaway my loves! Comment below telling us why YOU want to read this book — whether it be because you are looking for a healthy kickstart, you have tummy probs or you just want to learn how to make some healthy, sustainable life changes. Let’s hear it!

PS, Speaking of giveaways, congrats to Laura Verbich of @gorgeousssleep for winning our Nomadix towel giveaway from last week! I just love doing giveaways with you fab humans. 🙂