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Sundays Are for Lovers & Our Full Wedding Planning Weekend!

September 22, 2019

Hey guys! How is everyone on this beautiful Sunday?! It’s been a while since I’ve done a straight up weekend recap post & I’m really feeling it today.

Maybe it’s the coconut latte I’m sipping on from the farmer’s market or maybe it’s the healing benefits I have been feeling from stem cells lately, but I am feeling so focused and good today and it feels like such a blessing.

I wanted to share some wedding planning updates with you guys (!!!!) plus a typical Sunday morning in the life right now. Sunday mornings in our world = farmer’s market, get all the goodies, walk the hood and hang with my parents, then home to make a fresh yummy meal.

Annnnd, this post was written in partnership with the fabulous Everlane– my favorite ethical clothing brand that recently opened a store in LA. I love their motto of RADICAL TRANSPARENCY- they share how much it costs to make their clothes with their customers & they keep prices affordable for how great their quality is. I am a huge, huge fan & so happy to share this brand with you guys.

Today was the best because I ACTUALLY got Jonathan to match with me- LOL. I am so obsessed with these Tread Sneakers from Everlane I had to get a pair for both of us. 😉 In the same color though, you know? Because every dude wants to match with his fiancé (almost wiiiiife) at the farmer’s market!

I mean… how cute are these? I’m wearing the Tread in optic white (so chic & cute), and he is wearing the same in the men’s version! I love that Everlane is so versatile for both men & women, and everything is so simple and comfy.

So let’s start with wedding planning updates!

Woo WOOOO! So we both have our bachelorette/bachelor parties in a week and a half. I am going to Tulum with 10 of my best friends, and he is going to Mexico City with his guys. We have been confirming all the last minute stuff for both of those weekends away & the wedding which is 6 weeks from YESTERDAY. AHHH!

Yesterday I went shopping with my fam & our 3 adorable flower girls- our niece Kealey (my brother’s daughter), our niece Chloe (Jonathan’s brothers daughter), and my cousin’s daughter Sloane! THEY WERE SO FREAKIN CUTE. I will share photos from that soon… but for now we want to keep their dresses a full surprise for the wedding. 😉

Last night we got in bed early and went over the ceremony prompts from our amazing officiant Nicola (you can hear her on this episode of my podcast if you haven’t yet- she’s unreal). We both have to fill those out and finish writing our vows… and I ordered us the cutest vow books to handwrite them in.

It’s all starting to feel so real. When we picked our wedding date over a year ago, I felt like we had worlds of time. November is approaching so fast and honestly I just feel excited. Not nervous, but yes a little stressed. But mostly excited. AND EXCITED FOR OUR BALI HONEYMOON.

Cannot wait to take you guys along for the whole ride. But because the wedding is so soon, I have been taking FULL ADVANTAGE of wearing WHITE everywhere! So this head to toe white Everlane get up had me feeling all sorts of happy.

Easy Like Sunday Morning…

So this Sunday morning started like all Sunday mornings around here when we’re in town- we met my parents downstairs (because we all live in the same building, which is so fun) to head to the farmer’s market for some fresh produce & all the good stuff.

Also, today is my nanny’s 81st birthday (!!!!), the nanny who I always call my “second mom” because she was with us starting when I was an infant all the way through 12 years old. And it just so happens we got to go to the farmer’s market with her granddaughter Rachel, who is like a sister to me, who was in town from SF. So it was an amazing morning all around & just what I needed after a few days of not feeling my best.

Every Sunday we like to peruse the plants & I usually convince J to let me bring home another one (I say “let me” because he always ends up taking care of them… he is such a good plant dad. I’m kinda the worst, but I try) so today we got this little guy in the cutest pink pot. Here I am wearing the Everlane straight legged crop which I AM SO OBSESSED WITH- so comfy and fits my body in all the right places. And also this white button down which I am equally loving right now. J is wearing this hoodie, and these shorts which FIT HIM TO PERFECTION.

I need a show of hands, who else loves to match with their s/o? These are J’s shoes, and these are mine. If you have someone in your life you love to match with, you guys need.

OKAY SO if you ever go to the Brentwood farmer’s market, here is what you need to try:

+ the COCONUT WATER made in Malibu that is truly heavenly and tastes like a fresh coconut on the beach in Hawaii.

+ the SPIRULINA green juices made locally that are full of kale, ginger, spinach, lemon, and all the good stuff.

+ FRESH HERBS! they Brentwood farmer’s market brings in the best farmer’s from all over So Cal for herbs and produce. We always load up on cilantro because between the two of us we go through tons of it. We also like to use it in place of lettuce for salads!

+ all of the HUMMUS stands & dips! Jonathan has tons of favorites, and even though I can’t really do beans right now, they are some of my favorite tasting things in the world.

+ the KOREAN STAND for the best soy-free tempeh in the game, I’ve been buying it since college and it’s heaven on earth, so good for salads, stir fries, etc.

+ ZUCCHINI ! CUCUMBERS ! CARROTS ! KALE ! Whatever veggies you love that are in season, because these are so much fresher and more delicious than anything you’ll find at a grocery store.

+ Flowers…. OMG the flowers. I usually go for sunflowers, but they have gorgeous orchids and so many other plants and succulents that are amazing.

+ Vegan cheese, Ayurvedic breads, gluten-free bagels, all the gluten-free goodies for that matter, and these amazing vegan / g-free PB chocolate chip cookies.

And it’s always a fun time to go with people you love or catch up with friends. It’s truly the highlight of my week every time we make it there. To be out in the sunshine, shopping for local food, I mean call me a nerd but it’s literally my favorite thing in the world.

For the rest of the day we will be home relaxing and making yummy food, and tonight we’ll be heading to the valley to celebrate Rosh Hashana (a week early) with my fam.

I am so grateful to be feeling well enough to be out and about this weekend, truly. After so long of being in bed on Sundays and unable to go to my fave place in the world (farmer’s market) it feels truly… surreal to be moving around again and doing what I love.

AND I am so in love with these Everlane clothes, and especially their new Treads. You can shop this entire post at the bottom, and I hope you do- supporting ethical brands has made shopping & embracing fashion so much more fun for me.

Also, for my fellow chronic illness warriors, dressing up and feeling cute is truly one of the best medicines I have found. I am so grateful for Everlane & this opportunity to work with a brand I love so much- ethical, transparent, sustainable, and the best quality.

Lastly… SUNDAYS ARE FOR LOVERS, so squeeze the one(s) you love extra tight today and take some time off- you deserve it.

What else has everyone been up to this weekend? I would absolutely love to hear. What other wedding planning goodness to you want to hear?! How are you feeling? Let’s get a convo going down below. MUAH !