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November 5, 2015

Hi all! I hope everyone is having the best week. I want to thank you all for the support you’ve shown with the release of the book. It has been an exciting and whirlwind week, as you can imagine. On the topic of the book, I want to address something here, right now, so that I can put it to rest from here on out.

While those of you who read this blog and know my story have been super supportive about my book, I also know that there is a lot of negativity surrounding the story and the fact that I have chosen to leave the vegan lifestyle and write about it. In particular, there is a lot of negativity and anger about certain headlines that have been made (out of my control), and the fact that I have chosen to title my book Breaking Vegan, rather than Breaking Orthorexia, or something of that nature.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: I have no ill will toward the vegan lifestyle or plant-based dieting. I support all diet choices and ways of life, and I am a firm believer in people finding what works for their individual body. My vegan diet did not cause my eating disorder, and I have been clear about that from the get go. I know many people who thrive on a vegan diet, and I also know many vegans who support my decision to switch my diet.

On the topic of those who believe that my speaking out about my journey is a disgrace to veganism, the animals, and the environment, I am sorry that you feel that way and your believing that would be misconstruing my words. I ate a plant-based diet for two years and while I was on that diet, I developed an eating disorder. The reason I developed it is due to my personality, my tendency toward extremes, and many other factors that I cover extensively in the book.

The reason I spent the last year and a half writing this book is to share my story, from beginning to end, and I would hope that my story and my truth would overshadow the Internet trolls who hide behind their computer screens.

I chose to title my book Breaking Vegan for the sole purpose that I needed to break free from the labels I had chosen to confine myself with. “Vegan” was one of those labels. I had many others. My blog was titled The Blonde Vegan, and such the word was part of my identity. Breaking that label, changing my blog name and ultimately my business name, and incorporating more foods into my diet was pertinent to my eating disorder recovery. This is an eating disorder recovery book. It is a memoir. One person’s journey. Never once have I told people they should or should not eat in a certain way.

I maintain compassion for all human beings, and I recognize that we are all in different stages of our lives and the way we are able to view and perceive situations. If you feel the need to continue attacking me for my journey, I can’t stop you. If you have further questions, that is the reason why I wrote my book. And if you have not uttered a word of negativity, then don’t worry – this is the last time you will find me addressing this issue publicly.

Sending love to everyone, and hoping that those reading this can find it in their hearts to do the same. Anger is not helping anyone’s cause.