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The Inaugural TBV Apparel Babe of the Week: Model+Yogi Natasia Lutes

July 24, 2015

Hi guys! If you receive my weekly newsletter, then you know I have been planning a verrryyyy exciting new weekly installment here on TBB. From now on, each Friday I will be featuring a “Truth Balance Virtue Babe of the Week!”

Spoilers: This #TBVBabe Natasia is our inaugural babe of the week, annddd if you haven’t already done so, by the end of reading this post you’re going to fall in love with her. Consider yourself forewarned.


Each babe will be an awesome, inspiring person from the wellness/yoga/health community, the blog community, the entertainment industry or really just anyone I think of and go, “WOW, this person would inspire my readers.” A lot of thought goes into the babe of the week… because although each person will be different & their unique personality and style will shine through in each feature, they are being chosen because they represent our core mottos of truth, balance & virtue.

Luckily, I know a ton of people who represent TBV in every way, shape & form. I have a lot of great people lined up — girls & guys, bloggers & yogis & business owners & models & YouTubers and PR directors and friends and family… AndDddDdd I want feedback from all of YOU so I can start featuring you or someone you know who represents the good vibes we cultivate over here at TBV. #highongoodvibes, anyone?

Each week we will feature a Q&A with the chosen super rad individual with photos of them in TBV Apparel, snapshots of their life and who they are / what they do, and of course they will share with us how they style the tees!! And fun fact: the t-shirts they’re wearing in their photos will tell you which tee is their fav, because that’s part of the awesomeness…

Except for our inaugural babe, because we actually have the pleasure of having photographs of her in EVERY single TBV t-shirt, because she is one of our TBV Apparel models & so happens to be the FACE of our summer collection!!!

So, without further ado:

Meet Natasia Lutes….

the wise-beyond-her-years, stunningly gorgeous (inside & out), yogic & in-tune-with-the-earth, smoothie-loving, beautifully balanced & ridiculously sweet wellness goddess California babe who happens to be from Sactown (representttt!) — can you tell I love her? Can you tell I chose her for a reason? I hope so, because she’s the inaugural babe & the face of our brand for a reason.


One of the reasons we chose Natasia to represent our brand is because she embodies what it means to be a person of truth, balance & virtue. She understands herself & the world in a way we can all learn a lot from.

AND she styles the tees just gloriously, because her comfy, laid-back, quirky style is almost as laid-back & quirky as mine. (Okay, probably the same amount. Wonderfully.)

( Health is the New Black | Do You Even Yoga? | Is Vodka Vegan? )


Here we gooooo:

Q: Natasia… It’s an honor to feature you on TBB today. You embody all that we strive for over here at TBV Apparel from radiating the best of vibes to living a healthy, yogic, down to earth & happy lifestyle. Oh, and on top of it all you are a go-getter and, in my experience, up for anything (hello, you hung out of a helicopter over Los Angeles with the sickest background of all time. You = life). Tell us a bit about how you’ve found balance in this crazy, fast-paced world!

A: Honestly, it all really comes down to realizing that so many factors affect our well-being. Without nourishing ourselves in all these facets of our lives, we seize to exist and function at our optimal levels. Balance really is the key component to health: physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, emotionally, academically.. everything! It is something I have come to prioritize every day and yoga is a huge part of it. I have learned that my practice has the ability to translate it self to how I choose to approach life off my mat as well. We as human beings have so much power over our own realities, many people just don’t understand to what capacity our minds control every aspect of our being. Along with that, I am seriously so connected with nature. Whether it’s the full moon that somehow throws off my sleeping pattern or finding clarity out in the water, there’s something about immersing myself in the simple treasures of the earth that reset my naturally high vibrations.

Q: What does living a life of “Truth, Balance & Virtue” mean to you?

A: It’s quite simple in my eyes. Staying true to who you are. I made a promise when I first entered college and it really has stuck with me. I told myself that I would never let other people lower the standards I hold for myself. It’s so easy to get lost in the whirlwind of life and almost unconsciously begin adapting to the norms in which other people live their lives. That’s why I think it’s so essential to find those little things that re center you and can snap you out of little funks by reminding you who you really are.. That can be anything, too! For me it could be going home and re connecting with my family, walking barefoot in the grass, stepping onto my matt and letting everything go except my breath.. you just have to find what that is for you and know you can go back there no matter what.

Natasia is wearing the Namaste or Whatever Crop below )


Q: Putting yourself out there as a model and exposing yourself to the unfortunate words of criticism that come from any type of exposure takes a whole lot of guts and inner confidence. Can you tell us a bit about how you’ve found that self-confidence within you to do what you do, and to do it so well? And when criticism comes, how do you deal?

