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Ascending to 5D, Shedding Old Layers, & A GROUP HEALING EXPERIENCE!

August 14, 2020

My loves! I have a super, extremely exciting announcement for you guys. Probably (okay definitely) my most exciting announcement of 2020.

I am reopening my group spiritual awakening course & leading you guys through it LIVE (!!) for the first time since last summer. I will also be doing the course alongside of you, we will have 3 live calls for live Q&A and sharing plus live channeling, and you will have access to a private Facebook group where you will also receive an accountability partner if you so choose.

If you have been considering doing Waking Back Up to Your Own Soul, now is the tiiiime. For so many reasons. You will have the community and love of going through the course as a collective together, and the deep support and intimate connection of the live video calls with me we will have throughout.

The reason I reopened the course in this very special way is because I was deep in meditation last week (I was doing Jake Woodard’s Upgrade Ascension meditation on YouTube), laying on my Pranamat, microdosing plant medicine (just going to be real with you guys here), and I had one of the strongest, most vivid, most intense visions I have had in a long time. It came to me loud and clear, with so much light and guidance from above.

In the vision I saw myself going through the course and basically seeing the content of the course having a whole new effect on me. I channeled this course last summer after a very magical series of Ayahuasca ceremonies, so when this course came through me I was living in a fully 5D world. I wasn’t quite back on this earth yet, so the contents of this course will also hold lots of little gems and surprises for me.

When I saw myself doing it, I saw that there was a beautiful group of beings surrounding me — both humans and light beings, because of course we will be supported and joined by all of our angels and guides from above. This was HUGE. I saw it being a really earth shattering experience for me and for all who join, because the new wisdom and insights I have gleaned over the last year and a half are absolutely wild. I feel like I am nearing more and more of a full-time fifth dimensional consciousness (there is always more room to grow and ascend from there, too) and leaving the pain, physical illness, and challenges of the 3D world behind me.

This 3D world that we live in, and to be specific this planet that we live on, is calling on us light workers to wake up. There is SO much work to be done. And when we awaken, we will also be living in our light and our beauty, so we will naturally manifest with ease and tap into what we most want in life — whether that be the career of our dreams, the relationship of our dreams, the healing we so desire and deserve, or a psychic awakening.

ANYTHING is possible you guys!! That is the wild thing about 5D!! 5D is a dimension beyond linear time and space, so we can access all sorts of different timelines and realities. It is so exciting. It is an absence of pain and fear, it is the ultimate high vibrational frequency.

So I am sure you are asking yourself now, why am I not there yet and how can I get there!??! I GOT YOU! Last night on our live webinar, I asked the participants to rate themselves 1-10 on how in alignment they feel with their highest selves and in essence with their 5D nature. Now I will ask you to do the same — where do you feel like you land?

For the record, most days lately I am about a 9. Sometimes I am a 10, and sometimes I feel really low vibe like a 5, and I know I have a lot of work to do that day. That’s the thing, this spiritual practice, it is a daily practice, a daily awakening, a deep inner guidance system of the highest degree.

The thing is, before the higher self can be fully anchored into the physical body, the healing of all bodies (the mental, the emotional and the physical, healing = remembering our wholeness) has to be completed. THAT IS WHAT I WILL TEACH YOU IN THIS COURSE! EEEK!

I also want to be really clear: I am not your guru or even your teacher — I am simply a guide for you to wake back up to your inner nature, and you will be teaching yourself. We are all our own teacher. That is what is so exciting. We already know all of the beauty that IS… the beauty that lives inside of us, the magic. We simply are being called to wake BACK up to this beauty inside!!

So… Why Now?!

That is an amazing question. You have probably noticed that things on our earth are really precarious right now. Everywhere from our collective health (COVID) to our collective power center (government) to our beautiful earth and nature (pollution, global warming, smog, deforestation), physical health (chronic illness epidemics) and beyond… we are being shown that SOMETHING is not right. Something is really, really not right.

I believe that is because so many of us light workers and star seeds are being called to wake back up. Our higher selves are slipping in and out before they are able to really stick and live here permanently. You will know and feel when your higher self is fully integrated, because you will feel perpetually in the flow. It will not all be roses all the time (we are still human), but you will never forget that we are all one. We live in a place of oneness, where we are connected to all, and we are all perfect. Including our holiest Source energy.

There are a few different stages in the process of awakening that I find really important that I will share with you in this course:

  1. TRUST — If you don’t trust yourself, it will he hard and nearly impossible to realign to your truest nature, and to wake back up to your own soul. When you trust, all can flow. You will return to all that is.
  2. BUILD THE MUSCLE — Practice, practice. Awakening doesn’t happen overnight, but when it does happen, the beauty will be immeasurable. Don’t give up just because something may not happen right away.
  3. Know that 5th dimensional consciousness can come through much easier through the elements: So when you are out in nature, so when you are in the shower or bath (water), lighting a candle and tapping in (fire, sage, palo santo), smelling something that reminds you of a loved one or holding it, or even in moments of physical movements and exercise which is where kundalini & yoga comes in.
  4. HEALING ourselves — Our bodies, our ancestors, our lineage, which is something I teach a LOT about in the course! This is where 5D magic comes in, because once we fully heal we can transcend and experience more and more of a 5 D life all the time.
  5. LOOK FOR SIGNS — We go deep into this in the course, but you know my signs!! 201, 417, cats, the color purple… soooo many beautiful signs.
  6. Reconnect to your lineage — This is a big one. So much of what we carry around is not ours, but we feel like it is ours. When we return to our ancestors what is not ours, we have the ability to truly heal, to feel so much higher, and to also heal the generations that came before us and the generations that will come after us.
  7. Changing your FREQUENCY — Otherwise known as raising your vibration and living in alignment with that vibration. I get questions from people all the time that really set off a bell in my mind that this content just hasn’t landed or fully resonated for people yet. “How do I manifest my perfect job / career? Why isn’t it working out for me? Why don’t I ever see my signs tat I ask for?” Because you’re focused on the WHY NOT, rather than the WHY. It is all about shifting your frequency, which we will learn and get into!!It is important to master these concepts because without them, you will be stuck trying to manifest without actually seeing any results. The biggest issue I see with people trying to CONNECT is that they do not trust themselves enough and they are focused on an area of lack. When you are focused on… the lack of signs, the lack of high frequency, the lack of channeling, that is the exact way to never achieve what it is you are trying to do.When you master these concepts, your entire life and everything around you will change.


It is time to transcend, let go of the ego, and return to our inner nature. It is time. The planet needs us, but more than that… we need ourselves. We deserve to live in happiness and feel in alignment with our highest truth and our most radiant nature. The time is now.

This live version of the course all begin on August 24th, and you have until August 20th to sign up!! The sooner the better, because the moment you purchase the course you will receive access to the materials and you can begin. And if you are not a course person, I feel you — this was created as a 9 week audio course so it can be listened to and enjoyed as a podcast, with a PDF of journaling prompts, and so much more.

It’s hard to even explain the juiciness that exists inside of it until you begin, kind of similar to doing plant medicine, it’s something you’ve just gotta START… the magic exists inside of it.

I am so excited to go on this journey with you. Who is IN?! Leave any and all questions below, and tell me what your intentions are with waking back up to your own soul and realigning to your spirit’s truest, most beautiful essence and nature. I AM BUZZZINNNGGG, eek!!!!