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One Thing You Can Do To Make Life Infinitely Better… & Are We Living in a Simulation? 👽🔮✨

October 20, 2020

What if life was… a simulation?

I know, I know. Bear with me here. I told you guys we were going to start to get more deep on the blog than ever before, so why not start with this? We are ready for it! Trust me! 🤩

I first started feeling the intuitive knowing that we were in some sort of holographic reality a couple of years ago when the signs about it started jumping out to me as clear as day. Many nights I would dream that we were all infinitely powerful beings living in a Matrix type of reality, and in my dreams I could fly, heal myself and others, use magical powers, and everything came and flowed to me with complete ease. Then I would wake up and pretend to exercise those “powers” I felt in my dreams. It worked.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t wake up and start flying around my house — although that would be awesome. But I did slowly but surely start to change the chemistry in my mind and body to heal myself, heal my relationship to everything outside of myself, and feel complete peace and ease in my body, mind, and spirit. I also started channeling, which many of you know. Over time… I started realizing we truly are more powerful than we know.

SO MANY things on earth do not make a lot of sense to me, or to many of us. Like, why do we dream? Why do we sleep for roughly 1/3 of our lives? Why is truth oftentimes stranger than fiction? What is our soul’s purpose? Where do we go when we die? Who or what is God? Why do some people experience paranormal or psychic experiences and others don’t believe in them or feel open to them at all? What is fear? How do some people come up with world-altering inventions or mathematical equations or overcome impossible odds? How and why do miracles exist?! What even is impossible, if nothing is in fact impossible? Why does the number 201 follow me everywhere, every day, ALWAYS?! Why can I see people’s faces shape shift?!

What if this was all a SIMULATION, holographic reality, playground or dream state, and we all had infinite control over our own destinies? At the end of the day, only love is real. The universe has made that abundantly clear to each and every one of us when we truly stop and listen. We are all in charge of our own reality, which is why we actually all live in our own worlds — does anyone remember the whole “Yanny vs. Laurel” controversy or the gold dress vs. blue dress debate? PERCEPTION is individual. We all live in our own little universes!

Even Elon Musk says, given the rate of technology advancement in our lifetime, “It’s a given that we’re clearly on a trajectory that we’re going to have games that are indistinguishable from reality. It would seem to follow that the odds that we’re in base reality is 1 in billions.” Base reality, being of course, the one reality that is not a simulation.

Think… The Matrix, but real life! And trust me, I used to not be into this stuff at all. I was the first person to tell you that ghosts are not real, there is only one universe / timeline, there is a scientific reason for paranormal experiences, on and on.

BUT, boy has my mind shifted. I attribute that to so many things… the main thing being waking back up to my soul, and reconnecting to the spirituality I had as a child. Basically, before we become conditioned by the world, we are babies and little kids who have come from something infinite, beautiful, powerful, spiritual, the realm beyond. Thanks to getting sick with Lyme disease and going through a full spiritual, emotional, mental, metaphysical overhaul. It happened over time but also all at once… it was wild. And so cool.

This awakening has been incredible on so many levels. For one, I have been able to tap into other universes and realms and have been able to speak with ancestors, angels, aliens, my higher self, and beyond! I have received the knowing that we are so, so powerful beyond our wildest dreams and measure. That’s why things like manifestation, subconscious brain re-wiring, thought visualization (Joe Dispenza style), telepathy, and all sorts of traditionally unexplainable miracles take place on the daily — because we hold the keys to breaking patterns & building new ones every single day.

The downloads lately about us being in some sort of holographic reality have been huge. I have this strong feeling that this life really goes by in the blink of an eye as far as our eternal souls are concerned (because time is an illusion and it does not exist the way we think it does), and that when we pass on from these bodies we “wake back up” to what our true reality is. Which is infinite love, bliss, & eternal oneness. I know that idea is so out there compared to what we are taught to believe, but it doesn’t have to be a scary thing! In fact, it is a beautiful & amazing thing and to me it explains so MUCH about why we have the infinite power inside of us that I know we all possess. 

Yes… we are all infinitely powerful. Inside of us lives a whole universe of power, love, magic, and creative energy that is calling to be woken back up & put to use.

So how can we harness that!??!

That is why I am such a big proponent of routine! We ALL hold the power to our own daily routine & what we do every day. No matter how busy we are or what our life looks like – we can make the decision to instill lasting, daily habits that ultimately build up the entirety of our lives. That is why every single day no matter what I wake up, read a chapter of something that inspires me, drink my green juice, journal, stretch, have my coffee and lemon water, breathe & go inward before I start my day. That IS my spiritual practice. That’s when these ideas and knowings flow to me freely, before I am inundated by the noise of the world.

