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FULL MOON Release: What’s It All About & How Do You Get In On It?

September 6, 2017

If you’ve been following along on my podcast / social media these days, you know I’ve fully embraced my woo-woo, hippie, spiritual side over the last several months.

I guess I should say… I’ve always been pretty out there on the woo-woo scale but these days I have found SO much comfort, enjoyment, and serious resonance from the “quantum” side of living, a.k.a the things we can’t necessarily see but make up everything we feel, experience and express in this world.

Sometimes it blows my mind that this type of stuff wasn’t a cornerstone for the way I lived my life for a long time, but it also makes sense to me as I look deeper into it all… that my age (26) is generally a time of spiritual awakening for women who are meant to be deeply into what’s beyond the physical.

It also makes sense to me that my introduction into this spiritual world came through, of course, WELLNESS, nutrition, and health! I have been beyond into eating well and treating my body well for as long as I can remember, truly since I was a young child. I have had this blog dedicated to living well for over four years, and it was only a matter of time that eventually “living well” would begin to encapsulate so much more than food and fitness for me.

And luckily for me, when I get into something and become “awakened” in a new area, I get to share that with you guys. If you’re interested of course, and it’s fun because if you are then we can learn together! I am by no means an expert… and I don’t know about you, but sometimes I prefer learning with someone versus from someone, because that makes the info feel so much more tangible and real to me.

Anyway, full moon jazz //

I could easily make this post about all things spiritual, holistic, law-of-attraction, law-of-deliberate-thought, quantum living deep thangs… but there are hundreds of days in the year for that, so today I will focus on the full moon. (Because we have one tonight, if ya didn’t know!)

Also, sidenote, I learned last night that I have been alive for 9,827 days. Yes, I was looking up my Astro profile to see what my rising and descending moons are (Aquarius and Cancer for the record, which is a pretty cool mix with Libra) so that I can fully understand the gravity of what this Pisces Full Moon means for me tonight, and how I can best focus on my releases and intentions for my particular astral chart.

So! Let’s break it down! Think theSkimm meets Mystic Mamma meets TBB. Yep, that’s what I’m going for with this.

The Lionsgate Portal, Solar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde Dealio //

Tonight’s full moon moving into Pisces is *watery* (because Pisces is the fish, in the world of zodiac symbols, and represents the DUALITY of moving in two directions, fluidity, and sensitive feelings and emotions) which is very WELCOME after our wild, fiery month of the Lionsgate Portal, Solar Eclipse, and Mercury Retrograde.

Quick breakdown of the Lionsgate Portal: It took place from late July to early August of this year, and 8/8 was its strongest day (lucky numberrrrs). The Sun and the powerful, bright, huge star Sirius aligned during this period and sent a great amount of light to Earth, which in turn intensified our energy on Earth and helped us receive powerful light energy and new awareness.

With such high vibe energy making its way onto our planet and into our systems, it likely brought a lot of crap and reality to the surface for all of us. It illuminated areas where we need to detoxify and let go, areas where we’d like to manifest and find fuller abundance and joy, and of course… it highlighted the things in our lives that were NO longer working so that we could begin let go and move forward into the true joy and happiness we are meant to have.

What does this require? Getting clear.

How do we do this? Getting still.

That was a full month ago, and since then we have had the Solar Eclipse (8/21) which signifies new beginnings. That is an amazing time to get clear and get still, so basically the universe knew what was up for us and granted us a succession of celestial awesomeness in order to stir our shit up, give us a chance to get clear, murk us up with retrograde, and then… prepare for RELEASE.

I don’t know about you, but I felt the power of the Eclipse, the Portal, and the Retrograde VERY strongly. During that time I did what I always do, which I am so aware of about myself, which is… I went full throttle and crashed.

What happened was, I had clear visions and intentions for what I want and where I am going, I got extremely gung-ho about them and dove blindly into the idea of making them all come to fruition immediately, and then I was forced to come up for air only to realize that I have moved too quickly and energetically said “YES” to far too many things.

(How was I “forced” if I have my own free will? Good question. A bunch of shit happened. I acted out of impulse. Someone in my life died. Someone else got really sick. I got run down and extremely exhausted and fatigued physically and energetically. And then I said, “…Oh. I hear you, Universe. I gotchyu.”)

Now, it is very clear to me that I need to reel it all in and focus in order to process the challenges and actually get all this exciting shit to come to life. (MANIFESTING 101!)

Whatever you may have experienced during the powerfully energetic astrological time this past month, now is the time to slow down… let the fluidity of the Pisces moon sink in… and prepare to release.

Full Moon Release Vibes //

That was the briefest of brief overview, but if you’re just learning about this stuff like I am then hopefully it’s catchin’ you up to speed.

