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Loving Lately // 5.21.16

April 21, 2016

Is it just me, or is this full moon making it impossible to concentrate? If it’s not the moon, then there’s definitely something funky going on with me personally, because… My concentration level is at a legit zero today.


My usual instinct is to look at my lack of focus today as a failure. It’s hard for me not to beat myself up about little things like having a slow morning, only crossing very minor things off of my to-do list, and spending 75% of my day thus far stretching and bending on my yoga mat trying to find some clarity.

But here’s what I’m telling myself: it’s okay. There is no rush. Sure, there are 298398 things (or so it feels like) that need to be done in TBB-land in the next few days, but I have a feeling that taking some hours to myself today is exactly what I need in order to recharge, re-focus, and be productive from here on out.

(Maybe from tomorrow forward? Lol.)

ANYWAY. There is some great Loving Lately -ness going on up in here, so I do have that to share with you today!

Enjoy, and PLEASEEEE tell me I am not crazy for being such a space cadet today? Anyone?!

Loving Lately // 5.21.16

1. VLOGGING: I’ve mentioned a bit that I have been getting back into the YouTube space recently and I am LOVING it. I have been watching a lot of other YouTubers’ vlogs lately to get inspired, and in Austin last weekend I made my first vlog — a travel vlog! I hope you love ;). I am clearly just learning, so any constructive feedback would be much appreciated! And if you are headed to Austin soon, we have some killer recommendations & must sees in there!

2. WELLNESS TOUR: I have been visiting a ton of LA’s best healthy restaurants lately to launch the official #TBBwellnesstour of the yummiest wellness hot spots for you guys! A few favs so far? Lifehouse tonics, Moon Juice, Cafe Gratitude, Rawvolution (always), and Bottega Louie. Admittedly, Bottega Louie isn’t the healthiest spot on the block, but I thought it would be cool to include something with more variety so I can show you guys how I like to keep it simple + healthy even in those situations! Cannot waaaiiittt to launch it soon — along with some new exciting features on TBB, AHHH!


3. READING: It takes a lot for me to calm down, unplug from social media/my computer, and READ. I got into a bad habit recently of not relaxing until I was completely 100% ready for bed, and that’s not cool. Time to read and unwind is so necessary in our lives… Especially because there are so many badass books to read and soak in knowledge and inspiration from. I am working on a post that will include ALLLLL of my fav favs, but to give you an idea… I am loving Sugar Crush, Essentialism, & Bad Feminist a LOT right now.


4. ALKALINE LIFESTYLE: I wrote about Dr. Daryl Gioffre‘s Alkamind Lifestyle & detox last week and I wanted to give you guys a little update. I am still eating as alkaline as possible and incorporating a lot of his yummy recipes into my day to day life. His chunky monkey smoothie is still a fav… Bananas, almond butter,  almond milk anyone? If you follow me on Snap then you know it’s a daily staple. I am so glad that so many of you were interested in hearing more about the alkaline lifestyle… I am going to include a portion of his alkaline foods list in an upcoming post, so be on the lookout!

The Balanced Blonde - 4.1.16-45

5. SAYING NO: I am trying as hard as I can to stay on top of my New Years’ resolution of saying no to things I don’t want to do, don’t have the time for, or sound like a good idea but in reality are too much for me to handle. I think I am getting a lot better with it, because I am starting to notice great things popping into my life as a result of making more time for myself. Exhibit A? A SPONTANEOUS yoga retreat to Mexico in two weeks… That I no doubt would not be going on if I didn’t create enough time and space for myself to make it happen. That included saying no to a lot of other shit, ya feel me?


What are YOU loving lately? Would love to know. 🙂 XO