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October 27, 2015


Yesterday I was just doing my usual Monday morning thing: sitting on my couch, responding to emails, sipping on some iced cold brew coffee, petting Huddy… And I get a text from a friend saying, “Your book comes out in 6 days!!!!”

I wasn’t surprised by his saying that– the release date of my book has changed around quite a bit and I can’t expect everyone in my life to know that November 15th has been the official date for the last several months. Plus, at this point, since it’s been available for preorder since May, I am beyond used to people thinking that it’s already out and available to read.

But this particular person doesn’t really throw around statements he’s not positive are correct, so after reading his text I checked my Amazon book page for the hell of it. And when I checked, sure enough it said release date: NOVEMBER 1ST. Otherwise known as six days from yesterday. Otherwise known as THIS SUNDAY.

ExCuuuUuuSeee Me?!?!?!

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 4.24.10 PM

I know the 1st and the 15th of November may not seem all that far apart from each other in the grand scheme of things, but when you’ve been waiting for your own book to hit shelves since you finished writing in in February — a two week difference is a damn huge one. That means I only have to wait one week instead of three to share Breaking Vegan with you guys… Especially those of you who have preordered. (Which, by the way, THANK YOU for that times a million.)

I don’t know if it’s more exciting that the book will be OUT and that you guys can read the story once and for all (YAY!) or that when people ask me when my book is coming out, I can say that it’s OUT. I don’t have to give the whole, “Oh, it comes out mid November, but go ahead and preorder it if you’re interested…” which, let’s be honest, 95% of people just don’t do. It’s hard enough to get people to commit to buying a book and then reading it, let alone to preordering it months before it comes out!!!!

Every day someone in my life says, “Ah! I am so sorry, I am the WORST friend but I haven’t read your book yet. Where can I get it?!?!?” And I tell them they aren’t the worst friend at all because the book isn’t even OUT yet. When I post photos of the cover on social media, etc. I know it totally gives the impression to most Internet-scrollers that it’s out, butttttt as of now — not yet.

I AM SO EXCITED for the book to launch, and I am DOUBLE EXCITED that Well & Good NYC shared the first ever before seen EXCERPT of the book on their site yesterday!!! I have been so appreciative of everyone’s feedback and support, and it’s so fun having a little slice of the book on the Internet that I figured I would share a few little paragraphs with you guys here:

This is from the chapter No One Plans to Develop an Eating Disorder, which is the 3rd chapter in the book.

No One Plans to Develop an Eating Disorder…

“Right after the initial plant-based cleanse and my decision to start eating vegan, I took a road trip from Sacramento to LA with my best friend Jillian to start our last semester of college. When we stopped to get gas on our way out of town, Jill looked me up and down and said, “Holy shit, Jo! I have never seen you this tiny!” Of course I played it off like I barely knew what she was talking about (“Who, me?!”), but inside I was glowing because I knew that my outer frame reflected the mind-body connection I was developing with my plant-based diet.

The drive is six hours long, so midway through we stopped to get something to eat. Jillian got orange chicken and vegetable fried rice from a Chinese takeout place—yes, I’m that creepy friend who remembers people’s orders verbatim years later—while I cracked open my leftover butternut squash soup from the cleanse and ate a few big spoonfuls until I felt satisfied. I remember the look on her face that very clearly read, “That’s all you’re going to eat?” and then her many attempts to get me to try a bite of her deep-fried chicken. It was a no-go.

We chatted the drive away about life, the wild New Year’s Eve we’d just had in San Francisco, and how panicked I was to run into my now ex-boyfriend once the semester started back up. We were planning to go to a pajama-themed party that evening and decided that when we got back into town, we would go shopping for cute matching pajamas. (Jillian ended up swapping her pajamas with my friend Sarah at the party.) I wanted to have some kind of plant-based snack beforehand because the soup barely sustained me for more than an hour, but I didn’t have any snacks with me and it made more sense to drive straight to the mall. I told myself it was fine—I could embrace the empty feeling, as I’d done many times before.”

Head over to Well & Good to read the rest, and head to THIS LINKKKKK to preorder the booky book!!! Would be so, so, soooOooOoOOoOOoOOOOOO (can you tell I’m excited?) beyond appreciative of your continued support.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.43.30 AM

Sending you all so much love! Exciting tiiiiimes!!!! Also found out I am going to NYC next week for a super fun SELF magazine photo shoot that I kinda sorta can’t wait for…. See you east coasters REAL soon. 🙂