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December 3, 2015

Hey lover loves! A question that I get asked pretty frequently is about the different supplements, vitamins and digestive enzymes that I take to keep my bod balanced in a natural way. I tried so many brands and combos of vitamins over the years that I could probably write a novel about my supplement journey (that would be a pretty boring read unless you’re a supplement freak like me– in that case you’d probably devour it!!).

Vitamins are different than standard medications in the sense that they either jive with your body, or they don’t. There is no such thing as a “cure all” vitamin, since all of our bodies and the way we absorb things are so different from one another.


But instead of telling you in such a general way to go to the store and talk to a pharmacist, I am going to give you my very TBB “I’ve been there & here’s what I think” sort of advice today. I recently discovered the brand Pure Encapsulations and I am all about it. I’ll tell ya why…

My Absorption Sucks, & I Look to Supplements to Get a Lot of HELP

Because my absorption is ALL out of whack and I damaged the way that my system digests and breaks things down when I was super restrictive with my food in take (way to go, Jordan…), I have to be VERY picky when it comes to vitamins, supplements and enzymes that I take. My one stipulation is that no matter the brand or the function, they must be natural, pure, non-GMO & hypoallergenic.

WHY these stipulations, you ask?

Because my body is ridiculously sensitive, that’s why. And if I am going to actively ingest something every day for the sole purpose of feeling good & helping my body run as efficiently as possible, then I want to make SURE that what I am taking is natural and nothing but beneficial. I also want to make sure that the supplements I take aren’t taking over a role that my body should be doing on its own– but rather ENHANCING what my body does on its own by flooding it with extra nutrients and giving it a lil’ boost.


An example of something I have done in the past and still occasionally do that takes over a role that my body should do on its own is colonics. If you don’t know about colonics, it’s basically a system in which you “irrigate” your colon with water, where the waste is pushed out by the water into a tube that is inserted into your body. (Yes, through your butt. Sorry for that visual.) It can be very detoxifying and cleansing, especially for someone who gets constipated easily and could use a little help in that department.

The reason why I am not as much of a colonics’ fan as some people are is because I think if you do it too often, your body becomes dependent on it and stops functioning as well on its own. For someone with a super duper sensitive body and sensitive digestive system, like myself, this is especially true.

I love brands like Pure Encapsulations because they carry all sorts of natural, non-GMO, hypoallergenic nutritional supplements that HELPPPP our bodies function the way they are already supposed to! They do so gently and they do it well — and it’s easy to make a few daily vitamins part of your routine.

The three things I need the most help with are DIGESTION, B12 LEVELS & SLEEP. Here are some of my favs that help me remedy those issues…


My MAGNESIUM Love Affair

I prefer the supplement & vitamin route when it comes to digestion — ESPECIALLLYYY magnesium. I love, love magnesium. It’s known to regulate blood flow, *balance microorganisms in your stomach* (LOVE THIS FUNCTION), help your muscular and nervous system, help prevent and cure migraines (another thing I seriously love about it), regulate blood sugar levels & help stabilize your mood by helping you feel relaxed.

Of course, when you’re taking low dosages of magnesium every day, you don’t feel these effects come on full force — which I also like. They are more of a background stability thing that keep you feeling as good as you possibly can all the time. It’s different than taking an anxiety medication or something stronger for digestion (like a laxative) or anything like that, because it just HELPS your body function the way it’s supposed to. That’s the ish that I like!


b12 BABY

It’s no secret that I have been very deficient in vitamin b12 ever since my vegan days. Vitamin b12 can be found in foods like beef, fish, eggs, cheese, fortified soy and a few other things — a.k.a there is very little (or none) found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and grains — the only foods I was eating as a vegan!

A deficiency in b12 can pop up in many ways. I experienced it as a plant-based vegan by experiencing extreme lethargy, numbness and tingling in my nerves, getting cold EXTREMELY easily because of poor blood flow, and a bit of mental fogginess.

Taking b12 supplements has been a game changer for me. Even though I’m not vegan anymore, it has taken a lot for me to kick my deficiency and get back to normal b12 levels. Even if you eat foods rich in b12, it’s good to take a supplement (in my opinion) because it gives you that extra little insurance to ward off deficiency. I feel more energetic when I take b12, my skin is better, I get color more easily in the sun, and I don’t get so freezing cold when temps drop.

I love Pure Encapsulations’ b12 because it comes in liquid form, so you can just use a dropper to put it in your water in the AM, or in a smoothie, or even directly on your tongue! It also enhances neurological function and keeps your immune system nice and strong. 🙂


Best Rest Formula

Another thing my body has issues doing on its own is falling asleep. I have been an insomniac since I was a child (yes, a CHILD with insomnia… I’ve always been a very alert person who stresses about things all night long!). I have tried a lot of different natural supplements to try to sleep, and a lot of things don’t work for me. I really like Pure Encapsulations’ Best Rest Formula because it doesn’t try to go overboard to get the job done — when sleeping meds are too strong it leaves me feeling groggy and “sleep hungover” in the mornings.

This blend is natural and really seems to help me. It contains the time-tested support of valerian, passionflower, chamomile, lemon balm and hops, which act to calm and relax the central nervous system. It also has a bit of melatonin, which facilitates the onset of sleep and sleep efficiency. GABA and l-theanine are included for their ability to promote alpha wave production in the brain, an indication of relaxation.


The brand also has a range of multivitamins and digestive enzymes, but that’s a story for another post. I just wanted to give you a list of my favorites to get you started. I know a lot of you experience similar digestion issues, sleeping issues and b12 deficiencies — especially because a lot of you are coming from a pretty similar place as I am: active, post-restrictive lifestyle and on the quest for utmost health and balance!


What are your thoughts on supplements and digestive enzymes? Have you tried any / do you have any favorites? Have you tried Pure Encapsulations? Let me know your thoughts — would love to hear! xo