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Loving Lately // 3.4.18

April 4, 2018

Hellloooo, my babes!

I am headed back to Bali TONIGHT for the rest of the month of April… and I am so unbelievably excited I could burst.

I will be writing a full blog post about why I am going on this solo trip and what has inspired me to embark on a new way of life — a life I will be contemplating in Bali and diving deep into so that when I return I will be able to incorporate my new way of living into my daily life.

The SHORT STORY: I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have not been well this year, which you can read the most about here.

The FULL STORY: Coming soon. Not sure how soon, because I am playing my blog writing schedule very much by ear while I am there. Could be Day One, could be deep into the trip. We shall see!

Anyway, I wanted to share one big ol’ LOVING LATELY post before I head out on my trip to leave you angels with all sorts of things I have been loving these days!



Lately I have been taking an hour to two hours off of from my phone before I go to sleep, largely thanks to Jonathan for being really good about reminding me how important it is and how much I want to stay on top of it.

I won’t lie, when he’s not with me I still have a tendency to check my phone like a maniac right up until I get in bed. What can I say, I love responding to you guys and commenting back on IG and scrolling all of the accounts that I love. But I will say, that is more of a daytime thing and not something I want to focus on at night anymore.

The last several nights Jonathan and I (and Huddy, of course) have stretched, done yoga on the floor, meditated, written poetry, and just soaked each other in rather than being on our phones or staying in workaholic mode. It has been so nice, and has reminded me what this life is all about. It’s about CONNECTION… in real life, not on the screens.

Anyway, thanks to taking time off of my phone before bed, I have gotten into this incredible subconscious pre-dream DREAM MODE before sleep every night. It’s this incredible frame of mine where I am able to exist with so much awareness inside of my subconscious. I have seen so much from Tibetan Sanskrit texts that I was able to READ (no joke — past life memory of sorts?!) to random memories from childhood that have been lodged in my subconscious for years, to dream state ideas and places that I go while asleep — but WHILE I am awake.

Sometimes I am jolted back to reality because my rashes have still been so terrible that I will remember that my entire body is itchy and on fire. If you’ve ever had eczema, you know that nighttime is the worst. My acupuncturist says it’s because it’s the YIN time of day, which is the time of the blood. Since rashes are inflammation of the blood and blood flow constriction, it makes a ton of sense.

Regardless, I dive back into my lucid dreams pretty easily once I am able to re-relax myself, and for a chronic insomniac like myself… it’s been an amazing way to drift back off to sleep and avoid insomnia.

If you’ve never done it… TRY IT! I promise it isn’t that hard. Meditate before bed, light some candles, clear your mind, brain dump your day into a journal, and see where your mind takes you when you lay down. 🙂


I am sooooo into living in swimsuits lately. Maybe its the fact that my body has been broken out in head to toe rashes for 4 months straight (you can def see them in these photos) so anything that BARELY covers my skin is key, or maybe its the fact that something in me ignited this year and I have never been more comfortable in my skin or proud of my own body before. Regardless… I am ABOUT the swimsuits right now. And the beachy clothing.

And living at the beach. I know so man of you reading don’t live near the beach so you may not feel me on this one, but you know what it feels like when it’s summertime. Now envision summertime pretty much year round — and that’s been life in LA lately. It’s been the warmest, sunniest winter. And now that I am heading to Bali I am just going to take the beachwear to the next level!

Lately I have been LOVING the site Backcountry annnddd I’ll tell ya why. The main thing I love about them is that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function when it comes to swimwear. When you have boobs like this sista over here (oh hey), the last thing you want is a super flimsy (yet cute, but flimsy AF) bathing suit where you have to worry about your boobs falling out of if you even stand up from your lounge chair. I don’t know about you, but I’m about the surfing, paddle boarding, beach yoga, and ocean dips. Ya feel me?

I also love Backcountry because they have not only Swimwear but the cutest Spring Lifestyle Collection. You babes are going to love what you see — some of my most favorite brands there are from Seafolly to Vitamin A, and I even got these badass ray bans there! So PINK and so fun!

