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September 14, 2019

Helllooo, hello! I wrote this on the plane to Maui last week which is truly my favorite time to write — airplane vibes. No WiFi, no distractions, that intermittent fasting alertness — it’s my true heaven.

Now I am back in LA and I am seriously high off of good vibes after last night’s guided meditation & soul gazing workshop I hosted in Venice. I have shied away from hosting many events this year due to my health, but they really revive my soul in a huge way. I think next year will be my year of more IRL events again… what cities should I come to?! Tell me in the comments below. 🙂 🙂

Today I wanted to answer a question that I have been getting asked all of the time lately- “What are you doing that’s working in your healing journey?”

Just to recap in case you are new to my blog, I have Lyme disease and multiple co-infections. About two years ago I had an extreme Lyme flare up due to living in a moldy apartment and also most likely getting reinfected with Lyme. For the last two years I have been detoxing from mold, treating Lyme, and doing everything that I can to heal. You can read my diagnosis post here.

I have tried a LOT of things over the last year and a half of healing & we will get into all of it. I mean… mostly all of it. There is so much to share I will need to write a book (and I want to, and I’ve begun, so it will happen!) but we can touch on the basics here and I really hope they can help you or someone you know & love.

The other most common question I get lately is- “How do you feel now?”  The answer to that is tricky. Lyme disease is frustrating and confusing because… you feel quite different every day. I will have days or even weeks where I feel amazing (amazing for me, at least) and then other days and weeks where I feel SCUM of the earth exhaustion, crippling pain, debilitating brain fog, and am completely bedridden.

That’s why Lyme is so CONFUSING! I am glad that I have a strong backbone from being on the internet for so many years otherwise it would be tougher to share this journey because it’s such a misunderstood disease. Even when I am feeling pretty good, there are many things I cannot or should not do. I need to rest, take a trillion supplements, and stay majorly on top of my routines and best healing practices in order to feel even halfway decent most days.

It’s a rough journey. And planning a wedding (that is now officially two months away from yesterday- and now as of the publishing of this blog date, 49 days away!!!!) on top of it surely has been a lot. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world, because it has taught me a universe of knowledge and compassion. It has woken me up spiritually, and has realigned me with who I am at my core. I am beyond grateful for it all even when I have been so low I’ve wanted to die / felt like I was dying.

I could truly go on forever, so without beating around the bush, let’s just get right into what has helped me! This is in no particular order but you’ll see that I have given everything a RATING, on a scale of 1-10. 10 means it has helped me the most. I’ve left out anything that doesn’t really help so don’t worry, this list is only the good stuff!

STEM CELLS- On my list, this is definitely a 10+. Stem cells have helped me immeasurably. I do umbilical cord stems from a newborn baby and I get them injected intravenously once a month. I have done them about 5 times now, as my Lyme doctor wanted me to start stems after we significantly reduced my toxic load for about a year so I would be able to get the best benefits from them. Honestly, I feel like they’ve changed my life. They’ve given me my energy back (most days, at least)!

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, so of course these healthy cells that are injected by the millions (and then they multiply by the millions once they’re in our bloodstream) work wonders for our bodies. Stems are also incredibly anti-aging and have a variety of preventative health benefits beyond treating Lyme and co-infections. The only downside is that they are VERY costly (kind of like all Lyme treatment, sadly) but if you’re going to spend your money on one treatment and one treatment only… I would say do it on stems. But especially once your toxic load is low enough to really reap the benefits.

IV OZONE- I would give ozone an 8 or 9 on my list. I know that it has significantly lowered my toxic load over the last year and a half, but the reason it’s not a full 10 is because I always herx so bad after ozone it just makes it such a miserable experience. If you’re going to do ozone, I would say work your way up to ten passes so you can do ten pass ozone and really set yourself up to receive the most benefits. The process cleans yours blood (and yes, takes it out of your body… it’s intense and not for the faint of heart) with fresh ozone and then the blood is put back into your body. With ten passes, it’s done ten times!

The biggest downside of it for me is that my veins are always in a lot of pain afterward. But if your body is swimming with Lyme and mold and co-infections, ozone is an extremely effective and cutting edge way to kill those unwanted bugs and microbes. I highly recommend it.

