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12 Things Tuesday: Ins & Outs for 2024!

January 2, 2024

MY LOVES! Hiiii!! I took the last few weeks of the year off t0 completely recharge, be with family, and do my much-needed end of year reevaluation of all things life, career, schedule, routine, habits, all the things. It was heavenly. But I know I am not the first toddler mom to say, while it was fun, it wasn’t actually that relaxing 😂 but it was still an incredibly special time. How was everyone’s holiday and New Year? I missed you guys!

When I tell you that I thought about doing an impromptu blog post 2012398x during the holiday, that would be an understatement. But I had so much to say I didn’t even know where to begin. So needless to say, I am happy to be back. 🙂

Today we are going to do something fun & different. We are doing ins & outs for 2024! You’ve probably seen this trend on social media, and I have been dying to share my list. Jonathan and I have spent the last few nights setting our intentions, and I have been getting very clear on the energy that I want to leave behind in 2023. It was no doubt the biggest growth year of my life, and there is so much I learned that I never want to forget. So perhaps this “in & out” list will be the first of MANY of its kind!

2024 INS:

1. Mental health > all else.

2. Reciprocal friendships & deepening the existing friendships that mean the most to your heart. <3

3. Hobbies just for fun that are not about making money! This year I want to go on more hikes (starting today!! This used to be something I did all the time), do more hot yoga classes in-studio, start painting again, take a pottery class, write fiction for fun, and commit to trying lots of new things.

4. Spiritual deep dives & going down all of the rabbit holes: pleiadians, energy work, somatic healing, breathwork, meditation, reiki. Doing these deep dives makes me feel alive!! And for me personally, more live channeling because you guys have been asking for it and it’s time to go there again.

5. No mindless scrolling (or at least limit scrolling to 20 mins or less per day, if we’re being realistic).

6. Trust, trust, trust the universe. Everything is working out for you. Everything is right on time.

7. Cooking at home and having fun in the kitchen again!

8. The “LET THEM” theory! This is a mindset hack by my queen Mel Robbins, where you “Let Them” do whatever it is that they want to do, without controlling or worrying. This creates more control and emotional peace, more joy and happiness, and a better relationship with the people in your life.

9. Not taking no for an answer when it comes to your highest manifestations.

10. Pray to God/the universe daily and ask for guidance.

11. Intuition above all else.

12. THE YEAR OF YOU. No one comes before you. No comparison to others online or IRL. This is the year of being unapologetically yourself, and saying no to anything that doesn’t light you up.

13. (a bonus) — READ ALL OF THE BOOKS! Last year was a huuuuuge reading year for me and I plan on keeping that up this year.

14. Jamming out to music that sets the SOUL ON FIRE & flowing it out after a long day!

2024 OUTS:

1. Friendships/relationships that drain your energy or where you don’t feel like you can be completely yourself.

2. Food delivery as a habit (for me this is huge because I have been a big Postmates girly and my goal is to only order in once a week or less!).

3. FOMO. Less FOMO, more JOMO. Focus on the joy of missing out, because you’ll be doing what you actually want to do!

4. Perfectionism & control

5. Avoiding dealing with anxiety/root cause issues/trauma

6. Over-scheduling and jam packing my calendar

7. Dragging yourself to do something you only kind of want to do, even when you feel exhausted

8. Putting others before yourself

9. Not prioritizing nervous system healing

10. Procrastinating the things that matter most

11. TV instead of reading/journaling

12. Holding onto too much stuff because of nostalgia… this is the year to let it go!

13. (bonus) OAT MILK, sorry bout it but it’s true!

Alright besties, what did I miss?! How are my favorite people doing?! What is on your ins & outs list this year? Love you all so much, sending infinite love your way… xoxo 

PS… MEDITATION PLATFORM is coming SOON!! I am planning and hoping to launch by mid January. Are you on the VIP waitlist yet?!?!