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August 12, 2020

GUYS! Tomorrow is going to be so, so much fun. I have fully been stepping into a new realm, a space where I feel so comfortable and alive being FULLY ME, basically the soul on fire life I talk about in every podcast episode, every blog post, every IRL conversation my loved ones have with me… you get it. And I am so excited to share so many of my findings & musings with you, all about waking up and tapping into our soul’s truest essence.

My spiritual awakening…

It’s interesting to look back on the last three years and witness my awakening journey from a bird’s eye view. I always say I am the type of person who moves so fast. I like to try to “master” things overnight (which of course is silly because it takes years to become a master at something… if ever) and sometimes I can even convince myself that just because I want to, I can.

But waking up to my own soul and my spiritual and psychic gifts has really been a slow roll. I awakened super fast initially, three summers ago (starting in June 2017) but then I got really chronically ill for many years because I took it way too fast. My mind and soul went to a place my human body just couldn’t get down with.

I was living in the clouds and this magical, pastel, heaven-land type of place, channeling and micro-dosing and learning SO MUCH and my human body was like, “HANG ON!! This hurts!! Everything hurts! The earth is HAAAARD — reality sucks, pain sucks, the way food makes you feel sucks, people being so mean and unfair to each other sucks, the state of the world sucks, pollution and global warming sucks, hurt feelings suck, everything sucks… let’s develop full body hives and extreme chronic fatigue to shut out from this insane, painful, cruel and harsh world.”

In one way you could look at that pain that I’ve experienced as a curse. Something awful that you wouldn’t wish on your worse enemy. But I like to view it as a gift. My soul knew, my angels knew, my spirits and higher self knew, in essence I knew that I needed to go slow with this. So I got sick. But we get sick to become extraordinarily healthy and healed  in the most beautiful of ways.

If I was going to shift my entire perspective and viewpoints about this earthly reality and life in this human body then I was going to have to take it one step at a time, and my life was going to have to slowly but surely overhaul in order to line up with these new beliefs.

Can you imagine if I had just accepted all these new beliefs as my complete reality OVERNIGHT? It’s tough because you can’t unsee what you’ve seen. And that experience that I had in June 2017 of seeing shape shifting (listen to today’s solo podcast episode to learn all about this) and then having multiple ongoing psychic visions in kundalini classes that kept coming true, it changed everything for me and I really couldn’t unsee it.

But my life itself had to do a slow overhaul. I had to slow the F down. I had to stop working so much so I could really see and embrace the beauty around me. I had to stop feeling like a victim in certain relationships / situations and understand that the way I feel about anyone else is simply a reflection of myself. I had to forgive, forgive, forgive — others and myself. And I had to accept a lot of things about the world, pain, and then some in order to tap into a lighter, happier frequency that I so deserved to live and experience.

So my friends, this is what we are going to be talking about in tomorrow’s live channeling webinar, all about 5D consciousness, ascending, spiritual awakening, learning to live a high vibe life, learning to wake back up to our own soul, and tap into the inner magic we all have within us. I will also be channeling the Pleiadians LIVE! For more on what that means, listen to today’s solo podcast ep.

Our planet is experiencing rapid ascension to a more loving, high vibrational 5D consciousness. It also may be causing anxiety or unease for those of us who are on the brink or in the midst of huge awakening — and this FREE live Higher Dimension Channeling & Group Healing Experience is going to go into tips to let go of this unease and surrender to experience this ascension with ease. We will talk waking up and how you can join me on this magical journey to becoming more awake + happy + myself every single day.

Lastly… I will be making a huge, huge, huge announcement in this webinar that you won’t want to miss. It’s tomorrow at 5pm PST on Zoom, and if you can’t join us live then YES there will be a replay link but only for those who sign up for the webinar!! You can find more info on the live event here, it’s totally free and I want you there. Your soul wants you there. It’s a win-win, my loves.