IV ANTIBITOICS- These get an 8 on my rating list — they’re high up there! I was determined to treat Lyme as naturally as possible, but after about 10 months of treatment with what felt like zero improvement I knew my body needed a big boost. I started doing IV Rocephin (an antibiotic) 3 times a week for about 6 weeks, then again several months later for several more weeks. I prefer IV antibiotics because they go straight into your bloodstream and they bypass the gut so they present less stomach issues than oral antibiotics. But, they’re still antibiotics and my personal opinion is to use them as sparingly as possible. I also just started another IV antibiotic (can’t remember the name right now) after my cavitation surgery because my recovery has been so brutal, and it has seemed to help me a lot. I think if you’re very very ill (as most of us with Lyme are), antibiotics can help get you over the hump.

HYPERBARIC CHAMBER- I would give this a 7. I know it helps a lot, mostly because whenever I go in it I get very drowsy and tend to fall asleep which NEVER happens for me, so I know it works wonders on my nervous system. Also, hyperbaric chambers are a completely different air pressure that aids in healing. I like to do it on the same day I do ozone since they’re both pretty time consuming and I can spend the whole afternoon doing treatment rather than splitting it up onto different days.

SOS-FREE PLANT BASED DIET- Whether you enjoy a plant-based diet or something different, an anti-inflammatory diet of any kind is EXTREMELY important during healing. My body really thrives off of a salt, oil, sugar-free plant-based diet. That is when I experience the least amount of joint pain, brain fog, exhaustion, gut issues, and Lyme symptoms overall. I was extremely rigorous with SOS-free for about a year, and recently have been a BIT more lenient just for the sake of living life. But I have to stress, when I am fully SOS-free and plant-based I feel my absolute best. Listen to your body and find what works for you, whether it be plants or autoimmune paleo or whatever suits you. I give my anti-inflammatory diet a 10++++ on my list…. like a 25 out of 10, truly. You can read more about that here!

WATER FASTING- I have water fasted twice and have written about it a bunch, so you can head here to read about it! This gets a 10 on my list too. When I head head to toe eczema and did extended medically guided water fasting, it was the ONLY thing that made the rashes go away… after a YEAR of daily intense suffering. Fasting is not for everyone but there is fascinating research about the anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, cancer killing benefits, and more. Putting our bodies into a state of rest and digest rather than fight or flight is extremely important. Our bodies are designed for periodic fasts. I am a huge, huge fan. But again, not for everyone! Do YOU. I am sharing what has worked for me. 🙂 You can read more about water fasting here.

CELERY JUICE- Another 10+ on my list. I know there are a lot of celery juice haters out there, because the Medical Medium gets his info from Spirit! 😉 How about what works for someone, just WORKS for them?! Obviously I am into communicating with spirits but I know that’s not for everyone. Celery juice has been amazing for me. Flooding my body with fresh green enzymes and hydrating nutrients first thing in the morning has cleared up my skin, given me energy, helped my digestion, and helped my symptoms overall. The Medical Medium now has a full book out about it if you want to read! If you’re not a celery person, I think a green juice in the morning is another amazing thing you can do for yourself but celery is top notch. (Water with lemon is another amazing way to start your day, pre or post celery juice!)

MEDICAL MEDIUM SUPPLEMENTS- I just have to say, even though I am a huge fan of the Medical Medium supplement regime and Anthony as a person, I am not in agreement with him about the way Lyme disease is contracted. We can get into that another day. Supplements he has recommended for Lyme range from L-lysine, to Zinc, to Magnesium, to Iodine, and more have worked really well for me. His whole theory is to do everything we can to boost our immune systems to fight Lyme, and these supplements have been a game changer for me! There are a 9 or 10 on my list. This is the book I recommend from him (actually all of his books, but this is the best one to start with!!!!).

LYME SUPPLEMENTS- On top of those supps, I take a big range of supplements from my Lyme doctor that we are always switching up and rotating through. I take a variety of herbs from the brand Bryon White (like NT Detox, BT Detox, MC-BAB, A-BART, etc.) & many others that I honestly don’t remember all the names of which is fine because I would encourage you to seek a Lyme specialist who can help you find the right herbs and supplements for you! I also take a few hormones, like testosterone, pregnenolone & thyroid because my hormones have been so compromised by Lyme disease my body needs the extra support. These are definitely a 10, as these are the main way I treat Lyme on a DAILY basis and make me feel good about putting in the work every day (3x a day to be exact… it’s a full time job but it’s necessary).

