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My Current Fave Lululemon Looks for Winter!

November 15, 2016

So I’ve been a Lululemon girl for, like, as long as I can remember.

Actually, I can remember the first Lululemon outfit I ever bought (or that my parents bought for me, let’s be real – I was young). I was about fourteen years old, had just started getting into yoga, and stumbled into a Lulu store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach with my family.

I tried on all the fun, bright prints and wound up going with a rockin’ dark grey short-short (I mean as SHORT as short comes!) with a hot pink waistband and hot pink drawstrings, and a matching low-cut dark grey top with hot pink trimming.

Don’t you love the things we can get away with when we’re fourteen and barely have any semblance of hips + curves?

I also got a white splatter-painted kind of tank with black and hot pink tie-dye on it. Like I said, it was rockin’. I felt stylish AF rolling up to yoga, also decked out with all the best mats + Yogi Toes on the market, because I was young & impressionable and very much believed there was no other way to yoga!

Here was said splatter-paint top, at Wanderlust yoga + music festival

BEFORE Wanderlust was the cool kid place to be, with my sissy Lisa!

The really awesome thing was, I felt good about myself when I wore those clothes. I felt like I legit yogi, even though truth be told, I hardly knew what I was doing at all back then.

Over the years, I started cultivating more Lululemon pieces. I got more and more into yoga, did several teacher trainings, dove headfirst into the yogi life, and the only thing that made SENSE for any family member to buy me (then AND now) was Lululemon.

Oh, and for the record, the dark grey + hot pink short shorts and matching top stayed in my wardrobe for a good 7 years before I finally said au revoir and replaced them with some newer, more age-appropriate (and hip-having, curve-having appropriate) looks. 🙂


Reglardless, Lulu is still MY JAM. The Lululemon store in Brentwood is one of my homes away from home… right down the street from me, and each and every girl and guy who works in there has become a close friend. I love that they are community oriented, always support what I’m up to and plan lots of fun events for our wellness-minded neighborhood to get together and sweat. (And lots of them were in Monterey with me this weekend!)

My Current Fave Lululemon Outfit //

So! After saying bye-bye to some of my very early-day Lululemon looks, I still have a closet full of their clothes. Some super current, and some pants I have legit had for over a decade. At least we know they last for a long time! The fabric is so comfy and durable and moisture-wicking and truly like no other.

Something I love about my most current Lulu pieces — showcased in this post — is that they are perfect for this WEIRD transition period between Fall and Winter!


Fall in LA is basically just like Summer, and then Winter comes on and we’re like wait… it’s sort of getting cold out. I kind of need to leave the house with a jacket today, I think.

And boom — my perfect Define Jacket does the trick! It’s light enough that I am not overly hot and uncomfortable putting it on after a sweaty yoga class, but keeps me warm when the weather starts to cool off.

Specifically being in MONTEREY all weekend, where these photos were taken (SO FREAKING GORGEOUS THERE) — I really needed something light-ish but thick enough to keep me warm!


I was lucky enough to teach a little outdoor yoga sesh to my girlfriends on the beach AT SUNSET in Monterey. If you could have heard the ocean waves crashing, you’d know why it makes me smile to even type about the thought of this situation.

It was epic, to say the least.

These high-waisted Like Nothing 7/8 Tights feel like WEARING NOTHING in the best way. They are so soft, thin, and barely feel like they’re there! So obvi they leave room for optimal movement and flow.

Fun fact: I also taught my first yoga class at So Cal Hot Yoga in Brentwood last night IN these pants!! So yeah, I really love them.


Also, the sports bra I had on underneath was also da coolest, but it was too chilly to take off my layers for the photos!

And this grey racerback tank is my all-time favorite for yoga and for running… you can wear whatever supportive bra you’d like underneath, so it works for all bodies + bust sizes, unlike some other tank top styles.


To shop my Lululemon looks (and some other similar pieces that I also own + wear the crap out of + love), you can directly shop the post below! Hope you enjoyyyy. 🙂


What are your fave workout brands + styles you go for?! Are you a Lulu girl too? Also… sunsets in Monterey are literally unbeatable.