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Where Energy Goes, Energy Flows…! & Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs

July 17, 2019

Where we put attention in our lives is where our energy flows, it’s simple as that.

If you want to attract a loving partner in your life, putting more love into yourself, into those around you, and into your entire auric field will set you up to attract that love right back to you.

If you want to attract more money and abundance in your life, treating your life as if you are already abundant and knowing that more abundance is on its way is exactly the way to do that.

For example, if you’re looking to call in a job where you are highly paid and doing what you love, pinching every penny and complaining about not having enough of this or that is not the way to attract abundance.

Saving mindfully and spending money on yourself when it comes to things you feel in your heart will truly enhance your life IS the way to attract abundance.

If you are looking for more peace in your life, doing things that bring you peace and calm are the ways to do that — more yoga, more baths, more solo walks, more chill time. Not cramming your life with more and more things because you’re afraid to say no to people.

Trust me… I have been there! I have done ALL of this, experienced the high highs and low lows of never, ever putting myself first. Spoiler alert — there were not a lot of high highs, except for the fleeting moments of making other people happy and convincing myself that being liked was what mattered most in life.

Newsflash — you can make others happy while also nourishing yourself from the inside out. If you are not happy, peaceful, abundant, blissful, content, confident, in the flow, and in your power, chances are you will not radiate any of those high vibrations outward. The true key to making others happy is leading by example. Putting YOU first is first and foremost the key to all happiness & high vibrational living.

Yesterday in Beverly Hills wearing head to toe Anine Bing en route to the Dental Surgeon for my soon-to-be Lyme cavitation surgery <3

Story Time!

I’m going to share a story with you about a beautiful soul who signed up for my course even though she felt she didn’t have the abundance of funds right now to do so.

Here is a message I got from her earlier today:

“I wanted to share this – I’ve been working through lack mentality specifically surrounding finances. When I heard about your course my soul immediately said YES but my patterning said “not right now” (I don’t have enough money). Something really spoke to me and told me to dive in. So I listened.

Well since I’ve signed up I have manifested over $333 without even trying that hard!! So basically I made all the money back and then some. I’m so grateful and SO excited to see what else manifests from this magical course. Thank you Jordan 🙏🏽 much love.”

I mean… how’s THAT for a law of attraction manifestation story?! And EASY PEASY… all she has done so far is commit to the course & commit to herself in the process!

When you pour energy into yourself, you are giving the universe the signal to pour that energy into you and what you desire.

When you let go of your old stories, habits, and patterninsg i.e. “not right now” or “I will do this when I have X amount in my back account,” etc. etc. you are just perpetuating the limiting beliefs that will continue to hold you back even when you do have what you think you need now.

The truth is, money is energy.

Love is energy.

Peace is energy.

Confidence is energy.

Pouring into your cup is ENERGY.

You radiate your own energy all day every day. Every choice you make, every decision, every interaction in your day accumulates and sends the universe a message about how to exchange energy with you.

Now, I am not saying use energy as an excuse to be reckless and put yourself in a position where you can’t pay your rent — but I am willing to bet, most of us are not in that position imminently and we are simply holding onto limiting beliefs that no longer belong to us.

I am also not talking about running out and buying new clothes (unless they’ll make you feel fierce AF, then do it if you can) — I am talking about investing in things that will enhance your LIFE. A gym membership, a yoga studio membership, therapy, supplements, acupuncture, or a course that will shift your life.

Right now I am working to let go of my own personal limiting beliefs that I am sick, I am fragile, and I cannot heal.

In my heart I know I can heal.

My soul and my spirit know I can heal too.

But my body has so much trouble believing it because of the pain I have been through for the last few years — and the belief for my entire life that I am sick & I am not “normal” because I am so, so sensitive.

I have had to do more major rewiring of my brain to let go of those limiting beliefs, annnnnd part of that has been: healing my lifelong relationship with my body and soul, healing my relationship with my lineage (and healing parts of my lineage that I came here to karmically correct), meditating daily, intention setting, working with a mantra, and reminding myself every single day that I AM A BAD ASS, I AM POWERFUL, & my healing is unstoppable.

So if you want to be like the beautiful soul above who joined my course and manifested the $333 (AND THEN SOME) back right away, or like me and begin to rewire your brain to know that you are healing and you are powerful…. join us here.

And if you want to join and are interested in the payment plan option (I recommend this if you cannot afford the full price rate, but you will be getting the course weekly rather than all at once if that matters to you!), head here.

Would love more than anything to have you on this journey with us. The cart will be open until 7/22… 5 days!

Leave any questions you may have below!