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July 18, 2019

Hello loves!

I have been very open sharing on my Instagram lately about healing from IBS, overall gut issues, and most recently… hemorrhoids. You know, those painful swollen veins that can get inflamed when you have GI issues. Yep, THOSE.

It’s never fun to deal with stomach problems. Or pain anywhere in your body. Or digestion problems. Or health issues in general.

So earlier this summer when my lifelong stomach issues started to really rev up (think extreme bloating after every meal, pain with food, constipation unless I took 2392892 magnesium pills, food intolerances galore, reflux, nausea, etc.) I knew I was in for a journey.

Over the last few months I have found a lot of things that have really helped, all of which I am going to share with you in this post!

Plus, after my gut issues started healing, I developed hemorrhoids! NO FUN at all, and while I have had them off and on in the past, I have never had them become “thrombosed” the way they did last week (swollen and extremely painful) so I will share some tips about how to deal with that.

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Okay!! Gut Healing Tips First!

First of all I know this isn’t a fun answer but the truth is when you’re suffering from gut health issues, you’ve got to watch what you eat. Even if you’re already careful, something you are eating is causing your stomach distress, and it might be a “healthy” food so it’s important to play around with what you are eating and be serious about trying different elimination diets for the purpose of feeling better.

And if you aren’t always healthy (which is fine if you don’t suffer from gut issues or health issues, do you) then it’s time to be really honest with yourself. Are there more sugar, oil, fat, greasy foods, alcohol, etc. sneaking their way into your life than you’re willing to admit?

I know a few years ago when I really had to address my extreme gut health issues I had to be honest with myself that my weekly frozen yogurt, my chocolate addiction, and my every so often vodka sodas weren’t doing me any favors. And trust me — I was already very healthy! These were just parts of my life that I felt were fine in moderation for the sake of a balanced life… but I was overdoing it, and my body was telling me so.

So step 1 = try out an elimination diet, one you intuitively feel will work for YOU and will not trigger you to be overly obsessive about food, but will still heal your body and your gut from the stress and inflammation it’s been feeling.

A few different elimination diets that have really worked for me are: the Low FODMAP diet (amazing for gut health), a Salt-Oil-Sugar-Free Vegan diet (this has worked WONDERS for me — you can read more here), an alkaline diet, a diet free of nightshades (this has helped me a ton), the Medical Medium protocols with celery juice, and overall a very low fat diet.

The important thing here is to find what works for you. No two bodies are ever going to be the same. My magic potion has been mostly SOS-free and plant-based, highly alkaline, nightshade-free, full of FIBER (we will get to that), mostly low-histamine (because I have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome along with Lyme and parasites), mostly low fat, and FOOD COMBINING (we will get to that too).

Step 2, and this is a very important step, is to get tested for SIBO, candida, and parasites. You can do this via a stool test and a blood test (for candida) with a functional medicine doctor, naturopath, or Lyme specialist (LLMD) if you suspect you may have Lyme.

SIBO stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and candida is an overgrowth of yeast in your system. Basically, both of those things will make it very hard if not impossible to heal from gut issues with diet alone. Same with parasites! You can pick up parasites in other countries from food or water, or simply at your own farmer’s market if your veggies aren’t washed properly. And if you have a compromised immune system from Lyme, MCAS, autoimmune issues, or otherwise, then you will be especially prone to parasites.

Once you get tested and get answers, you can go from there. If you have SIBO, then following a low FODMAP diet may be for you. You can work with your doctor, nutritionist or a professional you trust to get on the right supplementation and/or medication or herbal remedies that will help with SIBO, candida, and parasites.

And let me tell you… if you’re experiencing any of the above, sugar is not your friend. Going sugar-free (during the healing process, not necessarily forever) is going to help you a lot with your gut issues. The great thing is, there are plenty of sugar-free treats like delicious Addictive Wellness chocolate (use code BLONDE for a discount), Eating Evolved midnight dark chocolate, nut butter with fruit, etc.

(When I say sugar-free, I don’t mean no fruit. I eat plenty of fruit in my own diet, I just don’t overdo it. I LOVE dates and bananas, but I can’t eat them all day long. I incorporate them mindfully so my candida and SIBO don’t get out of control and so I don’t feed the parasites. My favorites to incorporate throughout the day are blueberries as they are low glycemic, antioxidant rich, and delicious!)

Step number 4 is EAT ALL OF THE FIBER. I know for some people depending on how extreme your gut distress is, fiber can sometimes cause more harm than good so definitely listen to YOUR BODY, but for me specifically upping my fiber intake considerably has helped me a ton. Every day I start my morning with fiber powder in water from the amazing spa I went to in Palm Springs recently. I also add this fiber powder to my smoothies, and drink it throughout the day. I am telling you, my body thrives off of high fiber. (This is not sponsored at all I just want to share the love!)

