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12 Things Tuesday! 🌸🌟

May 23, 2023

Besties, hiii! Happy Tuesday! We are going to get right into it today!! 12 things Tuesday, or 13 things Tuesday because duhhhh… 😉

How is everyone doing today?! How was your weekend? I cannot believe it’s another gloomy day in LA, but I have to say I am loving it because I love the rain and coziness of it all. How is the weather where you live? Love you all, my favorite people in the world!!!

12 Things Tuesday!! <3

1. If you haven’t watched the Vanderpump Rules season finale yet, you MUST!!! It is some of the most epic TV I have ever seen. I have been a true VPR stan since it came out 10 years ago, so the level of investment I have in this show and these people is beyond. But even if you’re newer to the VPR train, this finale is literally one of a kind. The conversations shown between Sandoval and everyone have left me SHOOK. I am counting down until part one of the reunion this week, ahhhh!! Who is watching?! What are your thoughts?! Guys, we *need* to discuss. (PS have you heard Scheana on the pod from earlier this year?!)

2. Have you watched any of the TBB podcast episodes on YouTube yet?! After getting requests to put the whole show up on YT for a long time, we finally did it!! I love that you can see our full range of expressions and just feel the energy in the room more by watching the show. I also love that for anyone hard of hearing, they can watch on YT and it gives automatic subtitles!! So if you ever haven’t been able to listen to the pod & have wanted to, hopefully you can now. <3 We release the videos about 1-2 weeks after the audio release, and we are releasing older eps soon on YT too!!

3. Atticus is growing and learning so much lately and it is the coolest thing in the world to see our little man transform before our eyes. He completely understands Spanish & English (thanks to our amazing nanny, Mimi!) and it blows me away how smart he is. At this age, they literally learn so much every single day. It gives me that feeling of not wanting to miss a single second, and also that feeling that this time is flying by way too fast 😭!

4. My cousin got married in Paso Robles this past weekend! It was so beautiful! It was such a fun getaway with Jonathan, we felt like two kids dating again going on a road trip together… just the two of us (with the rest of my fam, but we drove and stayed separately just us two)! For the first time in SO LONG. We had the best time ever. I freaking love my husband.

5. Speaking of Jonathan… he is this week’s podcast guest! You guys are going to LOVE him on the show. This is one of my favorite convos we have had together on the pod, and it’s really just because we were just chit chatting. We went deep, we talked about anxiety (my anxiety and how it’s affected him), marriage, love languages, soulmates, parenthood, and so much more. It’s a really special one. Counting down for it to be released tomorroooww!! Who is ready for it?!

6. Something you guys may not know about me is that I am freaking ride or die. I have had many of the same best friends since childhood. If someone captures my heart and I love them as a human, I will love them forever. I will ride for them for life. Very few things are unforgivable to me as long as someone is evolved enough to apologize and grow (but of course I still have boundaries). This is something that has been reflected back to me a lot lately, as in a lot of my close friends are telling me how much it means to me that I am this way. It has really filled my heart and made me so grateful for the relationships I have cultivated in my life. <3

7. On the topic of friendship, we are recording a VERY special episode this week about the ebbs and flows of friendship, friendship breaks, boundaries & beyond… any guesses on my guest? This one is gonna be deep, wild, fun, way diff than anything you’ve ever heard before on the show, and will be breaking down all the barriers. Serving the TEA, if you will.

8. I am obsessed with a video of Attie at the park that our nanny sent us the other day of Atticus kissing his friend who fell down and trying to help him up. He kisses him 5 times and then tries to sit on the little boy’s lap 😂 it is the best thing I have ever seen and I have watched it on repeat 100000x. Should I post it on my story?!

9. To be honest with you guys I am procrastinating working on my book right now by writing this list. I mean I love writing this post every week and it is a huge priority to me, but the book is my MAIN priority. So… procrastination is very real today. Who else struggles with this? Tips??? You guys always give me the best tips.

10. Jonathan said that next week for this list I should do a TOPIC and have all 12 or 13 things on the list revolving around that one topic. I do think that’s a fun idea. What topic would you guys want it to be? Travel, mom stuff, Lyme stuff, marriage, entrepreneurial, spirituality!?! Do tell!

11. On the topic of spirituality I am obsessed with reading Bringers of the Dawn (Pleiadaian book!) all over again and it just never disappoints. It is SO good. And did you know that my Amazon shop has a list of all my fave books that you can shop at any time?!

12. Speaking of books, I still cannot recommend the Kindle enough. It has been a game changer for me. I even got one for Jonathan and my mom because we are all book nerds and reading obsessed. If you’re thinking about getting one, do it!!!!

13. The consistency of writing this post every week has been one of the best things to happen to my schedule/life in a long time. It probably sounds silly but just the act of showing up each week and not ever bowing out or not doing it makes me feel on top of my shit, and it also brings me a structure for the blog that I have really needed. AND it is fun to just start writing, and then I get in the writing headspace, and then writing for the book becomes even more doable/manageable!!

LOVE Y’ALL! What did I miss?! Do tellll!!!!!