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Spiritual Moms Club Has ARRIVED! the full story… <3

April 28, 2023

Guys!! Hi!! I have a huge announcement to make and we are going to do it old school bloggy style for the mems. Drum roll please: SPIRITUAL MOMS CLUB HAS ARRIVED! The mom & baby merch of our literal dreams. It’s here! It’s live! Just in time to get your hands on it for Mother’s Day. 🙂

(YAYYY! And if you subscribe to my newsletter then you’re basically getting double the fun today because mamas, we celebratin’!)

OMG. That’s right. This wild and fun idea I have been dreaming up in my head ever since Atticus was born has turned into a reality, and I am so freaking excited about it. Since the blog is where I share all of my deepest thoughts and heart-spills, you guys are gonna get the FULL story.

Ya ready for it?!

Can you even handle Atticus in the toddler tee from the line?! I CANNOT! Matching with mama! And he was the most natural model of all time! I die.

The Full Story of Spiritual Moms Club //

When I first became a mom, I was truly in shock and pure awe at the utter life shift that had just taken place. I was caught somewhere between euphoria and exhaustion, joy and panic, bliss and confusion, love and pain (so much pain, lol), and JUST like they say, it is something that absolutely no one can prepare you for, in the best and craziest way.

It was both emotionally blissful + wildly depleting. Actually, I am STILL depleted just thinking about that time. You may know this if you have read or listened to our birth story, but when Atticus was born he had extremely severe jaundice. Not like the cute/”not a big deal” kind of jaundice that a lot of babies are born with, where a little sunlight and a few good poops will do the trick to get it out of their system.

Like the “these bilirubin levels are so alarmingly high we don’t actually know what to tell you and we don’t know what’s wrong” kind of jaundice, where we immediately had to become his health advocates and settled right in to the children’s hospital while I was still within hours of recovering from birth. The kind of jaundice that can damage the liver and the brain, and our precious little man whittled down to about 5 lbs during that time. It was gnarly and terrifying.

So… we were in the hospital for two weeks while they ran test after test. We spent Christmas and New Years in the hospital. Days turned into nights and we didn’t know up from down, or right from left. We were bonding immensely with our angel boy but we also had to keep him in a blue light bed for 23 hours out of each day. Jonathan and I saw sides of each other that no one should ever have to see. Two sleep deprived, worried AF, brand new parents are really a sight to be seen, let me tell you.

This is when I learned that Atticus was born with an outrageous strength that could shatter the whole damn earth, I swear to you. He did not stop smiling even once. He is certainly a spiritual being from realms beyond. But that is a story for another day. He pulled through, and he has been the healthiest little bean ever since. He is strong, vigorous, joyful and a ball of glee. He is perfect.

On that note, I always say that the best thing about entering into motherhood was joining the CLUB of mothers that immediately had my back. When we were in the hospital with Atticus during those terrifying, bleary-eyed, sleepless days + nights that all blended into one insane existence… it was my mom friends who checked in on us 10x a day.

Like, mom friends I was not even necessarily super close with: they just understood. It was unspoken. Every time I looked at my phone, my friends who were moms (not to mention my OWN mom who never once left our side!!) had checked in, sent love, sent food, sent good energy, and I could feel their presence and love surrounding us. It is something I will never forget. And like I said, these were not all my bff’s to begin with. These were all fellow MOMS who just got it.

From there, I made it my mission to pay it forward to every new & longtime mama in my life. Being a mother has given me a new appreciation for ALL of the mothers that I know. And not just a mother, but a spiritual mother. Someone who lives in this world and feels tied to all of the spiritual realms at the same time.

We aren’t just a moms club, we are a spiritual moms club. AND I know a lot of our community hasn’t stepped into motherhood yet, may not want to have kids, or may be in the process of trying — and I want you to know, I see you. This club is for everyone. Even if you simply love a mama friend, sister, a mom of your own, this is for you! No one is left out. <3

How It Channeled Through:

So now you have heard the birth story in a little more depth and you get how becoming a part of the motherhood club changed my life and kept me feeling so nurtured and held. Beyond that, an idea for a merch line, a hub, a community, a spiritual community for mothers started to channel through… (because I am a serial entrepreneur, a triple air sign who never stops dreaming and doing, what can I say).

I loved connecting with other mamas right away after having Attie, but I also had a lot of experiences where I felt super out of place. I signed up for so many mom groups and a lot of them were not at all my vibe. I am a bit alternative, out there, spiritual, different, deep, ya know… you guys get me. I wasn’t feeling the connection at a lot of these groups where the second the class was over the moms would sprint to their cars with their strollers and refused to have a conversation with anyone, lol. It felt like no one was there to actually make friends?

But then through my doula & my postpartum doula, I really connected with my people. Fellow moms who felt a lot like me. And although we are all different, we share a lot of similar values. People I would want to be friends with even if we didn’t all have kids the exact same age, ya know?! From there I felt this deep, innate desire to create a community of moms who I could really vibe with that extended beyond this small group. I felt like this was something I needed to bring to TBB community.

Then one day, when Attie was about 8 weeks old, it hit me: Spiritual. Moms. Club. I am creating a spiritual freaking moms club. I envision this to be so huge you guys — like meetups, classes, events, all the things. But tbh the first thing that channeled through was clothing. I am a merch girl at heart, always have been ever since my OG TBV Apparel days.

It’s just fun! It’s not like clothing is even super lucrative (it’s never about that for me), it just feels like a tangible way to connect. If you see another mama out on the street rocking a Spiritual Moms Club tee and their baby is wearing Spiritual Babies Club, would you not want to immediately strike up a conversation with them!?!? I sure as hell would!

Blending my spirituality with my motherhood is ultimately what has kept my head on straight for all of this time. And finding a community to do it with was the cherry on top.

So the merch is here!! Launched today! Just in time for Mother’s Day!! For you. for a mama friend, or for your very own mama! And beyond the matching mom & baby tees, we also have crewnecks (two styles!), yoga shorts (HELL YES!), and stickers!! The stickers are so fun and cute for your water bottle, notebook, journal, computer, iPhone, what have you!!

You can shop away at this link. Please let me know any questions below, and drop me a c0mment and some love if you decide to purchase!! Also, follow @spiritualmomsclub on IG for all of the up-to-date magic, photos, videos, and motherhood content. I may even start writing poems there again. Ya never know. 😉

I am SO excited about this new direction and so absolutely thrilled to bring it to you guys. Thank you so much to my longtime designer Anelise (who is an amazing mama of two) for creating these designs, to my Dear Media team for helping bring these to life, to my TBB team for all of the incredible work to make this a reality, and to all of the mothers out there for your support along the way.

And most of all, thank you to Atticus, for making me a mama. <3 🥹

LOVE YOU ALL!! Let’s celebrate today! WOOOO!