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12 Things Tuesday, Baby!

April 4, 2023

Hiiii and happy Tuesday, my angels! I am writing to you today from a sunny but freezing cold Malibu. I come here every week to write, read, and have a solo working afternoon. It is so therapeutic. But, like I said, it’s COLD AF… like there is nothing I can do to warm my body up at this point, lol.

So let’s just get right into it! I have been loving hearing from you guys on these posts. Thank you so much for being in TBB community. The blog is the most OG forever, and is extra special. It makes me feel like the luckiest in the world.

12 Things Tuesday //  

1. Something I really wish more people understood is that a pushy or overly assertive energy completely pushes us highly sensitive people away. Immediate followups are the bane of my existence. Sometimes I need weeks to answer a text message or an email — and that’s ok!! Our bodies are not meant to be super attuned to this constantly-on technology life. I used to think this made me a really intolerant person and I felt bad that it annoyed me so much. But as the years have gone in, I have realized it’s really in alignment with being an HSP. And being someone who gives a lot when I’m “on.” But I can’t always be on nor is that sustainable. And I know it’s not just me!! I try to practice this from the other end too and just trust, when someone doesn’t respond right away it doesn’t have anything to do with me!

2. And we are all on our own freaking timelines. A wise friend once said to me, “Everything is working out for you. Everything is right on time.” I return to this almost daily. Even the things we want so badly and really wish were happening quicker, always work out as they are meant to. Also, if it is not working out, just remember: rejection is protection.

3. I recently downloaded a writing program for my computer that will make it easier to format the books that I am working on and really see them in book form. I was perusing all of the popular writing apps online, but when I found one called ATTICUS (no joke) I had to download it sight unseen – lol. And so far I am loving it! Will give you guys updates but it is really helping me stay on track and be in the momentum of writing and staying in the flow. Now I just need to start making it a daily practice. 🙂

4. Let’s talk about the word “flow.” I first heard this word about 9 years ago at a “Summit at Sea” conference I was at with a lot of other wellness entrepreneurs. I remember my roommate there Emily telling me that her mom had a degree in Flow State (something of that nature). And I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. So obvi I read all the books on it. By definition, this is what it means: “Popularized by positive psychologists, flow state describes a feeling where, under the right conditions, you become fully immersed in whatever you are doing.” In my experience, you leave this universe and enter the realm of the imagination, the unknown, the bliss. I live for this feeling.

5. The thing that gives me this feeling the MOST is writing. The things that give me this feeling the second and third most are doing hot yoga in a really good, cathartic class with a kick-ass and amazing teacher, and being with my son + seeing the world through his eyes. Also getting a really, really good massage or lymphatic drainage facial makes me feel this way. What makes you feel the most in flow? I wanna know!!!

6. I have currently been wrestling with a really hard decision. It is tearing me apart from deep within. I am notoriously indecisive (triple Libra, hellloooo) and I have a keen ability to see the good in every situation (and the bad). So I really see the pros and cons in all sides of this decision that I have to make. The cons within it are making me feel a terror about saying yes, but there is a little voice within me saying that it’s ok to step out of my comfort zone and leap into the unknown. I will keep you guys posted, but MAN is decision making hard… especially in the realm of career and really *big* decisions. Gah I really have trouble with it. Anyone have a good decision making hack? 🙂 🙂

7. I have been listening to Herz frequency music while I work/write over the last few weeks, and it is a freaking life hack. Game changer. Magical thing. I usually just listen to free ones on YouTube but I am also very intrigued with the idea of creating some of my own for a future project I am working on. This is one that I love on YouTube, and I love that it’s 9 hours long so you can also play it while you sleep or while you are REALLY in the flow and want no interruptions!

8. As with all things, I find that writing is a practice. Practice makes perfect. Showing up and writing every day is getting me back into the head and heart-space of what it truly means to be a writer. This is the language of my soul. And this can be applied to all things. What is it that you love the most, and are you still doing as much of it as you’d wish? How can you implement more of it into your life?

9. I am writing this at Soho House right now and some women to my left are having a very deep heart to heart convo. One of them is crying. It is taking *everything* in my power not to full on start listening to their every word, because I am so fascinated by the art of people watching and genuine human interaction. It is so beautiful to me 😭 I am choosing to give them their privacy (that’s what I would want if I was crying in public which I often am) but my goodness am I feeling the vibes radiating from them right now. <3

10. Y’all wanted to know more about how Attie is doing. Let’s see! He is 15 months and he is wildly precocious. He is WALKING (running, too!), babbling away and has so much to say. We are really starting to see his little personality shine even more and more. He is hilarious and loves to make us laugh. He is all about routine and ritual. He has rituals all around our house that he has to do every day, and in a specific order. I am learning so much from him and am constantly in awe of how different yet similar kids can be from their parents. I cannot wait for him to continue to be my biggest teacher along the way… 🥲

11. I am curious what everyone’s favorite seasons are around here. Mine is hands down FALL, followed by winter. I know, I am funny that way. I feel like a lot of people like the summer the best. In order, my faves are: Fall, Winter, Summer, then Spring. The Spring is nice and it’s a beautiful time of re-blossoming after the cold winter, but my allergies *rage* in the Spring. It’s a lot to handle. From mid March until about end of May I am a freaking mess in terms of environmental allergies. I always forget what a buzzkill it is until it rolls back around. I also just love the cozy holiday season so much, so September through December is really when I feel my soul shines.

12. I am still doing journal speak!! I have been getting a lot of questions about it. The point of Journal Speak (trademarked by Nicole Sachs, LCSW) is to write the raw, unfiltered truth about how you feel. Don’t censor yourself or edit; try to be honest about what you’re feeling even if it’s shameful, scary, or ugly. Nobody else is going to read this and preferably even you won’t go back and read it (although sometimes I do). It is supposed to be the cure for chronic pain, and is based off of the principles of John Sarno’s work about how we are truly in control of healing our bodies. I have a lot more to say about this and I will… in fact, I truly can’t wait to!

13. Ok a lot of you are saying I should make this a 13 things Tuesday (since I can never stick to 12 lol) which would be very Swiftie of me, and I honestly feel like I should. But I will prob keep calling it 12 things because I feel like it’s catchy?! Thoughts?! I love you guys and your suggestions and opinions bring me so much peace. 🙂

Ok my loves, LOVE Y’ALL and sending endless good energy your way today and always. Let’s chat below, tell me your thoughts, how you’re doing, your fave season (per #11), your favorite number on this list, and even tell me where you are from! I wanna know!! Love getting to know you all on deeper & deeper levels. xx