IV KETAMINE- This is something I have only done twice, but it was AMAZING. This is a 10 on my list for anyone who has experienced hopelessness, suicidal thoughts due to Lyme, or anyone who is stuck on a negative feedback loop either cognitively or physically in the body. Sometimes when we are healing our bodies cannot even process that we are healing because we have been sick for so long, so ketamine can really help rewire the brain. After doing this and posting about it on IG, I learned that ketamine is also a party drug (lol I literally had no idea — and I used to be quite the club goer but was never, ever into hard drugs) so if you have a history with drug abuse or addiction you may not be the best candidate. However in a safe environment with a doctor I think ketamine is a GAME changer. Especially, like I said, for anyone who suffers from Lyme-related depression / anxiety. 

INFRARED SAUNA- This is a 10++++!!!! There’s a reason I bit the bullet and got one for our home. I was driving multiple times a week to HOLLYWOOD from Brentwood (anyone who is familiar with LA traffic knows what a commitment this is) so it was time to invest and make life easier on myself. And now I can use my sauna every day! I LOVE my Clearlight Sauna (you can use the code BLONDE at or simply tell them I sent you!) & also my Sunlighten solo pod sauna (you can also use the code BLONDE there!). Both will give you a great discount. Infrared penetrates deep into the body so you are sweating out toxins on a much deeper level than sweating from exercise or regular heat alone. Make sure you invest in a low EMF sauna if you get one (the two brands I mentioned are really the only two I trust) and take a binder like charcoal or clay (I love GI Detox specifically) to make sure you are binding something to the toxins to pull them out. This has helped me IMMEASURABLY!

COFFEE ENEMAS- Definitely another 10+. Can you tell I am only putting things I love on this list?! I started doing these about a year and a half ago to help detoxify and oh my goodness, they have helped so much. They’ve aided in clearing out my skin and help keep my digestion regular, detox my liver, and more. It’s also oddly therapeutic to me to go through the coffee enema ritual every morning… call me crazy. You can read all about my coffee enema details here!

COLONICS- Another 10+. My colonic hydrotherapist here in LA is an angel. Lyme has made me very backed up and I feel like I have had a cesspool of toxins and parasites living in my gut and colon for eons… it’s truly disgusting and colonics really help to get them out and get things moving. Some people may tell you colonics “get rid of the good gut bacteria” but in my opinion that is a myth and not something to be concerned about if you’re working with someone who knows what they are doing. I do them once a week, when I can!

NAD NASAL SPRAY- OMG. This stuff literally arrived at my house on accident (or maybe my Lyme doctor sent it without telling me first but either way it felt like a miracle) and it has been AMAZING. A definite 10. I spray it in my nose twice a day and it honestly goes straight to my brain, and I feel more clear within minutes. It’s semi scary how much it helps me because it means my brain has been so compromised by Lyme and mold, but it’s amazing how much it helps. DEFINITELY look into this one!

CAVITATION SURGERY- I wrote all about my Lyme cavitation surgery here, but I owe you guys an update! This was a brutal surgery, but this is a definite 10 and a must if you have cavitations as well (which you likely or definitely do if you’ve ever had your wisdom teeth or any teeth extracted and you suffer from Lyme). We found a MONSTROUS amount of bacteria in my mouth that was biopsied after the surgery, in all four wisdom teeth sites. I truly felt like I was dying for weeks after the surgery, it was AWFUL, but that’s because of the insane amount of bacteria my body was detoxing. I am so relieved to have it all out, and highly recommend even though it’s truly a lot to go through. More on that here!

