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July 8, 2019

GUYS! AHHHH! I don’t think I have ever been so excited to share something. This is up there with getting engaged to Jonathan, writing my first book, bringing Hudson home… I mean, this is UP there. The course I have been working on for the last several months is finally HERE, LIVE, & READY FOR YOU!

You can find ALL OF THE INFO on the landing page here, and I also want to share from the bottom of my heart in this post what this course means to me, why I created it, and what you will get out of it.

Where to begin?!?!

Why I created this course //

So, as many of you know, I have been very sick for the last few years. Devastatingly ill, in bed, unable to work or exercise or write or even function most days. The entire time I was in bed feeling such immense pain, I had this deeper knowing that it was all for a higher purpose. I knew that the universe was stepping in to intervene with my life to show me that there was another way to live — a better way. A more aligned way.

It’s no secret that I fell out of alignment with my soul during the early years of my blogging journey. I was on FIRE with passion and couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to do what I loved this much for my career, so I threw my all into my work and then some. My life became very imbalanced. I consistently put work before everything else — working on vacations, working through my “me time,” staying up all night with insomnia due to my brain firing a million miles a minute, you know – many of the typical new entrepreneur experiences & then some.

This worked for about three years. Then, I got sick. First it was stomach problems, then anxiety, then extreme eczema and full body hives, and then full blown chronic fatigue so badly I could barely move. When I was finally diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease it was a huge wake up call. STRESS triggers disease. Living out of alignment with your truth triggers disease.

I couldn’t believe I was in that position. Doing what I love for a living felt so in alignment with my truth, I wasn’t willing to see or believe that I could possibly fall into that category. But taking a look at my life as it was, it was very clear to me that I was incredibly stressed. I was running myself into the ground, working with brands day in & day out and podcasting and writing and hosting events and retreats and teaching yoga and juggling family/friends/health/life putting myself LAST every time. So essentially, putting my soul LAST.

You don’t have to wait until you’re sick to notice you’ve fallen out of alignment with your soul. Perhaps you feel a sense of restlessness because you know there is something SO MUCH BIGGER out there for you. Perhaps you love what you do but you’re ready to go way, way deeper into turning that true soul on fire idea of yours into reality. Perhaps you love your relationships but you’re ready to call in deeper, stronger, soul-aching friendships and love. Perhaps you’ve begun manifesting and you believe in the powers of the universe but you’re totally lost as to where to go from there.

Or perhaps your life feels like it’s falling off the train tracks, like mine did. And perhaps you’ve never written an intention or a mantra for yourself but you’re intrigued as to how that could enhance your life. You’re thinking, “I want to be more spiritual and do the best thing for myself, but WHERE TO BEGIN?” Or if you’ve already begun, “Where NOW to go way deeper?!”

This is where I come in….!

How to Wake Back Up To Your Own Soul //

Guys, I’ve done the trial and error. I have woken back up to my own soul many times over the last few years before I let it finally STICK. It can be scary to live in a brand new way! It can be scary to completely trust in the universe and know that it has our backs. It can be scary to think that everything we’ve learned and been taught might not actually be the end all be all truth — that there is so much MORE out there.

Finally, finally, after over a year in bed and SO. MUCH. SOUL. SEARCHING, reading, studying, deep diving, and deep self experiences… I have found the perfect formula for waking back up to my soul, and keeping her awake.

I have finally found the way to MERGE my soul and all of her desires, creativities, passions, excitements, and eternal love and being-ness with my EVERY DAY LIFE.

I reached a point, not too long ago (right before I created this course), where my soul stepped back into my body and told me, promised me, that she is forever here to stay. I never have to feel alone again. I am reconnected with the divine oneness that ALWAYS IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE. I tell the entire origin story of how and when that moment occurred in the course itself. Reconnecting to your soul is so deeply healing.

Reconnecting to your soul means knowing eternal peace, eternal love, eternal oneness. It means manifesting with ease, because you are living harmoniously with the universe. It means turning all of your dreams into your truest reality, because you know that there is no such thing as failure. There is only love. It means surrendering and surrendering again until you know that JOY is the only thing that’s real, and what we FEEL and emit is what we attract.

And that is what I am here to teach you in this course!!! Wake back up to your own soul with me!

This course is the culmination of my healing journey. You know when the worst thing you could ever imagine happens to you and you’re living in a rock bottom moment (or month or year or years) and you can’t even fathom that this terrible horrible thing might actually be your greatest gift, the catalyst to your greatness? Yeah, me neither. But I have Lyme and being bedridden and too brain-foggy and in too much pain to function for 2 years to thank for… all of this. For waking back up to my own soul.

