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March 17, 2016

Happy Thursday, my loves! I’m going to start doing this a lot more — sharing my favorite blogs & articles of the week so I can share content with you guys without writing a novel to you on my own! Ya dig?

As for me, I’ll be snapping photos in Venice today with my love Iselin & Hale for some fun upcoming projects. Follow along on Snapchat (@jojoyounger)… My new favorite form of communication with you guys. Also thinking about creating a “vlog”-esque Day in the Life YouTube series!!! THOUGHTS?

Without further ado, my fav reads of the week:

(BTW, in case you didn’t notice because my site is being weird — the bolded headings below are LINKS, so click them if you wanna read!)

1. Well & Good NYC‘s “No, Gwyneth’s Breakfast Smoothie Doesn’t Actually Cost $200.” — The Internet haters went wild about Gwyneth Paltrow’s alleged ridic-expensive smoothie, but come on. Is that thing really worth getting upset over? AND think about the cost of medical bills & prescription drugs for those who don’t prioritize their health on a daily basis… Just sayin’.

2. The Healthy Maven‘s “What Happened When I Stopped Exercising for a Month?” — I have always loved Davida’s blog. In an overpopulated and very hit-or-miss health-blogosphere, her site always has authentic, interesting content and a genuinely balanced outlook on all things health. I could relate to so much of what she wrote on this post… Don’t miss it!

3. Always Eat Your Cake‘s “3 Signs That You’re an Introvert.” Erin, the writer of this blog, is an all-around badass. I met her through Enjet, the production company that has filmed some of my very fav YouTube videos on my channel. This article is SO ON POINT and reminded me to give myself permission to be exactly who I am… A very outgoing introvert who needs alone time & relaxation to recharge. I am so stoked this chick is blogging again!

4. Darling‘s “4 Failures You Need To Make.” I can certainly relate to all of this, and I think as any woman and human in general, we need to be cool with making mistakes and learning from them. It’s the only way we will ever be able to find the best version of ourselves. Radical honesty… It’s where it’s at.

5. Huff Post Wellness‘s “The Morning Routines of Crazy-Successful People.” From Marilyn Monroe’s bizarre but awesome breakfasts to Gertrude Stein’s late wakeups and wool bathrobe hang outs — I love this and can relate to a lot of it. We have a lot to learn from the greats who paved the way for us.

6. The Skinny Confidential‘s “Balls to the Wall Calendar Tips.” I am obsessed with Lauryn’s blog- it’s one of the few (and only) that I read on a daily basis, because her realness shines through the screen. She is no BS and I really, really like that. (Also love her as a person.) This post really resonated with me because as my business has grown, I would be LOST without my calendar. I legit would show up to zero things. She has some great tips & I think you guys will love!

7. The Chalkboard Magazine‘s “What to Do if You Have Hypothyroidism.” I don’t quite have hypothyroidism, but I do have a sluggish thyroid (just WAIT until I give you ALL OF THE DEETS from my recent health journey w/ Dr. Lekkos. Can’t wait to share.) This article is a super straightforward, great way to get started for anyone who struggles with low energy or slow metabolism.

8. Greatist‘s “29 Habits to Break Before Turning 30.” Don’t apologize for things you aren’t sorry for, don’t take no for an answer when you don’t need to, don’t flake out on plans with friends, don’t wait for real life to start, SO MANY GOOD ONES.

9. Living Maxwell‘s “Top 5 Organic Food Products from Expo West.” For those of us who felt crazy overwhelmed by the amount of products at the Natural Products Expo West this year (and every year), THANK GOD for Max Goldberg. He is a master at finding the best new products, noticing developing trends, and supporting upcoming businesses in the space. I am forever grateful for Max’s friendship and insight… And this video has so much great info for anyone who was or was not at Expo this year.

10. Gary Vaynerchuck‘s “How to Create & Use Snapchat’s New Cutom Geofilters.” Gary knows what’s up, and now I know what’s up too. YOU’RE WELCOME for intro-ing you to this ridiculously awesome new Snap feature… Hop on it — As Gary says, “It’s a branded impression on steroids.” #YES.

There you have it, my loves! How is everyone’s Thursday going? Let me know your thoughts on these articles!! XO