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My Current Go-To Mantra & How to Create Your Own!

September 7, 2018

I received THEEE absolute best text message from my favorite medium in all the land (and one of my very most favorite humans) MaryAnn DiMarco the other day, and it went a little something like this:

“You are the seeker. The powerful steel winged butterfly that creates and transforms and maneuvers through every blustery storm with force and a reckoning so strong that anything in your path who tries to stop you will wilt and crumble as you pass through it.  Be that force in your minds eye. See that storm! stare at it deeply! and with a wink and a flutter of your wings you will smile.. broadly and triumphantly, because you know… you are have the strength and the power. You are destined to do all that you desire to achieve. And nothing, nothing at all can stop you.”

She received that message for me in a meditation and it floored me, you guys. It floored me for so many reasons.

For one, it’s always so cool when an intuitive person you know who you truly and legitimately trust gets a message for you from above.

For two, it resonated so deeply because these words are exactly what I have needed to hear lately. I feel like there has been a STORM brewing in my life from every angle. With my health especially, but also with so many changes happening at once (mostly all good ones!) and an overall difficulty I have been having pushing myself to start what I REALLY want to do.

So, here is the mantra I have crafted for myself based off of this amazing message from MaryAnn & my guides:


Nothing! Literally nothing, nothing at all can stop me.

And nothing at all can stop you either.

By the way… my greatest desire and dream right now is to transcribe my process with Lyme into a book, and write a new memoir. This was my first memoir, and SO MUCH has changed since that time in my life. But writing it was one of the coolest things I have ever done, especially because I have dreamt since I was a little girl about being an author above all else.

Other dreams and desires I want to manifest and bring to life? Writing more fiction (novels!!), poetry, and more and more books. I really just want to be a book writer, and the truth is: I AM a book writer. I just am not working at it right now, because of a) being busy with other things, and b) FEAR.

So I am working HARD to rid myself of fear. We all have to do it. We all experience it. We’ve got to SHED those layers.

Simple Steps for Creating Your Own Mantra //

Ask yourself these questions…

+ What in your life do you DESIRE most?

+ What in your life do you feel is holding you back from manifesting those desires & bringing them to life?

+ What is your greatest gift?

+ Who is someone you admire, and what do you admire about them?

+ What is one simple action you can do every day to help you work towards what you desire?

I know these questions all sound very simple. Because they are! But how often do we stop, draw inward, and really get to the bottom of these core questions. Knowing what it is that we desire is key when it comes to creating a daily mantra. It can be as simple as cultivating inner peace, and as specific as WRITING A BOOK or HAVING A BABY or MEETING YOUR SOUL MATE.

Also, remembering your greatest gifts, the things that come naturally to you, can help you create your own mantra. If you are very good at being patient, or bringing friends together, or making shit happen, write it down! Add it into your mantra!

A mantra should always be affirmative, so for example “I am” vs. “I want to be.”

It can be as short as two words and as long as a full paragraph!! The more simple, the better. As you can see with mine, it reflects my deepest desire (to write a book) without exactly stating that — because I am open to being in the flow and creating whatever it is that wants to come through me! The healing part to me is that NOTHING is holding me back. Those words really hit home for me.

Okay, time to try to create your own!! Would love to hear yours!! Share them by commenting below or sending to me in an email response to this one. Are you subscribed to the bloggy? Subscribe here if you haven’t yet to get these blog posts straight to your email inbox, every day of September!

Side note… I am having fibroid surgery today!! Send me all of the good vibes — will check in with you guys ASAP and I can’t wait to tell you how it all goes.