In addition to the fiber powder I also eat a lot of fiber-rich foods like green veggies, almonds, blackberries, chia seeds, avocado, beans (when my stomach can handle them), and all fresh fruits and veggies.

Fiber helps me stay very regular which is very important because when I get constipated I blow up like a BALLOON and food starts to ferment in my body… not good. Because of Lyme I am naturally a very constipated person with very slow digestion, so I need this additional boost to help me out.

Speaking of staying regular, I also drink aloe juice every night, digestive teas (my favorite is Belly Comfort from Traditional Medicinals) nightly, and take magnesium, and Oxy-Powder which is oxygenated magnesium. You can find some of my favorite products here on my Amazon shop page. On the page you will find my fave magnesiums, teas, and organic aloe juice!

Ok so those are my top 5 tips, and a few more tips I have up my sleeve are…

DO YOU and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing / eating. STRESSING OUT about life causes stomach flares. When I am in a flare I make sure to get lost of rest, give my body a break from exercising, and sometimes I even intermittent fast or water fast (in extreme cases) to give my body a BREAK from digesting!

Step number 7 is to do regular coffee enemas and/or colonics. I have found extreme relief in both. And for a triple whammy for the enemas, I add chlorophyll and garlic powder as well. That triple whammy is something I learned about at the healing facility in Palm Springs and OMG, it stimulates everything, aids in releasing toxins, cleanses the system majorly, and the garlic kills parasites.

You can find my favorite enema kit(s) (I give you options!) on my Amazon shop page as well. You will also find the enema coffee that I prefer on the page. You can head to this blog post of mine to read more about coffee enemas, why I do them, and who they are good for.

As far as colonics, I get them every week in LA when my body is up to it. I say “when my body is up to it” because right now with hemorrhoids I have had to take a break from colonics. But most of the time it is an amazing healing tool in my toolkit and has provided me major relief from digestive issues, constipation, bloating, and helps in a major way to release toxins. It is important to find a practitioner that you love when doing colonics!

I prefer the “closed system” of colonics where there is a practitioner in the room with you, and I also find this is better for people who are prone to hemorrhoids because you don’t ever have to “push,” because all of the work is done by the practitioner and the releasing and insertion of water.

Step number 8 is food combining!! I always wanted to doubt this tip even though it’s incredibly important because I wanted to believe that by eating a super healthy, largely SOS-free plant-based diet I could bypass having to properly food combine. Well, I was wrong. Once I started food combining, MY LIFE CHANGED !!!

Food combining generally means sticking to a few different foods at once. For example, a big sandwich or burrito with 15 different ingredients is (sadly) the opposite of proper food combining. And HEY if you don’t have stomach issues, do your thing! But if you suffer the way I do, food combining can be crucial and super important when it comes to trying to feel better.

I generally stick to eating fruit BY ITSELF since it digests quicker than all other foods, I try not to eat nuts mostly on their own as well, and I try not to eat starches with proteins. Keeping my fats (even the healthiest of fats) to a minimum has been a game changer for me. Eating a raw salad before a meal will help prime your stomach for digestion. And I never drink water with food, I drink it 15-30 minutes prior to a meal and I stay super hydrated all day.

Step 9 is eating “light to heavy,” which is a tip I got from my Human Design guru / dear friend Jenna Zoe! That means eating lighter meals earlier in the day (juices, fruit, veggies), and eating heavier meals later in the day. That has worked wonders for my digestion. Waking up and drinking warm water with lemon, a green juice, and a smoothie is my go-to, and then eating heavier and bigger meals later on in the day.

And finally, step 10 is incorporating lots of probiotics, digestive enzymes, water, and lemon water into my diet. I take Silver Fern Brand probiotics & digestive enzymes (use the code BLONDE here for 15% off) and they have been a massive game changer. I take enzymes with every meal (3-5) and probiotics every morning. I start every day with warm water & lemon!

If this all sounds like a lot to you, I get it. It is a lot. But when you’re living with debilitating pain and bloating and constipation and health issues on top of gut issues which cause other issues like skin problems etc. (the whole 9 yards) it is all VERY worth it. If you’re reading this post then you can probably relate to feeling like you would do absolutely anything to feel better, like me.

And living this way is fun!! It is FUN to feel good and healthy and vibrant in your own skin. Beyond!!

P.S. Linking the parasite herbs & candida support supplements I have been using on my Amazon page too! So important to kill those parasites if you have them !!!!

