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September 4, 2015


Having the opportunity to travel so often is most definitely one of my favorite aspects of my job as a blogger. I get restless really easily (reallllyyyy easily), and when I am in one place for too long I always start feeling that familiar itch to explore somewhere new – even if it’s just for the weekend. Traveling is such a source of inspiration for me, and even on the days I feel like I may be on exhaustion overload and feel more zombie than human… I remind myself: Damn. This life is good. Seeing the world and observing the people, places and things I come across when I’m on the move sparks the creativity that allows me to write, photograph, brainstorm and create.

Even when weird things happen like I wind up sitting in front of an absolute lunatic on the plane who talks to himself so loudly and dramatically he induces a straight up TBB panic attack (yes, that happened on my way to Chicago a few weeks ago) OR I get so lost in a new place I end up spending a fortune on Ubers to get back to where I started… I take it all as it comes, and somehow it’s much easier for me to be very OPEN to the universe & what it brings when I am out of my element and in a new place.

And then there are the places that I go often, that all hold a lil’ piece of my heart. By now you all know that NYC takes up a special, gigantic, gaping portion of my heart and soul, and when I am away from it for too long I start to yearn for it as if the city were a person I was in love with. Even though I’ve lived in NYC and I visit it as frequently as possible, there is always something brand new to explore there — and I never fail to learn so damn much every time I am there. There is something so freaking remarkable about New York City that takes my breath away… And sometimes I feel like it’s the only place I can TRULY breathe and embrace the mindset of getting shit done. The really important stuff at least, like writing books and brainstorming new content. : )

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.51.01 AM

Yesterday while I was wandering around Seattle, a city I had never been to prior to a few days ago, it struck me: I thrive when I am out of my element. Somehow when I am taking in a new city, the beauty of my surroundings, the awesome healthy restaurants and hot spots, and sharing it all with the people I love (I am a FaceTime fanatic, so even when I travel alone I like to share as much as of the experience as possible), I don’t have time to think about anything else. Essentially, I don’t have time to get anxious. And for an anxious mofo like me, that is a BIG deal.

When I travel, I am able to LET THINGS GO. I am able to just be. I even sleep better. It is feels like the hugest blessing.

Also, sometimes when I’m wandering around a new city I get a wave of intense emotion that is something I simply do not experience when I am totally in my element. I don’t know exactly where it comes from, but it washes over me HARD and fast and brings me almost immediately to tears. Happy tears, and grateful tears. It’s a feeling that makes me feel so alive and so in the moment – and without that feeling and the fleeting moments that it comes over me, I don’t think I would be able to do what I do.

And by “what I do” I mean all sorts of things — blogging, writing, loving the people around me super intensely and giving as much energy to them as I possibly can, photography, being on the go-go-go-go all the time, winding down when I need to in order to enjoy each moment IN the moment, pounding out email responses to people all day long that end up turning into novels (#whoops), falling apart at the beauty of a cotton candy sunset in Costa Rica, the list goes on…

Pretty much, traveling gives me that little thunder and drive to keep on KEEPING ON. I’m sharing this with you not to say, “OMG you need to travel if you ever want to be inspired,” but quite the opposite…


Find that inspiration, whatever it means for you. Sometimes I go months without traveling, but in experiencing the boost and exhilaration it gives me each time it teaches me to recreate those feelings in my daily life. When I’m home in LA I take the time to explore cute little cafes on the beach that I’ve never been to, I take myself on a day trip to Malibu to get inspired, I get lost in the Hollywood Hills… the options are endless, wherever you live and whatever you do.

The only issue is that you have to prioritize it. You have to set aside time to make those little changes in your life— spend the weekend exploring instead of doing whatever you would normally do. Sometimes that means canceling plans. Almost ALWAYS it means getting out of your comfort zone. Push yourself a little, it’s always worth it. I promise. : )

And when you’re gone, it makes coming home that much sweeter, and it allows you to seek out the beauty in your own city that you so often overlook.

A little nugget of what’s been floating around my brain for the past few days. I am so lucky to have a spot to share all of the little thought bubbles in my mind — I only hope I’m not rambling your ears (or eyes) off!


P.S. I am on my way to New York right now, and I thiiinkkkk in a short matter of time I will be able to share something with you pretty darn thrilling that I am working on. I am painfully excited for that.

LOVE YOU ALL, and I am always here! Let me know what you think of this post. I know it’s extra diary-esque… But that’s sort of my favorite as you know.  Xoxox


When I was in Seattle, I was reunited with someone in such a cosmically fateful way that makes me feel like the universe was dying for our paths to cross again. The beautiful Kristen Blanton of Hello America & I went to NYU creative writing school together FOUR years ago, and neither of us knew about each other’s blogs. Then we both wound up at Eddie Bauer’s influencer summit (there were only like 12 of us there!) by a beautiful twist of fate and reconnected. Of all the people in the WORLD, and we didn’t know each other through the blogging, fitness or adventure community but something totally different and entirely across the country… It only leads me to believe that the world knew something awesome was going to happen when we reconnected.

And I’ll add, Kristen’s writing is some that I will remember forever, verbatim for a lot of it, because it was so intensely beautiful and thought provoking. You MUST check out her and her boyfriend’s travel blog about being on the road. It will not disappoint.

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