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My Top 5 Tips for Spiritual Awakening 🔮

March 2, 2020

Helllo my loves! Happy Monday & new week! I have been loving the response to my last post on my psychic awakening journey, and with the relaunch of WAKING BACK UP TO YOUR OWN SOUL (!!!) in my brand new TBB Digital Store  I decided to do a post centered on my top 5 tips for spiritual awakening.

Keep in mind, we go wayyyy deeper into all of this in Waking Back Up to Your Soul, the 9 week audio course. We go deep, deep into ancestral healing, healing trauma, mending our relationship with our bodies, channeling angels/guides/ancestors/Pleiadians, working with the law of attraction, and so much more!

So for now to keep it SIMPLE & also introduce you to some of these topics, let’s get into my top 5 tips.

🔮 TBB’s Top 5 Tips for Spiritual Awakening 🔮 //

1. Start automatic writing. ✨

Okay, so automatic writing was a huge one for me when it comes to beginning to channel. I learned about it from the fabulous MaryAnn DiMarco, who has now been on TBB Podcast 3 times (with our fourth episode together coming out this week)! Automatic writing, also called spirit writing, is where you pose a question to an angel/ancestor/spirit guide on a piece of paper, and then as you continue to write they will start to produce the words through you. The words arise from a subconscious place, which can be anyone from your higher self to one of your angels who has passed on.

I know this can sound hard to do at first and may even seem impossible — trust me, when I first heard about it I felt that way. Which brings us to the next tip, which is a very important one… TRUST.

2. Have TRUST & faith in what you are hearing and experiencing.

This one is huge. I believe we are all deeply intuitive beings, and that we have simply become accustomed to tuning out the info and messages we receive because we haven’t been taught to believe that there is another realm. I never in my life would have believed that so much of the information that comes into my head is not from my brain alone — it’s from the cosmos, the universe, my higher self speaking to me from a higher dimension, as well as angels who have passed on.

When you begin automatic writing, or doing something that helps strengthen your connection like meditation/yoga/etc, trusting the messages that come through will be a huge piece of the puzzle. I love to have a mentor around (someone who is very psychically or intuitively open) to help me confirm what I am hearing, seeing, and feeling. I have a few spiritual mentors who have been invaluable to me on this path. But beyond what they confirm, trusting myself is HUGE and this will be huge for you too.

A few ways to strengthen that trust are… to know and believe in your core that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Of course there is more out there, beyond us, and just maybe there are spirits trying to get in touch with us to help us grow, evolve, and bring our dreams to light. Also, PRACTICE. The more we practice the easier it gets, and the easier trusting itself will get.

3. Take more alone time and down time to tune into what you are beginning to hear.

This is huge! I often find myself “numbing out,” a.k.a stacking my social calendar and plans to no end so that I will just be going, going, going, doing, doing, doing and not have to actually sit and do the work of opening up. If we do not give the universe the message that we are open for business or that we are taking the time to listen — the messages will be very hard to hear or they won’t come through at all. This is why you’ll often hear skeptics saying this stuff just can’t be real, because they have never given themselves the space (or the belief) to experience it so for them — it’s very much not real.

A few things that I work into my schedule to make sure I am having that down time I need are walks outside (nature always helps the most), energy work (reiki, body work, massage, tarot, working with mediums), yoga/exercise, meditation, journaling, and alone time without my phone throughout my day. It’s easy to numb out and either make sure we are NEVER alone (even if that just means mindlessly scrolling Instagram) or numb out in other ways, like through food, alcohol, obsessing over our image, or any other addiction/obsession. I truly believe all of these things are distractions to the truth of what is real — and being alone, taking that TIME, is so important.

4. Find an outlet for you that helps you strengthen those intuitive messages.

The first outlet for me to help me strengthen my intuition was kundalini yoga. It was the first experience I ever had of having a vision of my near future that actually came to fruition. Then I started receiving more and more visions, images and downloads in kundalini. Those experiences helped strengthen my trust muscle, and also made channeling in my daily life more doable and eventually more powerful.

Other outlets that have helped me a lot are reiki, being outside in nature, meditation (there are 9 meditations in Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul that I hope you will love!), surrounding myself with high vibe people, yoga, micro dosing, plant medicine, and spending time around other psychic, intuitive humans.

5. Know that words turn into THINGS, and keep the power of the Law of Attraction in mind.

Watch what you say, because what we speak holds so much more power than we know (similar to what we think!!). If you find yourself saying, “I am not intuitive, I could never channel,” then you’re sending the universe the clear message that you don’t believe you could ever channel. So you probably won’t start channeling. Speak positive mantras and words aloud to help strengthen your connection to the universe and beyond, and see what starts to unfold. Try saying, “I am powerful beyond my wildest dreams, and I am open to channeling anything that wants to come through.” Also, picture yourself surrounded in white light to ensure that only positivity is coming through when you show the universe that you are OPEN for messages!

The Law of Attraction is huge — what we vibrate and put out into the world, we receive back from the universe tenfold. When you radiate positivity, kindness, belief, and HIGH vibrations — you will receive them back. When you radiate the opposite, that is what you will receive.

Also… eat high vibe, plant based foods from the earth! They will CHAAAANGE your life and open you up so, so, so magically and deeply.

I am SUPERRRR thrilled that Waking Back Up To Your Soul is now LIVE again for the first time since September! Sharing this soul deep work with you is what I came to this earth to do, I am beyond sure of that. We go so, so deep into all of this spiritual awakening goodness in the course, and while it’s created in a 9 week format you can TAKE YOUR TIME and do it at your own pace! We have course members who began last summer who are still working their way through, and coming back to it time and time again. AND the meditations live completely on their own in the course and can be done at any time (only 15 mins each).

Consider it a psychic bootcamp for your soul. 😉

So, so thrilled to share this with you! You guys are the absolute best. Would love your thoughts, ideas, and experiences below! Also LMK if you have any questions about the COURSE or the new TBB Digital Store! So excited about it all. XO