Now for the Hemorrhoid Tips… Oh Boy!

Ok yes, suffering from hemorrhoids is NO FREAKIN’ JOKE, you guys.

Especially when they become thrombosed!! Nothing in the world is more painful, in my opinion. I have had major uterine surgery, suffered from Lyme disease, had major concussions, sprained my wrist, the list goes on… and I can honestly say that NOTHING has been as severely painful as these thrombosed hemorrhoids, which is when a blood clot occurrs in one (0r more) hemorrhoids in your body stopping the blood from flowing through.

It basically feels like you have a knife up your butt, for lack of a more ladylike explanation. The severity of mine lasted for about 3 days before the pain started to go down, but I will share with you what I found to help ease the pain…

The first thing I did to help ease the pain was… soak in the bath! It’s best to soak in Epsom salt or in a Sitz bath (a little bathtub made specifically for hemorrhoids that goes directly over the toilet) because sometimes you can’t even sit in a bath because the pain is so bad and you don’t want to put any pressure on it. I added the Sitz baths and soaks to my Amazon shop page too! The Epsom salts I used also had lavender which was very calming.

The next thing is… stay off of your feet! I swear, when I was walking around or even standing I felt the SEVERE pain of the hemorrhoids tenfold. But when I laid down in bed or on the couch the pain would go down. I know it’s not always possible to spend a day or two in bed, but if you’re suffering from severe hemorrhoids and the pain associated with them then I highly recommend it.

Over the counter creams & suppositories like Preparation H, Preparation H cooling gel, medicated suppositories, and Tucks ointment / wipes are very helpful. I know, I usually do everything as naturally and holistically as possible but when you’re in pain, DO WHAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER. My hemorrhoids appeared on a Friday so I didn’t have access to any doctors or pharmacies until Monday, and I was in urgent need of relief. These creams helped although I won’t say they made a massive change but the relief was necessary.

CBD & CBD SUPPOSITORIES! YES, this is a thing! I upped my CBD intake when I was in severe pain and it definitely helped me. I love Medterra CBD & also Cured Nutrition CBD. You can use the code BLONDE with both of them for a discount. I also got a very high dose of CBD from a pharmacist who works with my doctor to deal with the more acute pain and it’s really been helping. Similarly, CBD suppositories have been an absolute game changer. I got them from a very specific pharmacist and I am sure you could find them in the same way. I am telling you, GAME CHANGER. CBD works wonders.

I also got medicated suppositories prescribed by my doctor that have different herbs in them like marshmallow root, aloe vera, and other natural herbal remedies.

Soaking in witch hazel & using witch hazel compresses! You can find my favorite organic witch hazel on my Amazon shop page, and you can just soak some cotton balls in witch hazel and place them on the affected area. For this I would lay on my stomach so I wasn’t laying and putting more pressure on the hemorrhoids while they soaked.

I also also heard that tea tree oil has a similar effect but I have not personally tried that yet!

ALL THINGS ALOE are great, and you will find aloe in most of the creams & herbal remedies & suppositories for hemorrhoids.

Overall, hemorrhoids are mostly caused by a change in bowl movements, so either extreme constipation or the other end of the spectrum. Some people are more prone to them due to family history… including me!

So you want to stay regular by eating lots of fiber, drinking aloe, taking magnesium, and letting things flow through without pushing too hard.

Taking a break from colonics and enemas during this time is definitely beneficial.

Staying HYDRATED helps a ton with all G.I. issues, so I have been upping my hydration game with these hemorrhoids.

As always, REST & living as stress-free as possible is important. No exercise, no heavy lifting.

In conclusion…

Whenever something like a hemorrhoid or IBS pops up, it is your body telling you to tune in and live more mindfully.

Even if you feel you are also super conscious and mindful of living a healthy life, sometimes it still means you haven’t found your ideal formula yet — or maybe your body is just going through something!

Take this time to give yourself extra love, extra rest, and extra TLC.

Avoid the foods you know trigger your symptoms. Make sure you’re waiting at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast to give your digestive system a break. And BREAAATHE deeply, chewing your food mindfully and turning off your phone during meals.

I always thank my body when something specific like this pops up, because it is my body’s way of speaking to me and letting me know what’s going on inside.

Rest and digest and staying out of fight or flight is important, and find what works for you!

I hope this post was helpful!

And I do hope you join us in waking back up to your own soul, the course! Just a few more short days to sign up. You will also be eligible for fun, big giveaways with brands like Philosophie, REBBL, Four Sigmatic, Beauty Bar Chocolate, & MORE!

Any stomach / IBS / hemorrhoid questions? Leave them below! All my love!