And the whole time I knew, I wasn’t just going through this disease and dark night of the soul journey for me. I was going through it for all of us. I flowed into having this platform for a reason — and I always knew that reason was not sharing vegan food recipes or working with brands. Nothing wrong with that, but that wasn’t my WHY. That was not why my soul came here.

And living out of alignment with that truth was partially making me sick. Now that I am living in the truest essence of who I am, I am awake! I still have pain and I am still healing, but I TRUST that everything is exactly as it is meant to be. I know that I got sick so that I could help others — the path of the wounded healer is my true path, the path I deeply believe in.

Getting sick took me on a journey, a journey to remembering WHO I AM. It’s wild that we forget who we are at our core, but that’s what society conditions us to do. Through plant medicine, deep introspection, meditation, breath work, learning how to manifest, learning how to play, opening up psychically, studying Kabbalah + A Course in Miracles + rewiring the brain + Quantum energy — I have returned to my true nature. I have unlocked the key to who I am inside, and I’m never going back. And, I am taking you with me!

So!!! Let’s talk about what this course includes. It includes…

+ 9 modules — Each being an hour-long audio recording (just like a PODCAST – easy to listen to on a walk, doing dishes, in the bath, whatever you choose) in chronological order teaching you how to wake back up to your own soul, giving you actionable steps and takeaways in each module.

+ Each module includes journaling prompts, intention setting, and a 20 minute soul-speak meditation with binaural beats and specific frequencies to help you access different brainwave states & bring the associated benefits to your meditation! They have been chosen to inspire healing, inner peace, meditative states, and access to your unconscious mind.

+ Access to a private Facebook group specifically for members of the course, to connect with one another, connect with me, ask questions, and share your journeys!

+ A 53-page PDF full of information, intention setting, journaling prompts, quotes, music and playlists to go along with the modules, deep dives on what we talk about in the modules, and more. For my visual learners! (It is also BEAUTIFUL – created by my designer and I couldn’t be more in love.)

+ 4 live webinars with me throughout the duration of the course! These will be group webinars where you can ask questions, share stories, & I will share live channeling!

+ LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the above!!

So… are you ready to join me or what?!?!

The course is available NOW and signups will only go through July 22nd. Our first live webinar will be on the 22nd. (If you can’t make it, you will receive an email with the recording straight to your inbox!). After July 22nd, the course will be closed and there will not be a way to access it or sign up.


I have chosen the price, $333, very intentionally and consciously. First of all, ANGEL NUMBERS! Second of all, I wanted to choose something reasonable as I know many of you out there are young, working hard, and on the cusp of creating so much more for yourself (huge things!!!). Yet, this course is also my SOUL in a nutshell and I feel it is of extreme value. If you break it down by module, it is $37 per module.

In my eyes this course is the equivalent in growth to MANY therapy sessions, manifestation coaching sessions, plant medicine retreats, yoga retreats, what have you. The list could go on. I know that this course could be priced much higher, and I was advised to price it as such, but I did not feel comfortable doing that.

I just wanted to be transparent with all of you about that, and I really hope the course is something you are able to afford. If it is a stretch for you, I feel deeply the course will transform your life and is worth every penny.

But only if it feels ALIGNED !!!! You ask YOU whether this is right for you. That is a step in the direction of communing with your soul. 🙂


It wouldn’t be TBB without a giveaway! So…

The first 100 sign ups will receive:
-Open Heart Apothecary healing sprays
-REBBL elixirs
-Blender Bombs
-Cured Nutrition CBD
-Liquid I.V.
-OSEA Malibu skincare
-Dr. Roebuck’s skincare
-Lil Bucks buckwheat groats
-Beauty Bar Chocolate
The first 15 sign ups will receive:
-All of the above + Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee + lattes!
5 Winners will receive:
-All of the above + OWL Venice broths
One winner will receive:
-a gorgeous The Ohm Store Singing Bowl

& there will be 5 huge gift baskets (!!!!!!) of all of the above (!!!!!!) & MORE (!!!!!) for 5 random winners who sign up in the 2-week period.

YEP, that’s right!! Sign on up for all of that goodness! I like to shower you guys with love — it’s what my soul came here to do. 🙂

This course is meant to take you DEEP. Deeper than you have ever gone. Deep into your soul, your body, your ancestry, and more. All for the sake of your own healing, manifesting, and waking back up to who you are as an eternal soul.

Now, if you wanna join me, let’s do it!! Let’s make magic together!!!!

Learn more HERE!


What do you guys think!?!? Feels so freakin’ INCREDIBLE to actually start & finish something after these last few years of Lyme brain fog. You have until July 22nd to sign up. More angel numbers. 😉 Would love your thoughts and leave any questions below!