A: Honestly I think part of someone’s confidence is just how they are wired. With that, a lot of mine definitely has to do with how I was raised. I’m really lucky.. My parents never put any pressure on me growing up, like ANY. There was never any negative body talk or self- critique in my house. Actually, to be honest, coming to college kind of rocked my world. I was so taken back by how poorly girls speak of themselves and it really got to me. BUT, in my short 21 years on this earth I have learned that no matter who you are or what stand for, there will always be someone with a negative comment. I consider it a gift that I got to experience such harsh rejection at a really young, delicate age. I am one who naturally thinks the world is a pure, blissful place to live in, which it is!! However, growing up in such a small, safe place (SACTOWN wuddup) I didn’t really ever understand that you have to look out for yourself and be cautious in this world. The modeling industry not only taught me that you cannot take yourself or the opinion of others too seriously, but that there is SO MUCH MORE to life than how good of an impression you can make on a casting director in less than 15 seconds (I wish I was exaggerating). Take everything with a grain of salt. Use every form of critique as a way to understand someone else’s perspective. Enable yourself to learn from each person who crosses your path. That’s about it.

Vibes. Don’t. Lie. 


Q: Do you have a favorite quote or upbeat reminder for yourself when you’re feeling like you need an extra boost of inspiration?

A: If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.

** TBB Note: This. Is. So. True. ^^^^

Q: Your favorite TBV Apparel shirt phrase?

A:I’d Rather Be A Mermaid” because I think I am one.. but also “Somewhere Between A Donut And A Juice Cleanse” because that is also so true and the story of my life. BALANCE amiright?


Q: What does an ideal day in the life of Natasia look like?
A: I LOVE MORNINGS. So definitely wake up early, hop on my bike, and grab a big frothy cup of coffee on my way to yoga. After I would definitely head to SunLife for my favorite smoothie ever then get some snacks to hit the beach. Maybe catch a nice sunset hike and meditate at the top of some insane mountain? Jumping in the hot tub and then running into the ocean again before heading home to take a steamy hot OUTDOOR shower (my ultimate heaven.) The night would end with all of my favorite people coming over for a big dinner and we would sit around a bonfire laughing together until the sun comes back up again.

Q: You shot our TBV Apparel revamp with us & are featured allll over the site & the lookbook (as the founder, this collab makes me so incredibly happy!). Any funny stories from the shoot that you think TBB readers would like to hear? Behind the scenes is always fun. 🙂 

A: Well, any day with Austin, Tynan and Jordan is always a fun day in my book! I’m just such a dork.. pretty sure half the time when people are laughing WITH me  they’re actually laughing AT me. But I love it. hmm.. when we were shooting at the beach we had to change on location since it was kind of a trek form the car and instead of hiding behind a rock or waiting for someone to hold up a towel I would legit just be chucking clothes left and right. Pretty sure I gave everyone on the beach a show. Sorry?

Her Kale Shake Brings All the Boys to the Yardddd.


Q: I’ve noticed from FB / Snapchat / knowing you in life that you love yummy foods like Pressed Juicery Freezes & acai bowls justttt as much as I do (major yum). What is your fav dessert/healthy indulgence?!

A: You just nailed it. PRESSED JUICERY FREEZE is my ultimate vice. But I don’t even consider it a vice.. healthy, refreshing, sweet, satisfying, and brings a smile to face. I try to get a new combination every time I go so it has sort of turned into a game for me. (Also an excuse to go multiple times per day?) How many times I go per week will remain undisclosed..

I mean hellloooo... yum & i need this.

I mean hellloooo… yum & i need this.

Q: Let’s talk fashion, you boho fashionista you. Describe your style in 5 words!

A: I asked my sister what she would say for this one and she replied, “How does that look good.” Everyone always laughs at my outfits. I would say WEIRD, spunky, random, comfy, unique.


Q: What do you think the “secret” to being our happiest, healthiest self is? 

A: Push yourself to be the best version of you, who you are at your core. It’s great to draw inspiration from others and use their success as drive but I also feel like there is a fine line that can easily be crossed once motivation turns to comparison. At that point it’s toxic. It’s easy to think we need to achieve a bunch of things and brag about it to be happy or find success or discover what we came here to do. But the purpose of living is to LIVE. To dig deeper, explore, discover, create, experience, develop, evolve, learn, grown. We don’t have to accomplish or achieve anything, we just have to intentionally place ourselves outside of our comfort zones and get lost to discover who we truly are. Say hi to random people, fall in love with a stranger, taste new food, dance in the rain, meditate under the mood, skinny dip in the ocean. Wander alone to discover what our souls really crave.. then chase it! Let life take us where we need to go without having our minds stop us. We didn’t come here to be perfect, we already are.

Q: Finish this sentence: “Life is a wild ride, but ____________ make it all worthwhile.”
A: ..the relationships you make, the food you taste and the adventures you embrace..

( You Had Me at Savasana ) … Actually Natasia, you had us at hello!

aRivS8T1mfGwhf0bAaOqAnh1BG213FNy1PbWUh9rRbETHANK YOU mucho mucho to Natasia for being our very first babe of the week. And even more thanks to her for cultivating such a beautiful, balanced space to live and share with us. Can all 21 year old girls be so wise? Please???!! Let Toss be your guide. 🙂

Also, shop TBV Apparel to get your hands on the rad tees she’s wearing!!! Her beachy, yogi vibe makes us oh so happy.