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April 14, 2015

Hi lovers! I was trying to figure out a title for this post and every time I glance at the pictures we shot of these overalls I think of one thing: The Simple Life.

For so many reasons.


Yeah, I think about the Paris Hilton + Nicole Richie TV show circa 2003-2007 (yes I know those dates… I mean, I was a fan, okay?) because they were blondies rocking overalls for maybe the first time in their life (lol) but I also think about it for another reason.


Every single day I strive to life a simpler life. I spend 90% of my time focused on managing my business & growing my brand — and don’t get me wrong, that is fun. I am hugely passionate about spreading the TBB message and I have big plans for where my brand will go. The other 10% of my time is spent trying to relax and/or do something totally not work-related. I also try to balance everything else between friends, family, exercise, recovering from my eating disorder, etc. But I would say 90% is still geared toward TBB-ness, even when that means shooting fun videos, trying new fitness studios & traveling to rad tropical locations for work.

And if you read that paragraph carefully then you will catch something… I totally just said “TRYING to relax” which if I’m being totally honest should have said “trying to force myself to relax,” and that’s because my natural inclination in life is to stay super, duper, unbelievably, unbreathably (yeah, I made that word up) busy.

Even my days off are filled with so many plans & events you would think I’d lost my mind.

So perhaps what I am advocating is not a SIMPLE life per say, because I think complexity is the key to living a passionate life. Complex people are the best people. We may not be the happiest always (whoops), because we have a lot of shit on our minds and we hold ourselves to a very high standard, but holy moly do we get the most done.


And us complex people need some simplicity in our lives once in a while. If you can’t channel that simplicity in your everyday life, get out of your comfort zone. Force yourself to go on a hike and immerse yourself in nature in the middle of the week if you have to. Put on a pair of overalls, find a tractor and find your inner simplicity by connecting to nature and to your true, deep, soulful and heartfelt self.


If nature doesn’t do it for you, do something else. Read a book, take a yoga class, or FILM A VIDEO (I filmed my first vlog yesterday… a “video” + “blog” a.k.a a day in the life vid… how did I do?!) And because I like to play the part whenever I do something, I got super into the whole “wear overalls & go on a hike” thing the other day… except I also liked my Converse so much that I didn’t take them off, and I didn’t wear socks (such. an. idiotic. move.) and I have had painful blisters ever since. So don’t do that!

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Sipping on my Peet’s Coffee Javiva blended coffee drink before we headed to our hike! I love their stuff because it’s always real & never instant. I am part of their social media #StandUpForFresh campaign right now and am very excited about it. They don’t ever use coffee flavored syrups or powders… thank goodness, because I wouldn’t be into that at all. And it tastes like a coffee-flavored milkshake… Can I get a YUM?!



Tractor not included with purchases… Unfortunately. 😉