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12 Things Tuesday: Gift Ideas & Beyond!

November 28, 2023

Helloooo, I hope everyone had the best Thanksgiving ever!! We had such a chill and lovely time with our families, we stayed in LA and I loved every moment of it. We are actually going to Kauai next week, ahh, and after just getting back from NYC it felt good to stay put for a little bit. 🙂

Instead of doing a traditional holiday gift guide this year, I thought I would make today’s 12 things mostly about gift ideas!!! I will sprinkle some other stuff in too to make it conversational as always!

AND, if you are looking for more gift ideas, I posted a bunch to my IG stories this weekend and saved it to my “SHOP” highlight, so you can always look there for some additional ideas! Love you guys so much!!

12 Things // Gift Ideas & Beyond

1. Ok I am writing this WHILE walking on my walking pad — literally the best thing I have gotten for myself in so long. I have this one from Amazon, and it is so light and easy. It doesn’t do anything fancy (like it doesn’t go on an incline) but it’s perfect for walking while you work and also easy to store it under your bed, in a closet etc. when you’re not using it.

2. I use the walking pad with this standing desk! The BEST! I swear these two things have changed my life. I am on my computer so, so much for work and I was getting so sick of *sitting* all the time. My back and my body is very grateful for the movement. I have been trying to hit about 4 miles a day on the treadmill (plus just walking outside and being an active person), and I swear I feel like I am getting into better shape already.

3. If you are worried about EMF’s, you need a Somavedic. And if you’re not worried about EMF’s, you should probably do some research on it. I don’t want to freak people out, but living in such close proximity to ALL things WiFi is a lot for our sensitive systems. The Somavedic has changed our life — we have one in every room. It helps to harmonize your environment from all things EMF. It can also harmonize and structure your water, eliminate oxidative stress and free radicals, and harmonize the 4G/5G in the air. HUGE. If you’re a person living in this day and age (especially in a city, but also anywhere)… you need. The code BALANCED20 will get you 20% off through today.

4. Not a gift idea, but I want everyone to know that I have been updating my YouTube channel with the latest podcast eps! For a while I got really behind but now everything is up to date. We release video eps one week after the audio episode releases. Tune into our latest guests on video: Lily Ashwell, Dr. Russell Kennedy, Liz Moody, and beyond! & subscribe to my YT to make my day!!! 🙂

5. I made a FALL/WINTER FAVES list on my Revolve page to make it easy to link to all of the clothes and outfits I have been wearing this season! I have never been a huge fashion person, but in recent years I have had a lot of fun with it. You can find a bunch of my fave things from boots, to sweaters, to holiday dresses & beyond HERE!

6. For anyone who is into red light therapy, I have two faves that have absolutely changed my life. The first is the LumeBox, which I use on my whole body. Red light helps so much with inflammation, is amazing for skin and all things healing, is the BEST for eczema, cell recovery, joint point, and beyond. My discount code BLONDE will get you $250 off. A must, must, must. And would make an amazing gift for any wellness lover in your life!

7. My second red light go-to is for the face, and that’s the Omnilux red light face mask. I’ve already bought this as a gift for a bunch of people I love this season. ;))) I use mine literally every day. This has changed the game for my skin more than words can say.

8. The best books for kids!!! We have all of the books in this series: astrology, chakras, meditation, and crystals. Attie LOVES them and now he knows everyone’s signs. 🙂 Truly the best, and makes an amazing gift or stocking stuffer!

9. If you’re an Amazon girly like me, I have all of my faves from this year linked here!

10. I always love gifting a self-care treatment to my loved ones for the holidays. Some ideas: a massage, a sauna/cold plunge session, a tarot card reading, an astrology reading, a session with a medium!

11. Favorite kid’s clothing brands for holiday shopping: Rylee & Cru, Zara Kids, Kyte Baby, Kith Kids, Burt’s Bees for the cutest pajamas!

12. TBB merch is still 20% off (our only sale of the year!!) with the code SAVE20 until Dec 4th!! Get some angel number or celestial club merch for your spiritual bestie this year, or for a self gift!!

A few extra thoughts…!

13. I am putting together our holiday cards to send out right now and I am just pinching myself because this is the life I have always dreamed of. Can hardly believe it’s playing out right before my eyes. <3

14. Super random thought but I have a LOT of trouble working and focusing in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas/Chanukah. I feel like this time of year is just for down time, family time, and a big recharge. Alas I still have so many things to do so I am putting the pedal to the metal. But does anyone else feel this way?! I need to know.

Love you all! What did I miss? Any ideas for me?! I hope you are all having the best week ever. XO