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January 17, 2024

Hiii my loves, I am coming into your inbox today on a Wednesday because funny story… last night Jonathan said to me, “You didn’t have a 12 Things Tuesday post today!” and I said, “Yes because tomorrow is Tuesday!!” and he said, “No… today is Tuesday.” LOL so I realized that because of the three day weekend I had totally confused my days.

But we love to switch things up around here, so I kind of love coming to you guys on a surprise day today. The same day as the podcast going live tooo — today we have a pregnancy solo episode & it is a JUICY one.

Let’s get into today’s 12 things!

12 Things Tuesday //

1. I go through such phases with my phone. Sometimes I am the queen of responding to people and I love to be in communication pretty much 24/7. Other times I let my texts pile up until I have hundreds of unread messages and even my closest friends are like, “ummm… hello?” & for the last few weeks I have been on the less responsive side. I think it’s so natural to go through ebbs and flows, because I always come back to the idea that we were not meant to be in constant communication — it’s not natural. But yesterday I got back to a ton of people and it did feel good. There’s always a balance!

2. Speaking of getting back to people, I LOVE voice messaging. It is my kryptonite. It saves my thumbs from having to type out the novels that I want to say to people, and it’s such a fun way to catch up. It’s like being on the phone with someone but without having to coordinate your schedules to actually make a phone call happen. If you are not a voice messager… I highly recommend it.

3. I discovered the BEST decaf coffee ever, and it is legit life changing. I have not been a big caffeine girly over the last year or so because of anxiety, but the moment I became pregnant this time around I simply cannot even LOOK at caffeine because it makes me gag. So no coffee, matcha, anything for me these days. Then I discovered this decaf cold brew, and it has been changing my life !!! I drink it in the mornings over ice with almond milk & stevia, and it is such a treat. Zero caffeine whatsoever!

4. Thank you so much for the migraine tips on my last post, you guys are so helpful. I *think* the migraines are starting to get a little better after a literal 16 day streak of horrific migraines every single second of every day. I have tried all the things you guys recommended, and a lot of it helps. The ice cap, extra magnesium before bed, tons of neck stretches / yoga, chiropractor, and I still need to get back into acupuncture asap!!

4. Speaking of, I have the best bodyworker in the world who is truly a body WHISPERER. I can’t share his name because he is very underground and the friends who shared him with me made me swear not to share him publicly, but this is just your general PSA to find an incredible bodyworker… because bodywork can change your life. I actually attribute the migraines healing to him 100%. He gets soooo deep into the pressure points, and it is the most painful thing in the world but ultimately so so so relieving and healing. I call it “bodywork surgery” because that’s how intense it is!

5. This age with Atticus is so much fun. He is just a little over two, and every day he is learning new words and new things and he just makes me laugh so much. He goes out during the week with his nanny either to the park or to his gym classes or different places, and he knows when he gets home I always ask him what he did and how his day was. So now he beats me to the punch, and when he comes in the door he says “GYM!! BALLS! YELLOW!!” and then calls out the names of all of his friends that he played with… 😂 it is so cute it genuinely hurts my heart. AHHH !!

6. We got confirmation on the new baby’s gender yesterday!!! I did the super duper early Sneak Peek test that I did last time as well, and both times they’ve been right. Even though my OB says that Sneak Peek isn’t necessarily accurate, it has a 99.99% accuracy rate and I highly doubt it could be wrong… so anyway, it was so exciting to have that confirmed yesterday. We will share very soon!!! Leave your guesses below!!

7. Next week I am doing a staycation to work on the meditation platform and bring it to LIFE once and for all. My new goal is to launch on 2/01 (Feb 1st, all my lucky numbers, HAS TO BE!!). I showed my friend Lily the platform last night and her jaw was on the floor. It is so beautiful and we have put so, so much love and work into it. I cannot wait for it to be out… it’s a full membership platform and will be such a beyond special place for us all to connect.

8. Speaking of that, are you on the VIP waitlist yet?! You will be the first to know when it launches, you will get special one-time only launch week pricing, you’ll be entered for giveaways, eligible to join live kickoff calls with me, all the things. Sign up here!

9. Today I have my 13 week ultrasound for the baby…. I am excited !!! I feel like I have been waiting a long time to get to this milestone. <3 eek!!

10. I have been feeling the desire to cleanse my space, nest, slow down, calm down. It would be very early for pregnancy *nesting* but I am feeling it anyway, maybe like more of a winter hibernation. I just want to get rid of all of the unnecessary things and have a clean, cleansed slate and space.

11. We are also still house hunting… as we have been for years… send loving energy and good vibes our way because I feel like our house is on its way!

12. Tune into today’s pregnancy solo episode to hear ALLLL things pregnancy. Homebirth or hospital birth, what our birth team looks like, my honest thoughts on how pregnancy has been so far, connecting with your spirit baby, prepping your body for fertility, and just lots of stories and deep dives on the last 13 weeks. <3

How are all my favorite people?!?! I love you so much. Happy WEDNESDAY! Hope you’re having a great week! xoxo