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Sunday Evening Musings + Healing Musts

February 3, 2019

Happy Sunday evening! I wanted to write this tonight for anyone else who isn’t into watching the Super Bowl and is just perusing the internet while your significant other / friends / family are watching the game… like me. 🙂

When I first started blogging these posts were what it was all about for me, and I want to get back to those this year. Just sharing when it’s EASY and spilling what’s on my mind.

So let’s set the scene. J & I are in Ojai, having a romantic rainy getaway at the Ojai Valley Inn. We are getting married here in exactly 9 months, ahhh!! And he just told me that baby koalas are the size of a jelly bean when they’re born (we are full of random info tonight hehe) and now I want to sob because I want one!!!!

If you had told me a few years ago that in 2019 I would be getting married, after years of rocky and awful relationships, I would never have believed you.

But more on that on another day. It still just blows my mind that we are getting married this year, and that I get to spend my life with my best friend. And being HERE in Ojai thinking about the wedding is a trip!

When we got into our room tonight Jonathan fell asleep (did anyone see the video on my Insta Stories of him videoing me on the sly while I climbed up on some planter boxes in the Farmhouse where we are getting married?!?! If not, you’re missing out on laughing at me, haha) and I took a bath, and in the bath I was thinking of a million different musings I felt like sharing with you guys.

So here we go!!

TBB Sunday Night Musings //

1. Yesterday on Instagram I shared about the new #JORDANRISING, after someone asked me the other day on Insta Stories about who the new Jordan Rising is. The person who asked me came up with the name, by the way, which again proves that you guys are the actual best. I loved that question so much because I feel like I have been rapidly changing over the last few years, and especially the last several months. And the new me is RISING !!

Being sick will really do that to you. If you missed the IG, check it out. I won’t repeat myself entirely since you can read it there, but it feels really, really good to get clear on the person I am evolving into. I feel such huge things on the horizon. I have had major visions of where my brand is headed and what I will create for you guys in the very near future.

When I was on Ayahuasca, I had extremely clear visions of myself on a stage speaking to thousands of you at a time (!!!!) about intuition, manifestation, opening up psychically (which is available to all of us), being an empath & thriving as an empath, overcoming chronic illness, and reaching new levels of consciousness where we are all love and where we all have the power to heal ourselves and our bodies.

Along with those visions I saw myself writing tons of books and poetry (my forever dream of life), having three kids with Jonathan, and shifting my branding to reflect these new changes. So you can expect some of that in the near future. The branding part at least! The rest I will take slow and steady.

2. I cannot believe that in 15 days I will be water fasting at True North again! The last time I water fasted I had a very transformative experience, released tons of inflammation in my body, learned a TON from the doctors there, & discovered the SOS-free way of life. I have to be honest and say I very much look forward to the day when I don’t have to do so much to manage my health and keep my symptoms at bay, but for now I am embracing that it’s all part of my journey.

I also consider myself a guinea pig for you guys. So while I would never flat out recommend a water fast to the average healthy TBB reader, when other chronically ill people read about my experience and come to me and say it speaks to them, and they know they should do it, it makes me happy to open their eyes to something that could really work.

Before I leave I will do a full post about water fasting & why I am going back, and I will document my experience the whole time I am there! Way more than last time, when I had so little energy I could only write about it afterward!

3. I. LOVE. READING. and cannot wait to reactivate the TBB BOOK CLUB posts!! This book by Michael Pollan is one of my current favorites that I highly recommend, especially for people interested in Plant Medicine. It’s just so intriguing to learn about. I also just picked up a book called The Dreamers this morning on the way to Ojai, so I would have a fun fiction book to read while we are here!

If you have book recs, comment them below & I will add them to the next book club roundup!

4. I have been thinking a lot about my style lately, and that I really only wear yoga clothes… lol. Being sick has only made that even more of a thing, because when I do leave the house I want to be so comfy that I often just wear the same sweatpants I wore to bed and throw on an Alo sweater.

As far as the clothes that I like, I have had a pretty particular “Jordan” look since middle school. It’s somewhere between bohemian / flowy dresses / Free People vibes and skinny jeans with checkered vans and band t-shirts. Is there a name for that?! I always think if I would have started my blog in middle / high school I would have named it “The Bohemian Blonde.”

Anyway, I am at the point where now most of my jeans are two sizes too big for me and I haven’t bought new clothes in ages (except for yoga clothes and my consistent Alo Yoga supply), mostly because of being sick and the idea of going shopping sounding awful for that reason.

So… where should I shop when I finish my water fast and finally decide to purge my old clothes / get some new ones for a fresh start? I am feeling big fresh start vibes coming on… slowly healing and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as I start to get a little more energy and go out into the world again.

It is so weird to barely leave your bed for a year and a half straight. But more on that later too!

5. It feels very good to be podcasting again, but I definitely overdid it last week. After not doing a single interview for 2 months, I did five interviews over the course of five days. It was too much and by Friday my voice was halfway gone, and I was asking myself, “WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO EXTREME?” But also I am trying to get ahead because of the upcoming water fast, and taking another 3.5 – 4 weeks off!

I totally believe that this water fast is coming at this exact time because the universe is telling me I need to keep resting. Just because I am being gifted with some energy and mental clarity and strength again doesn’t mean I need to dive full throttle back into work. Taking it slow still feels extremely important, and I am so glad the water fast is going to give me that time and space to heal.

Anyway, if you ever see me recording 5 episodes in a week again (or more than two in one day), please call me out. Nobody needs to be doing that, especially someone in the early stages of healing from chronic Lyme disease.

6. Hands down the best addition to my healing toolkit in the last few months (other than my Aya journey) has been GETTING A CLEARLIGHT SAUNA IN MY HOME! I know this is not an option for everyone, so you could also find a local spa / gym / sauna place that offers infrared sauna in your area. In LA there are so many, from Sweatheory to Shape House to Stretch Pro to Pause Float Studio.

If you are interested in getting a sauna in your home (ours is all over my Insta, also sharing a photo below), go to & use the code BLONDE! You will get a big gift & $450 off total. And shipping will be free! Plus you will be supporting incredibly kind people. This is not an ad — simply a healing tool I feel is a must for people suffering from chronic illness. SWEATING releases so, so many toxins.

Also… as I mentioned, if you are unable to get one in your home which is very understandable (I had to badger Jonathan for about 6 months before we carved out some space to stick this bad boy), find a place where you can go use a sauna once or twice a week! I use mine daily now but before I had it in my home I just went as often as I could. 🙂

Okay that’s it for tonight. You know I could go on, but this feels perfect. 🙂 Jonathan will be shocked that I legitimately kept this at five!!! (ADDENDUM, I ADDED A SIXTH.)

And I told you these topics were random… all of my bath tub musings. Let me know your thoughts below & your Sunday eve musings!