FIBROID SURGERY- Another must for me. I would rate this more of a 5 or 6, honestly, because it was such a challenging surgery. It never sent me into a near death feeling / experience like the cavitation surgery, but it took me about 6 months to fully recover. I was in bed for weeks unable to even sit up on my own because my stomach muscles had been sliced open (not that different from a C-section). I couldn’t exercise again for many, many months and the difficulty of the recovery made me terribly weak. I still feel tenderness in my uterus. Oh, and the anesthesia sent my body into a very toxic state. Ultimately I am so glad the grapefruit-sized fibroid I had was taken out, but the whole experience was rather traumatizing for my body and very hard to deal with on top of Lyme. I have a YouTube video of the experience you can watch here!

BEE VENOM THERAPY- I haven’t started yet so I can’t give it a rating, but going off of what I have learned and have been told, it is a true healer of Lyme disease. It gives me so much hope. I plan to start after my wedding and will absolutely take you guys along for the ride. And yes… I will be stinging myself with bees! I will do anything… ANYTHINGGGG to feel better. (For great BVT content, check out @everydayexpert & @wellthybelly on IG!)

LOWERING MY STRESS- I mean this is a true 10+. This whole experience has taught me that I was taking on WAY TOO MUCH & living in a way that was not in alignment with my body’s needs or with true healing. It has reconnected me to nature (FOREST BATHING has been everything) and realigned me with my soul. Lowering stress, working less, awakening spiritually, learning to ask for help (both in work and in my closest relationships), has been everything. 

NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING- I have been doing this process with my friend Vanessa of Veeshoney and she is a godsend! I have been slacking on appointments lately but she has really helped me determine what my body is intolerant to right now, and got me on some great supplements to support my healing journey. I learned from this process that my body is not processing fruit sugars or grains well right now, which was good to know because I was basically eating both in abundance. Same with potatoes, and most starches. It’s hard because I love starches and I believe that carbs are very healthy and vital for energy, but the body doesn’t lie. I highly recommend this process… a 10/10! It’s truly just listening to our bodies.

ACUPUNCTURE / CUPPING- A 10+ for sure. I don’t go regularly enough but when I do, it makes a world of difference and helps my nervous system and body inside and out. Cupping releases so many toxins and is my favorite thing because its also so relaxing! I love going to Dr. Kara @ Aculand in Beverly Hills!

CHIROPRACTOR- Necessary for the pain and a 10+!!!! If you find a good one, they’ll change your world. Especially a holistic chiropractor who can muscle test you. I found out through the amazing chiro I have been working with that the three concussions I have had in my life have severely impacted my healing and cognitive function, and also that a trauma I went through when I was 16 affected my body on a deep cellular level. We are working on both right now and the process has been amazing.

MASSAGE- NECESSARY for the pain as my pain level is so high all of the time. I am grateful to have the luxury of getting frequent massages, and when I don’t, my body suffers. This is a 7 or 8 because while I love it and it’s a big part of my personal healing journey, there are other things that are definitely more vital on my list. If possible get LYMPHATIC MASSAGE to move the lymph around and drain toxins and stagnant energy.

LOVE & GOOD SLEEP!- 10+!!!!!! My fiance, friends and family have been my greatest healers. Surrendering to love and being taken care of, focusing on the energy and consciousness of love, and also getting GOOD SLEEP (I am talking like 10-12 hours most nights right now because my body is in a massive state of healing) has been everything.

HOT YOGA & EXERCISE- I wasn’t able to exercise for a long time, but now that I can again it has been the hugest improvement for my energy, body pain, sleep, and most of all my happiness. I MISSED ENDORPHINS. I was still sweating in my sauna, but there is something about really MOVING and getting your heart rate up that makes a world of difference. Plus, the heat at hot yoga helps me joint pain a ton and my body really thrives off of the stretching. This is a 10+ and beyond for me, and I am so grateful to be able to do it right now because for so long I wasn’t. If you don’t have the energy or the mobility, I understand — I see you. Even simple stretches in bed will really help! 

OKAYYYY, that is my list! And I could literally go on. When I say I have tried everything… I seriously have. Vitamin IVs, NAD drips, shamanic rituals, visualization on and on. And it’s all amazing. But this list above is what has helped me the MOST. I truly hope it can help you too. 

Leave any questions below and I would love to hear your journeys. Did I miss anything good?! Love you guys so much! Now off to enjoy the rest of the weekend… relaxation and lowering those stress levels galore. 🙂 Maui recap & guide coming soon!