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IT’S TIME FOR A LIFE UPDATE & I am back from my blogging hiatus!

May 25, 2021

Guyyyys hi!! My beautiful TBB readers. My home. My fam. I have missed writing to you on here so freakishly much. I have been completely consumed with a few other things (I will get into in this post) & also just needed some time to go inward for a while. But just because I have been MIA on the blog doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking up some exciting things for you guys — which are finally coming to life THIS WEEK!

So let’s do a fun little list, you guys know I love a good list, to catch you up to speed on where my mind has been lately and why I have been so quiet on the blog posting front! Ready?! Let’s do it.

What I Have Been Up To These Last Few Months…

1. CELESTIAL DIET & LIFESTYLE! You guys, OMG omg. The Celestial Diet & Lifestyle 7 day program officially launches in 4 days… and I have a free live intro workshop to all things celestial THIS Thursday!! Are you signed up yet?! I don’t do a lot of live workshops anymore because I pretty much try to save all of my energy for my healing body, my husband & family, friends, and life off screen. When I do something I give it my ALL, and sometimes I find after giving something my all I am super depleted for days and weeks afterward. #justtruth. But this program definitely deserves all of the live workshop energy from me because I have not been this excited about anything in a VERYYYY long time.

The Celestial life channeled through to me (diet, lifestyle, meditations, journaling prompts, a whole damn way of LIFE) in late December of last year & it’s been time to bring it fully to life ever since. It has a whole vibe & life of its own and I am soooo freakishly thrilled to share it with you! Anyway, in creating this program and everything that goes along with it… like I researched the shit out of binaural beats, mindful eating meditations, walking meditations, forest bathing (nature healing), frequency & ascension, celestial life, read tons of Pleiadian books & other books channeled by light beings & beyond… I officially became one of those people who was pretty much “too busy / distracted to post on Instagram.”

I NEVER UNDERSTOOD those people before! I swear! I was like haha yeah right everyone has time to post on Instagram if they want to. But no. My daily posts became once or twice a week posts and even then I felt like my energy was pulled elsewhere. I am still very active on IG stories because those are just easy and not curated, but when it comes to posting a photo, writing a caption, and pouring my energy there, WOW — I have been so pulled into everything pertaining to the Celestial Diet & Lifestyle that I have just taken a little breather. And it’s actually been super nice if I am being honest.

So needless to say, this is where about 75% of my energy has been going, and nearly 100% of my creative energy. It’s so worth it. I realized I wrote another whole damn book!! It’s 72 pages and full of so much goodness. Be on the lookout for another post this Friday breaking it all down, and be sure to join us for the FREE WORKSHOP this Thurs!!!!

2. Working on (ideas for) my next book… This has been so awesome and so exciting, and has been consuming the other .0001% of my creative energy aside from the Celestial program!! Once TCD (The Celestial Diet) launches into the world this Friday and after I guide our very special 7 day program live, I am planning on putting a lot more energy toward the book. It has been so wild because I have been vacillating between fiction & memoir/self-help for years now (7 years to be exact, holy moly) and I wish I could say that confusion has been resolved but it’s still 100% unresolved. 😂 I know that I am being called to bring both into the world, it just depends on which one is coming first. If you could comment below on this post and tell me which one you are more excited about, that might sway me as to what to put most of my energy into first!!

What I will say is I am working with a wonderful editor in San Francisco who is going to help me bring the self-help to life in June/July (just in outline form so I can get the juices flowing) so we will see… I am excited. I am a book writer at heart. The further I stray from it, the more upset and lost I get. I came to this earth to write books. I even did a past life regression 5 years ago and asked my soul what I came here to do. The answer was, write books. So here we are!! It’s written in the stars and I am elated to pour my energy into it once the launch of TCD takes place! Eek!

3. Enforcing new social media boundaries. I’m not going to sugar coat it, social media changed a lot in 2020, and we are still feeling those changes in 2021. I get it, people are angry about the state of the world and they turn to the vastness of the internet to project their anger. For a while there I was receiving so much violence on my page I started questioning whether a more peaceful, happy life would require me stepping away from being online for work. (Well the answer is a more peaceful life would definitely be the result of that LOL but would it be worth it? No because I love what I do).

It was helpful to work with my medium Nikki on this, who helped me see that if I did step away, I would be letting the darkness win. The darkness has been trying to overturn the light for centuries and eons. I refuse to play a role in letting the dark win. So here I am, showing up, but with NEW boundaries in place. I spend a lot less time scrolling. I’ve muted like 50% of the people I follow in favor of seeing content that truly inspires and awakens me every day. I post far less on my actual feed, and that is helpful because it frees up creative energy for other, more long lasting things. I block & delete ANY rude/violent/hateful comments immediately, and I have an entire team on the backend doing that so I don’t end up seeing most of the hateful messages anyway these days. I hired a social media assistant to run @tbbpodcast & she’s been crushing it.

Most of all, I do not check my phone (especially social) at night after about 9pm, or in the morning before about 10pm. This is a huge game changer. I will do a whole post on this soon!

4. Personal life / health!! THIS ONE IS HUGE. Many of you know I have been working with my TCM doctor since January to find health in my body, and I have healed so, so much. I can honestly say this is the best I have felt in over 5 years. I have energy again, I can use my brain again, and I feel amazing and so much more like myself. AND there has been so much going on in my personal life / health that has required so much of my energy and attention, and it does make it so much easier to have those social media boundaries. I have loved being an advocate for Lyme disease & healing, but I never wanted to be a poster child for Lyme. I don’t even think that is healthy. I have seen how that affects people, including me, and ties us in with a chronic illness when it’s time for us to step away and back into the light of health. Will go deeper on this soon too.

5. Lots of time with my love & family. Jonathan and I have been doing lots of nearby getaways. We spent this past weekend in Laguna just us two, totally off the grid, and it was so nice & SO NEEDED. I was fullllyyy in my element and just in my preparation headspace for the Celestial workshop this Thurs!! I will be live channeling there so I wanted to save all of the energy for that that I possible could. It has been so fun and so nice just relaxing with my love, especially as the world begins to return to “normal” in many ways. Which I am both ready for and not ready for… who else feels that way? Glennon Doyle has an amazing podcast episode on this on her new pod that made me feel so seen.

6. Working on so many behind the scenes things!! SOMMEEE of what I am doing and working on is still a secret!! So that is also why I have found it harder to show up here, because I am a blabbermouth and I typically TELL ALL to my TBB fam, so keeping certain things to myself has been not the easiest. But I will be sharing more soon and I cannot wait.

Ok hopefully that helps & gives some insight into where I’ve been. I have gotten some messages lately from you guys telling me how much you miss the blog posts, and that both made me sad because I AGREEE and feel the same way and lit my heart up with joy because it means that this little corner of the internet really does have impact. So I want to let you know that I plan on getting back to a more regular posting schedule, even if it’s once or twice a week updates. I miss the OG blogging days, of checking in every day & keeping a life scrapbook for the most part. So my plan is to get back to that. I miss & love the life scrapbook. So here we are !! It’s time!!

What do you guys think?! Would love your thoughts & update me below on how you’ve been doing! I want to hear everything!! XOXO