Also, these Prana shorts are my fave. Fun fact? I hosted an event with Prana in Manhattan Beach back in the day when I was a new yoga teacher! They are the kindest company, and SoCal locals.

And I highly doubt it will come as a shock to you guys that I am a Birkenstock person. I mean… isn’t it written all over me?

Anyway, long story short, Backcountry is your one stop shop for all things swimwear, spring looks, and comfy beachy clothes. You guys are always asking me what I am loving on the fashion front so I wanted to share more!


Let’s talk about manifestation. It is SO REAL. Check out this Manifesting 101 post I did a few months back for the basics.

But now I wanna update you some of the things I have manifested into my life!

For one, a few months ago I told Jonathan I was going to manifest having Trevor Hall on my podcast. He has been one of my spiritual idols and my #1 favorite musician since I was about 14 years old. I had no connections to him when I told the universe I wanted him on the pod, but very shortly after I started meeting people who knew him. One thing lead to the next, and I had him on for the first time back in December.

Fast forward to today… my SECOND (not first, but second!) episode with Trevor came out today. On today’s episode we are talking everything from his spiritual practices, to his latest album (check it out, it’s everything), to how he met his wife. CHECK OUT the ep, and let us know what you think!

Secondly, several months back all I wanted in my life was to be surrounded by healers, intuitives, and conscious doctors who could help me get to the bottom of my health and skin issues. Lately, my days are filled with appointments with incredible healers from shamanic facialists, to shamanic medicine readers, to straight up shamans, to reiki masters, medical mediums, kundalini gurus, and more.

These are not necessarily people I have sought out! Almost all of these people have come to me in one form or another to be of service in different areas I am struggling with. It has been incredible not only from a healing standpoint, but also just from a high vibe standpoint of being surrounded by such magical humans.

Also, this trip to Bali was 100% manifested!

I have also booked about 5 more DREAM GUESTS on the podcast to the point where its almost making me laugh how accurately the universe responds when we send it the message that we KNOW what we want.


I have not been able to go to my regular heated yoga studios for MONTHS because of everything my skin has been going through. Truly, right now, I have bright red welts all over my chest, arms, stomach, and legs. It feels like they’re on fire. One of the worst things I could do for my skin is move and twist and sweat in a hot room.

It’s been ROUGH, because yoga is a part of my identity. I didn’t miss a single day at the yoga studio for years. YEARS. This is no exaggeration, this is legit how much it means to me.

But the blessing in disguise is that I have really created a yoga home practice in a brand new way. Last year I got pretty into doing yoga at home because I was doubling up on the yoga during my teacher training — yoga at home, yoga in the studio, teaching yoga, all of it. That is how I created my Soul on Fire Yoga E-Book, purely for people who wanted to practice at home but weren’t sure where to begin!

I have been loving practicing on my floor lately, in the comfort of my own home where I can hang with my Squeak, stretch, flow, make up my own flows, blast my own music, improve upon poses that I have always wanted to master but don’t get touched on often in classes, and more. It has been empowering in a big way, and so enjoyable.


I wrote this post on jade rolling and if you haven’t checked it out, pop on over there! Jade rolling, gemstone rolling, and all around lymphatic drainage has been an absolute game changer for my skin lately.

I have also been getting weekly FACIALS from the best of the best in LA. I am working on a fave facials in LA blog post that will be up very soon! Not sure how soon… since I am going to take time to myself in Bali, but it will be up whenever it’s supposed to be. 🙂

Boom! What are YOU loving lately?! TELL MEEEE.

Also, check out Backcountry and their amaze swimsuits and Spring looks! If you get this Seafolly suit from this post, SEND ME A PIC! Tag me on IG #tbbmademedoit and it will make me smile. 🙂 Functional and adorable, all at the same time. You can shop the looks below!

WISH ME LUCK on my flight to Bali toniiiiiight!! So, so, so ready to be there and bliss the F out. Will take you all along for the ride, in whichever way feels the best. <3 ALL OF MY LOVE.