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12 Things Tuesday… Did You See Our News?!

January 9, 2024

Hiiii my loves!!!! Happy Tuesday! Today is a special edition of 12 things Tuesday, because we have some exciting news. 😉 Have you been on Instagram today…?!

Actually, I know a lot of you who read the blog have deleted your IG or are taking a break from social media. So I will share the surprise with you here….

We’re having another baby!!! 

I am so thrilled to share this with you. There aren’t even words for how excited we are, and how (as usual) it has been so hard to keep it from you guys. I am certain that so many of you guessed it, judging by the many messages I got over the last few months asking if I was pregnant, hehe.

I want to do a WHOLE post all about the pregnancy itself, and dive into all of the details. We also have a podcast episode coming out tomorrow on the show, just me and Jonathan talking all things pregnancy, how we found out, how long we were trying, all of our thoughts + feelings… all of it. So be sure to tune into that when it releases, eek!!!

WITH THAT, let’s get into today’s 12 things!!!

12 Things Tuesday:

1. As I type this out, I am listening to Trevor Hall’s Green Mountain Statea favorite song of mine since it came out in 2014. SUCH a good one. Really sets the scene for writing today’s post. 🙂

2. Speaking of Trevor, have you heard Emory Hall on my podcast from last week?! It is such a special conversation and a new all-time favorite of mine. We have been getting such special and amazing feedback on the conversation so far. We discuss all things postpartum, grief, anxiety, turning pain into art, creativity, her magnificent poetry book Made Of Rivers, and soooo much more. Tell me all your thoughts below if you’ve listened!!!!

3. Fun fact, Emory is pregnant too, and so is Kira Jackson who came on my podcast on the same day as Emory. You can hear Kira on this episode from December, it’s a GOOD one. But the crazy thing is, when we recorded that day I was about 3ish weeks pregnant and I KNEW it in my core. I had every symptom and feeling of pregnancy. But it was too early to test or obviously to really mention it with certainty to anyone. After being in the presence of Emory and Kira and their little angels on the way… I felt like it was a serious sign that I was pregnant also. I just felt like I was in the exact same maternal energy as them, it was such a cool energetic thing… and carrying a baby in your womb is a feeling like no other. I ended up telling them both that I was certain I was pregnant, and Emory was one of the very first people I told… the DAY I found out that I was, just a week later!

4. I created a new link for my social media bio, and I am happy about it because I feel like it captures so much more of an essence of my brand than any other link I’ve tried to use over the last several years. If you wanna see it, it’s here!

5. Even though I am a Bravo fanatic, especially for certain franchises, I got very behind on watching RHOSLC because ALL Jonathan and I do at night is watch Suits!!!! We are now 8 seasons into Suits and we only have like 7 episodes left. I will be devastated when it’s over. But anyway I also just got back into RHOSLC and even though I am many, many episodes behind, I have to say that this season is SO good and there is something truly cinematic about it. I can’t believe the scandal going on with Monica right now, so I obviously had to hop back in and resume watching!

6. Where are my other Bravo loving spiritual girlies at?

7. I’ve recently decided to dive back into Reiki… I did my Reiki I training many years ago with my dear friend Kelsey Patel, who also officiated our wedding. I am now looking into doing Reiki II and beyond, I feel like it’s time. It has been a serious calling this year and I am so excited to listen to my gut and heart on this one, and bring my practice back to the forefront of my life. Especially as I carry this little angel around with me now…

8. I have had a migraine for 8 days in a row now, and I have no idea what to do about it. Especially being pregnant, it’s not like I can just pop Advil all day long. Plleeeease send your recs my way, this has been extremely debilitating but I am just taking it as a sign from my body to rest and take it super easy, even though all I want to do right now is hit the ground running!

9. Meditation and membership platform is getting SO CLOSE to being here… are you on the VIP waitlist yet?!? If you are, you’ll be the first to be able to join, get access to life changing meditations, affirmations, yoga flows, kundalini breath work exercises and beyond, and you will get founding members’ pricing — the lowest it will ever be! You’ll also be eligible for giveaways from a bunch of my favorite brands!!

10. I have been very into SET activewear lately. I am wearing one of their turquoise-green color sets right now and I feel like it’s inspiring me to do a light workout right after I finish this post, even though with this migraine I originally thought I was not going to make it to the mat today!

11. I mean I just have to say it again…. Can you believe I’m pregnant?!?! That Atticus is going to be a big brother!??! I am still shook. 😭 And so so so so grateful.

12. Speaking of pregnancy, I have been HOOKED on Jaci Marie Smith’s IVF series on YouTube. If you have struggled to conceive, if you’re thinking about trying to conceive, or if you are interested at all about people’s journeys to having a baby, this is a MUST watch. She documented it so well and I have been deeply struck and inspired by her entire journey. She and her husband are the sweetest souls and they are going to make the BEST parents. She just announced her pregnancy too, so I am over the moon for them. <3 <3 seriously have been so invested and am just so thankful that she shared the nitty gritty, because it will help others feel so much less alone.

Okayyyy that’s all for today, my angels!!! I know I probably shocked a few of you with our news today (eeeekk!!) tell me all your thoughts, we are over the moon and I love you all so much!!!