I have so many goals that I want to achieve in this lifetime, and I am so well aware that my routine still has a long way to go. When I spoke to the incredible Ryan Holiday (the author of The Daily Stoic, Ego is the Enemy, & Stillness is the Key to name a few) for the podcast last week and asked him how he has found the diligence and inspiration to write more than ten extremely successful and life changing books by the age of 33, he said simply, “I just do it. There’s no big secret to it. I wake up and write every day before I do anything else. I get all the important things done early on in my day so everything I do after that is just a bonus.”

( I am paraphrasing his words here, but I cannot wait for you guys to hear this full episode when it comes out in two weeks. We also found out we are both from Sacramento and grew up extremely close by to one another! Again, maybe it’s just me, but this world is full of too many fantastic and irrefutable coincidences in order to just be “random.” There is something larger & more beautiful at play here, absolutely. )

We are in charge of our own free will & destiny. It’s NOT THAT HARD, not if we make it easy & shift our perception.

I know without a doubt that part of what I am here to do in this lifetime is write books, lots of them. Memoir, fiction, poetry. I feel it all coming forth. I feel paralyzed right now by the decision whether to dive into memoir or fiction first — if you guys have any feelings or thoughts on that please let me know, because your words may be just what I need to help me decide and just START!!! (Please seriously though comment below + let a sista know.)

Regardless, I know that I have infinite worlds of creativity, power and aliveness inside of me to get these writings started. I know that the moment I put my mind to it and just begin, the words will pour out. I know this to be true with every fiber of my being, because I know that this is our playground reality to do whatever we wish with. I know many of us have extreme obstacles to overcome, and that is all relative, but there is no doubt in my mind that we CAN overcome anything. Absolutely anything. Health, career, love, financial hardship… we can overcome anything. We were actually born to do exactly that.

I also believe in infinite lifetimes, parallel universes, soul realms, soul contracts, soul families, DNA imprints, karmic lessons, Akashic records and so much more — so that’s not to say that there aren’t limitations in this lifetime based off of our soul’s entire JOURNEY, some of which may remain a mystery for this lifetime, but I do believe that any limitation can be broken. Any barrier can be broken through. I believe in the good and purity in all of our souls and that the lightness really is here to overtake the dark.

So the one thing we can do to make life infinitely better, in my opinion, is to know that life is a playground. We hold infinite power in the “video game” simulation of our lives.

And whether you agree with me or not about the simulation hypothesis, it is so nice to know that we do hold this infinite power. We are talented, spiritual, strong, resilient creatures who are always evolving and always learning — we hold the wisdom of WORLDS inside of each of us.

When you think of life as a game, life gets infinitely better. 

When you think of life as a game, you can essentially “win” at the game of life whenever you choose to shift your perspective.

That is why ENERGY is so potent and powerful. Because as Joe Dispenza says, when we change our energy, we change our life. That is simple truth! Have you ever noticed that when you stop worrying about something and have full faith in the outcome, you truly cannot go wrong? Because you let go of the attachment to outcome and in that you give the freedom of your own destiny + free will to take over and do its thing.

Practicing the art of letting go and surrender is huge when shifting your energy and perspective and choosing in that sense to live a happier, mindful, peaceful life of non-attachment. And JOY !! So much joy exists in the spiritual life and quest of non-attachment.

My current mantra is this: Life is a game. Life is my playground. I have worlds of wisdom and knowledge ready to pour out of me, and so much creativity at my fingertips at any given time. I am in charge of my own health, wellbeing, and the outcome of my life. I hold infinite power.

I have so much more to say on this topic, but this is just a taste for now. My soul has been speaking to me big time and has given me lots of little truth bites to start sharing on the blog.

*If I can heal myself from Lyme and mold and regain my energy and vitality, then anything is impossible. A few years ago I thought I was going to die. I wanted to die. I was so ill and lost all of my zest for life. I lost everything I thought was ever going to be mine in this lifetime. And guess what? I broke down to rebuild… and now, I KNOW I can find full healing and full remission + that life is infinitely deeper, more beautiful, and full of so many more blessings than I ever could have imagined. 😭 That, alone and in itself, makes me believe so fully in the innate power + blessings + magic we all hold inside of our bodies, spirits, and minds.

What do you think? Are you into it? What are your thoughts on us living in a simulation world? 👽🔮 Ultimately I think it is so beautiful to return to our true innate power and the magic that lives inside of us no matter what. The truth is, we CAN do anything. We all can. It’s all about believing in ourselves, and believing in shifting our reality.