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October 24, 2017

hello, beautiful people!

i have been putting a lot of energy into something lately that you might not expect to hear… manifesting.

at first i was unsure whether to go about sharing exactly what i had manifested, as i know manifestation has a certain element of magic to it and when discussed openly it can sometimes loose it’s “oomph,” if you know what i mean.

but in my very TBB fashion i have decided, why the heck not? i want to share, so i’m going to!

manifestation is all about going with your gut so i may as well keep going with mine. 🙂

in this post i will be sharing the top three “WOAH” manifestation moments i’ve experienced over the last few months… then i will share with you the top three tips i go to when i am working on manifesting. ready?! let’s do it.

P.S. one big thing to remember about manifesting is that the actuality of what you’re manifesting might look different than how you picture it. for example… if you’re manifesting a house, don’t focus on the money to buy a house, but rather focus on the HOUSE. because you never know how you will get it, it could be gifted to you! one small example.

as you’ll see… my examples are like that too. different than what i’d envisioned, but still oh so magical!

OKAY now i’m ready!


( some of this, you won’t even believe! it’s NUTS! )

1. writing a movie // a few months ago i went to a kundalini class with my best friend jill, taught by Tej at Nine Treasures of course. at the end of the class, in savasana, i had an unusually aware sense of what was to come. i felt super tapped in to new creative ideas and overwhelmed with the vision that i was going to write a movie! i could see the whole thing playing out… the table in which i’d be sitting when i pitched the movie to directors, some of the actors that would be in it (ahh!) and even that i would be collaborating with a male co-writer.

we left the class and i told jill: “i’m going to write movie. i saw the whole thing. and i am going to collaborate with someone who reminds me of [our friend] jonah but it’s not going to be him exactly. it’s going to do super well and i am not even sure what it will be about yet.”

she laughed, and so did i, considering that screenwriting isn’t really my current life path. but who knows?! when you like to write, you like to write. we also took it in as something that could be a legit possibility — i was THAT sure of it.

fast forward about 48 hours. i was in santa cruz with my family for my dad’s birthday, and while checking my phone late one night i receive an email titled “screenwriting inquiry.” WHAT?!

i open it… it’s from a director asking me whether i would be interested in screenwriting for him and adapting his short film into a feature film.

of course i immediately said i would meet with him, and when we sat down, he was identical (in personality and appearance) to our friend jonah… even more reason for me to think, WHAT THE ACTUAL…

he had found my writing through instagram, which lead him to my blog, which lead him to explain to me that the themes i write about are very much a part of his movie vision.

we had a lot of back and forth about the potential screenwriting partnership, and even though i initially said “YES!” (#whoops) i mulled it over and realized that even though it WAS the result of a true manifestation and visioning process, that didn’t necessarily mean it was the right movie at the right point in time for me to sign onto.

(that’s a long story short — there was way more that went into my eventually deciding not to do it.)

what it DID do was show me that manifesting is insanely real.

it also showed me that if i want to be a screenwriter, i sure as hell can.

and if i want to commit to something new on this amazing journey of life, there’s nothing stopping me.

it also introduced me to an awesome new mentor and opened the doors for me to see, okay…. if i want something, all i need to do is give it some real energy and love, and meditate on it (in kundalini, for extra good juju!).

2. having a very certain yogi celeb on my podcast // this is a short and sweet story about a fab yogi singer who you’ll soon find on my podcast (probably not until Jan or Feb) — someone who’s music I LOVE and jam out to  all the time. (not trevor hall, you’ll see why in a sec! someone else!). i told jonathan i’d die to have him on my podcast and we decided that i would manifest it for 2018. literally 24 hours later i had an email in my inbox from his publicist inquiring about him being a podcast guest. fate? i think yes. manifestation? hell yeah.

3. speaking of yogi singing celebs…. // i had another guest in mind, mr. trevor hall (the human who sings ALL of my favorite songs. all of them.) and decided this past weekend that i would hardcore manifest having him on the podcast also. or at LEAST manifest talking to him / meeting him / anything with him!

well, wouldn’t you know it, i called my amazing astrologer debra silverman this morning and would you guess who she was with? TREVOR HALL. she put me on speaker phone so i could tell him how much he inspires me, and i may have sorta kinda convinced him and debra to come on the podcast TOGETHER! so there’s that.

it was nuts. i was on a giddy high for the rest of the day thinking, manifesting is really that easy? what?!

but the truth is — it’s not easy. i dedicate most of my life to being in alignment with what works for me, the dreams i want to bring to life, and more. and now that i am finally at this point of living in the FLOW, manifesting feels simple and living out of alignment just… doesn’t!

those are three of my most specific manifestation stories, but the list goes on. i manifested my current relationship with J, i manifested my spirit juice newsletter, i manifested my podcast, and even tons of specific work opportunities that i am currently engaged in. i’ve also been manifesting finding the perfect shamanic and astrology programs… and slowly but surely, i’ve been finding them.

manifesting is HUGE and it’s becoming a total cornerstone of my life.

all it really requires is tapping in.

my top three manifesting tips:

1. feel the emotion of what it is that you want before you have it, and it will be more attracted to you. for example, if you are manifesting romantic love — TAP IN to what it might feel like to have that lifelong partner you are wanting to attract. carry yourself with the high vibes of having that partner already in your life. once you carry yourself with that confidence and spring in your step, you’ll attract the high vibrational partner you are looking for. if you act down in the dumps and depressed when you’re out and about because that person isn’t in your life yet — you won’t be giving off the most attractive vibes, which you already know!

2. WRITE THEM DOWN! don’t underestimate the power of writing things down in order to bring them to life. writing them down not only cements them as messages to the universe of what you want, but also cements them in your own mind as goals and intentions to work toward!

3. don’t get tripped up on what the outcome looks like, just accept it and show the universe GRATITUDE! did i envision that my getting in touch with trevor hall would come through my amazing astrologer who happened to be hanging out with him today? no! was it equally amazing? yes! did i envision that the movie i was imagining i would write would actually come in the form of an offer i would end up saying no to? no, but it still showed me how powerful manifestation is — and showed me that writing a movie is definitely in my upcoming wheelhouse. just because it wasn’t the right situation doesn’t mean i will never write a movie, and instead i thanked the universe for showing me what was up.

i could go on and on (and i will… think NEXT BOOK vibes) but this is a little overview of what i have been up to lately and how exciting all of this stuff is to me. manifesting is theeee coolest thing ever and i am so excited to share away with you guys as i continue to learn!

what are your manifestation stories?! would love to know! xx