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12 Things Tuesday!

April 2, 2024

Hi angels! This is going to be a rapid fire 12 things Tuesday, kiiiind of like on the podcast when I ask my guests rapid fires at the end of every episode. Once we get into the 12 things you will see why I’m in rapid mode today. How is everyone else doing today? Still feeling the eclipse portal like me? I wanna hear it all — tell me below!

12 Things Tuesday //

1. Yesterday I feel like I lived an entire week in one day. Things are moving FAST (and yet slow?) right now, and life is feeling incredibly full. For us there are so many shifts and changes in our path right now and so much up in the air, I am really leaning on my meditation practices to remain embodied and grounded. Not gonna lie though, it’s a LOT.

2. One of those things is house hunting. I know, it seems like we’ve been doing it forever. And we have. Right now I am working on unblocking some subconscious beliefs around the whole process and I know it will help us manifest the exact home we are meant to be in as the next step for our family. <3

3. On top of that… this week, omg. There is so much. Next week we have three big launches: one of them being the NEW NAME of the meditation platform (!!!), the second one being the launch of MY NEW MERCH (ahhhh!), and the third being the Awakened April challenge in the platform. I hope you’ll join us for all of the magic.

4. If you want in on the merch, a.k.a my favorite drop yet by FAR, comment with your email address on this post and we will add you to the list to be the first to know when it drops on 4/9. This is a preorder launch only, and once inventory is gone… it’s gone! There will not be a restock, just like my previous merch items. And I still get requests every day to bring back the UNIVERSE hoodie! This one is gonna rock your world, you guys.

5. I have been having a lot of fun in my broadcast channel on IG lately. It’s like the blog community, but on Insta. If you are on IG you must join. It’s a lot of fun and just a closer connection to me in many ways. Because we always need MORE ways to communicate, right?! Lol.

6. Tomorrow I will be 24 weeks pregnant… baby girl will be the size of a cantaloupe. I can hardly believe it. This pregnancy is flyyyinnngg. Any other pregnant mamas out there reading?

7. Atticus did the cutest thing this weekend. He is finally old enough where he has started to play by himself more, with us nearby but not necessarily us needing to entertain him the whole time. We heard him in his room this weekend saying everyone’s names over and over again and we were wondering what he was doing, but it sounded so cute from the other room. Eventually he came out into the living room carrying our ZODIAC book, and it turns out he was reading and saying everyone’s zodiac signs by himself!!!! Usually we do it together but I thought it was so insanely adorable and sweet that he was doing it on his own. 😭 My little astro boy!

8. One of the best things about having kids is watching your friends and loved ones bond with your children, and vice versa. My best friend was over last night and witnessing Atticus’s love for her and their sweet bond made my heart explode and it’s something I am still thinking about today.

9. Jonathan and I are re-watching This Is Us!!! I can confidently say I have never re-watched a TV show in my entire life, it’s not really my thing. But this show holds such a special place in our hearts and I feel like we KNOW the characters on the deepest of levels. We are already on season 4 of our re-watch binge and I have to say, I think it’s truly the best show of all time.

10. I’ve come to the conclusion that I might be the most indecisive person ever. If you’re the same way, please let me know. You should see the way I have been going back and forth on the house front these last few weeks — ahhhh!

11. Once we announce the new name of the platform, there will be a COURSE coming shortly after (in May) and I am over the moon about it. It complements the platform really well and I cannot wait for you to experience it.

12. In case you missed it, you can try two of my meditations for free here! & there is another free one on the sales page. 🙂 I cannot wait to hear what you think! Eeek!! Then once you try, join us in the platform. That’s where all of the fun and magic goes down.

13. A bonus one for ya today (and I said this was going to be rapid fire AHHH I was wrong lol) — there are so many new KUNDALINI MEDI’S & videos in the Awakened April challenge in the platform, launching 4/8! I cannot WAIT for you to experience them! Kundalini questions? Ask me below! xx

How is everyone doing today?! Be sure to drop your email below if you want exclusive access to the MERCH once it launches for preorder on 4/9!!! And who is joining for our channeling live event during the solar eclipse on Monday?!