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May 28, 2021

Oh my goodness you guys, The Celestial Diet ™ & Lifestyle program is finally here. It is 7 days to your truest, you-est YOU, and it is so much more than meets the eye. I will get into it in this post all about what to expect in the program & what you will get when you join, but first can we just rejoice in the fact that it is now completely LIVE?!

You can read all about it here on our gorgeous celestial page, OR just simply go here to purchase if it’s already calling you & you know it should be youuuurs! Obvi you know the 2-0-1 reference if you have followed me for a long time, and it’s only fitting in every single way. 🙂 & before we dive in, I want you to know that I am hosting this program LIVE from June 7th – June 13th, and now is your time to join! The cart will close on June 6th — will you join us? 

So! It’s here! I am elated and over the moon and I don’t even have words because it doesn’t feel real that something that has been brewing in my mind, body and heart for so long could finally be HERE. Like, here-here to the point where you guys can DO it, immerse yourself in the lifestyle, start living your celestial life, & feel amazing in your bodies, hearts, minds and souls while becoming the purest channels possible.

I’m not sure how to begin explaining just how important this program & lifestyle is to me, because to do so I would definitely have to back up a bit to let you know more about how this year has been for me. Or the last few years really. So let’s reverse & I will share that with you.

Story Time For You…

I have had some DARK days this year. Really, I have had some dark days over the course of healing from Lyme in general for the last 5+ years… but this year something just hit different. January, Feb, March… I really felt so bleh, so stagnant, and just had an overall cloudy feeling of sadness around me. You can ask my husband & family – I had breakdown after breakdown there for a while. I cried every day. I just felt like my life and my path was becoming so muddled, I felt violated by the media (#horrificdarkness in the world), and I just wasn’t aligned with what my MISSION and my message was anymore.

To be honest I considered stepping back from social media altogether and writing fiction under a pen-name to just have my sanity, peace and joy back again.

Meanwhile, I was working away on the Celestial program, but wasn’t taking it that seriously. Every day new downloads would come into my mind about it, I would journal about them, and then I would go on with my day. My close friends that I had shared about the Celestial Diet & Lifestyle with (shoutout to Kenzie Burke, Krista Ripma, Jenna Zoe, & Nikki Novo to name a few) stayed ON me about bringing this program to life, because they knew I was in a creative rut and was going through a really rough time personally & emotionally.

But for a while I somehow felt paralyzed when it came to beginning to put pen to paper, and bring the new, gorgeous, ethereal, elevated cosmic chic vibe to life, because it was a NEW VIBE for me. It meant in a way, the death of my old self. An ego death to the highest degree. No longer could I bop along under the radar as the “influencer/podcaster/talk about other brands for a living/healing but not healed” kind of girl I had been for so long — no, this required me to step up. This required a HEALED, elevated, buttoned up, embodied version of me. This required me to step into the role of spiritual teacher that I had known myself to be for so long, but had been shying away from.

Basically, what this year has been for me so far is a lot of growing pains. The pangs and discomforts of stepping into a BRAND new, enlivened, elevated & grown up version of ME. It really required me to let go of and step away from who I was for most of my 20’s, and really embody the lessons that I learned throughout my healing journey (the path of the wounded healer, that is for sure) and embrace who I am being called to be now, and what I am being called to share now.

Then, the weekend of March 25th, everything changed. I was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel with my dear friend Kenzie for her birthday, and the entire Celestial Diet ™ & Lifestyle 7-Day Program poured out of me. It was truly miraculous. I mean like, the entire thing.

Then I spent the next month or so (let’s be real, I was still editing the final touches THIS MORNING because I am an uber perfectionist to the millionth degree!) fleshing it out, refining it, unleveling it, and then bringing it to life with my designers, assistants, editors and marketing team.

Honestly, so many people worked their magic on this program. My designer Anelise is a godsend and brought my *extremely specific* elevated chic cosmic celestial vibe to LIFE in the program. The rest of my team supported in everything imaginable from edits to strategy to imagery and beyond, and here we are today.

We are LIVE! And I can honestly say the 2021 blues that I was experiencing have vanished. Not just because it’s time for this program to launch, but because I had to work through my own deep inner process to FULLY embody and embrace where I am now and come out on the other side. There is a reason I couldn’t launch this in January (beyond the fact that it wasn’t written yet — because even if it was, I wasn’t there yet), and it’s the same reason I didn’t go through with my website rebrand as planned at that time. I. Just. Wasn’t. There. Yet. I had to truly surrender and trust the process, and BELIEVE in the Universe when the Universe told me that I would be there soon. 

And that my friends, is one of the hardest things to do! To trust that things WILL change and good things ARE coming even when it’s not the time for them to come yet.

So my hope is that, with the launch of this program out in the world, the Celestial Diet ™ & Lifestyle Program will help you align with your truest you, and help you kick the blues (if you feel them) in a more accelerated fashion than I did. Because I am a human guinea pig, I am the one who goes through it, so you don’t have to! Or so that you don’t have to hit the same rock bottoms that I do. From a nutrition, meditation, spirituality, mind + body + spirit perspective – this program is a game-changer and it is for you.

So what will you find in the program?!

✨ A detailed SOS-free & plant-based 7-day meal plan (breakfast, lunch + dinner daily, & bonus recipes!)

✨A deep dive into the 7 pillars of the Celestial Diet ™ & Lifestyle (Intuition & Healing, Detox, Anti-Inflammatory & Cruelty-Free Life, Awakening, Movement, Nature, Frequency & Ascension)

✨ Journaling prompts for each pillar & each day of the program — these are so special & I cannot wait for you to dive into these.

✨ NINE exclusive guided audio meditations (that you can listen to like a podcast!!) — not going to lie these are the BEST PART other than the gorgeous visuals.

✨ Guidance into channeling, awakening, ascending and so, so much more!

✨ Two live calls with me, daily accountability emails, & a big group of likeminded humans to go on this 7 day journey with! From June 7th – 13th!!! Plus, if you sign up today, you will be entered into a giveaway to win over $500 worth of wellness & spirituality products. 🙂 TODAY only to celebrate our kickoff!!

I mean… I don’t think I have ever been this excited about something ever. Because not only does it represent the culmination of all that I have learned & experienced over the last several years of healing, but it also symbolizes where I am going. Where TBB is going. And where our whole TBB fam is going. So if you want to & are ready to get on board with this whole new vibe, new birth, new ENERGY & fifth dimensional frequency, this is the way to do it.

Nutrition. Meditation. Journaling. Spirituality. Pillars. Awakening. Ultimate Joy. Repeat.

Whoooo is in!??! Go HERE to join us, & HERE to learn more (& then join us)!

My hope is that you will be able to do this program again and again. As a reminder, I will be hosting the program LIVE for 7 days from June 7th – June 13th, and our two live calls will be on June 7th & June 13th. 7 days of simplicity. 7 days of joy. 7 days of returning to your most magical, truest, you-est YOU.

Any questions?! Leave them below! EEK SO EXCITED !!! Love you all so, so much. Thank you for making this ream reality possible for me. 🤍