Now I want to chat about the Full Moon because it’s super relevant for us right now, and if we’ve been experiencing all sorts of unrest, changes (even good, really good changes!) and all-over-the-place vibes, then tonight is our night to tap in to our deepest of selves and begin the release and reset.

I know a lot of us like to set intentions on the New Moon, the Eclipse, and the new month, so we are likely clear that we intend to manifest in the near future. (If not, get clear. It’s never too late.)

The Full Moon is all about releasing what no longer serves us, and expressing gratitude for the intentions that have come to fruition or the things we are currently manifesting in a beautiful way.

Basically, this moon is about letting go of shit that doesn’t work for us, and thanking the universe for all of the flow and good vibes it sends our way.

What I like to do is:

1. Make a list of “Full Moon Releases,” i.e. things that I would like to let go of that are no longer serving me, and make a sub-list in each category for what I want to embrace and replace those things with. (For example: I want to let go of my old thought patterns about being sick, inflamed, and hormonally imbalanced. I want to embrace the healthy path I am on and replace those old thought patterns with new ones about being healthy, light, and balanced. That was then, this is now. I will embrace POWERFUL deliberate thoughts.)

2. Make a list of “Gratitudes to the Universe,” i.e. things that I have written as intentions that have been happening, coming through or coming to fruition for me. It’s an acknowledgement of the positivity and creativity flowing our way from the Universe, rather than simply focusing on the things we like to release — which are healthy to get clear on, but it always feels nice to balance them out with positive and appreciative thoughts. (The negative with the positive – a.k.a duality of Pisces, thank you very much.)

3. Get STILL. Unapologetically take time for myself. Wipe my schedule clean if I have made plans without realizing that the Full Moon energy is washing over me (I am super, duper sensitive to the energy of the Universe and I bet a lot of you are too) and notice who totally gets me and supports me taking space for myself. I also notice who does not, which would be on the “release” and “not serving” list. It might sound selfish, but part of self-care and the spiritual path IS being selfish and creating boundaries with our time and space, so that we can be our best selves to those around us and in the world.

4. Move, connect with nature, and sweat. Something that really helps me focus and get out of my head during a powerful time is getting out of my bubble and routine to exercise in nature or flow in a yoga class. We all connect in different ways, but this is a personal favorite for me and I often have powerful epiphanies when I can get into this calm and zen headspace.

5. Have a ceremony or ritual for myself. This is a very personal aspect, so I would love for you guys to  think creatively about what will make you feel full, satisfied, and inspired by this Full Moon. Personally, I like to take a slow morning or evening to write down my releases and intentions, meditate and move, really rest and recoup, exercise later in the day to enhance the energy that I am feeling, and then at night have a ritual of meditating with crystals, sage, palo santo, and not *burning* my releases (I am not that kind of person, at least right now) but rather putting them in a safe place where I can release them but look back on them in future months to see how much I have been able to let go of.

I also like to take baths because it is said that Spirit comes through in water so it makes me feel connected, they detoxify my physical body, and help me relax and unwind.

I also love to soak in time with loved ones after taking powerful time to myself, so balancing that introspective rest with recharging energetic release — spending time with people who truly get me, who appreciate the power of the Universe, and/or who I can just be my total self with.

Tonight I will be with my love and my Huddy, and I couldn’t be happier about both of those energies balancing out my self time.

Some photos are sprinkled throughout this post of my releases and gratitudes, and I would like to specify that I first journaled for about 45 minutes to get clear on what I wanted to release — and simplified it down so that I could number them and make them easy to digest (for the Universe, and for me.)

It’s also important to remember… the Universe doesn’t work unless we do. A Full Moon, a releasing ceremony, a crystal ritual, a juicy detox bath, or an Eclipse will not change our lives on its own — but if we are simultaneously doing the work, living in the flow, and allowing the energy of the Universe to seep in… then it certainly will support us and create powerful change WITH us.

With us, not for us.

It all comes down to us, and we have the power to live our happiest lives and create joy and abundance for ourselves on this Earth, in this human experience.

Am I right? Living well envelopes all of it — the energy of the Earth, the energy of how we treat our bodies and live our lives, and the energy of our THOUGHTS (quantum living)!


P.S. Check out my new Kundalini Faves Spotify Playlist if you’re looking for some spiritual, high vibrational jams to bliss out to while you release and get clear.

Wow, I am certainly excited about this Full Moon and am fully embracing the graceful, fluid, watery vibes Pisces has to offer us in this beautiful Virgo month. I hope some of these rituals and intentions inspire you to use this powerful time in a positive way in your own life, and if nothing else… let’s keep learning, growing and evolving together! Would love to hear how you are working with the powerful energy of this Full Moon. <3 XO